Well i’ve been very busy recently getting my alts leveled up so i can take them to the lands that their brothers and sisters have been too.

These alts have heard many tales from their kins, and have been eagerly awaiting their time to journey to this distant and past lands to become ledgens of their own time and bask in the forgot hordes of treasure that have been long forgotten.

Kuzab my pally has finally had some QT time from me in the recent weeks.

He is currently sitting at level 62 adventurer and lv 54 tailorer, the goal is to have him maxed out in both before the release of the next expansion, Since tomarrow is christmas Eve and i am off till monday, i will be giving him some long over due attention. Normally i start off with the adventure side of things and move over the artisan side once i become boried. Kuzab was the first toon i created on Launch day of Eq2, actully if you remember back when Eq2 was launched that if you preordered the game you had a few extra days before the retail side launched so you was able to get ahead of the other, and i had at that time taken advantage of this, however i grew boried with my pally as it wasnt what i was looking for at the time and instead of deleting him i just pushed him to the back burner. about after 2 months on Kuzab i created my Zerker Chubbylilbuddy who became my main too for the next 6.5 years.

Chubbylilbuddy is currently sitting at lvl 83 in adventure status and is already maxed out in crafting (Alchemist). I still love logging into Chubby and going out and basjing everything i see, its a great way to releive your stress levels after a long day of working.  I am hoping with these holiday breaks i can get Chubby completely maxed out by end of year, its going to take alot of time and blood (not mine or chubbys) to get him there.

Cinderbella – this was the 3rd toon i created and about a year ago became my main toon – this is my SK and i completely fell in love with her and her ability to create so much damage, just fricking awesome!! She is maxed out in her adventure at 90 and is stilling pretty at 70 for a sage, i would love to have her completely maxed out by end of year, along with her grandmaster crafting acheived as well.

I also have 3 other toons that are still low levels and there is no way i would be able to get them to 90 by launch of the expansion, but i will give it a try, a fury, warlock and a gaurdian walks into a bar….Umm i mean those are what the other 3 toons that are low level are.

Now i have been looking to maybe delete one of these toon when the expansion comes out so i can try the new vampire race but i am still unsure, i may also just purchase another toon slot thru the Station Store but as i mentioned not 100% sure at this time.

So this is what i have been up to since last update, and will or should have another update in a day or two.  If you ever find yourself on Crushbone, please look any of my toons up that i have mentioned, get a group going and embark on an epic journey of fame and fortune, this is how ledgens are born, this is where the stories of or lore are made from, this is how we become the new hero’s of out time, and to have other generations speak of our ventures, this is how we save Norrath and bring it back to its once Glorious time.

Until then, Happy Hunting throught Norrath or where ever you call home!!


Happy Holiday to you and have a Happy New Year as well.


Well, I have been slowly making it back into Eq2 again, i have had some major Real Life issues going on right now, between getting a divorce, making sure i see my kids and seeking out legal advise i have not had much time to log in nor have i wanted to log in and play, however i have managed this past week & weekend to get some play time in. As you may know Cinderbella hit Lv 90 a few weeks back and i changed focus back to my origional main toon “Chubbylilbuddy”. I have been taking chubby to the newer areas from the expansion since he was past lvl 80 and doing as many quest as i can, everything from collections to faction quests just to get him leveled up, Thursday night 7/8/2010 Chubby hit lvl 83 beserker, its been a long time getting chubby up in levels and seemed like Cinderbella flew thru the levels with no problems. i am finding the content is great once again, and chubby can hold his own, he has some t2 shard armor but i am finding that some of the armor in the newer areas for lvls 82-83 are not as good as the t2 shard armor. I need to sit back and do some new research so i can figure out what he needs, i now have 1 toon thats 90 and chubby at 83 in which i can take them back to the lower lvl shard quest and obtain some more shards to upgrade their armor to what i need. Also i need to focus on the faction quest as well since some of the jewerly and armor you can obtain from those factions has some really good stats that Chubby can use.

As i mentioned i will be having alot more free time, and will be playing alot more to hopefully take my mind off of RL issues going on right now. This may only be a game but folks dont understand the therputic values games of any nature can have and help people with their real life issues, I have been in a very dark place the last couple of weeks and Eq2 has pulled me out of that darkness, not only the content but the indiviuals from my guild and friends that i have made over the years with in Eq & Eq2.

With that said i hope everyone has a great gaming week and i will see you in Norrath.

Until next time Happy Hunting in Norrath or where ever you call home.

~Chubby / Cinderbella~


Rank: Knight

Guild: Knights of Marr

Server: Crushbone


Yeah so i woke up out of dead sleep on Tueday morning around 5am, and proceeded to the bathroom, where i was hoping that my life would end so the pain would be gone, yeah that didnt happen. The so called porceil gods did not hear my request of that moment or those hours that i was curled in the fetal position.

I have been out of commision now for the last 2 days, both days i logged into Eq2 very little, i thought i could get some quest knockd out of the way but the graphics were making me more sick then the virus was causing, so i just went back to sleep after 10 minutes of trying.

After 2 days of partial sleep, i am feeling better, i think i need to find a new doctor as when i called to see when they could get me in (After explaining what was wrong), i was advised March 15th 315pm…Ahhh yeah i think and HOPE that i will not still be sick 2 weeks away, needless to say i was drinking Pepto like it was water or a can of coke.

I was feeling better after 42 hours of sleep and very little fluids, i was able to keep down soup, and crackers, i then went to the PC and this was the true test of the night…was i going to be able to play without running back to the porceil gods……YES YES I WAS ABLE Wooot wooot.

So i settled in for some long overdue quest grinding i think i knocked out 25 quest in the Sundered Frontier Timeline, i am up to Jin’Tu the ghost Panda doing quest fro him so i can get to the village and do more Panda quest..lol i have been doing a ton of quest of late and all are in this new expansion, i also was able to add my part to Eq2i.wikia as i created a quest and all the steps and rewards to help other players, i logged in the next day and a admin had fixed the portions i had problems with on the coding..lol but hey at least i did my part, a quest that wasnt on there is now there to help others in their search….Yes as you have just read i run eq2 in windows mode and have wikia up in another browser looking up quest to help me with my journeys, so may call me lazy or a cheat, but hey i look at it as a tool to help guide me in the correct dirrection, and as i have come to find out over the years Wikia is not 100% correct.

Well with that said Cinderbella, hit lvl 84 last night, i am going to get her to 85 and stop and refocus on Chubby’s Alchemist skills so that i can make all the combat art spell upgrade for Cinder.
I have been getting all these great new upgraded spells and havent done a thing with them becasue i am too lazy to spend the plat on them, and the new exp you can make some quick loot just on afew quests and trash loots, I have noticed that the rares on the nodes do not drop alot making them a true rare.

Well i think i have caused enough damage for one day, sorry for no pics i am writing this from work and then posting, if i remember i will update with some new pics of the Frontier.

I will be back on tonight and saturday as i have to take Friday night off, for a Cub Scout overnighter with my son, we will be sleeping in the Carnagie Science Center in Pittsburgh PA this years Cub Scout Overnighter theme is “Robots”…Hehe man what i could tell them about the damn gnomes of Norrath, now thats some Serious ROBOTS CRAP there.

I’ll be back on Saturday for my normal ALLNIGHTER GAME-A-THONE and not to be confused with the ALLNIGHTER GAME -A-THONG!!!!! >:)

Safe Journeys to all and remember……

Untill Next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!!!!


Well this weekend really flew by, Friday night i spent most of the night, revisiting old zones searching for shinies to complete some collection quest, also i finished up a few page collections with the help of Wikia to look for the clickable locations i needed to get those pages, i think over all Friday night i completed about 15 collections, i finially received my goggles for finishing the Faydar collections and can now see Blue Shinies…wooohooo. I have also been selling the rares on the broker making a good amount of coin. I have been doing this for so long now it is a everynight routine and i find myself loosing intrest in looking for the shinies, after all i want to explore the newer regions and find those shinies without being killed..yeah a 7 foot orge trying to sneak past mobs not going to happen all that much. Also i have other guildies who are doing the same thing and it seems as if we are fighting on the broker over prices, Greed is never a good thing.

Also on Friday i logged in Wonderboyz  and noticed he didnt have a crafting profession, Twixt was on and told me i should make him a carpetner and help her redecorate the guild hall…Hmmm sounds like fun..lol

So i have him now sitting at lvl 20 in his tradeskill i added a few Ale Barrells  and a candle to the GH. So i have alot more to go and i may focus on him for a while just to get his tradeskill up and work on the alts, if i really feel energietic i could have chubby go and get tons of shinies of all colors blue, purple,red and normal and pass then out to all the alts .  This will boost my lvls very quickly and possible so AA for those toons and my increase my motivation for play these alts and get them lvl’d.

Saturdayevening was suppose to be another night of gaming, no wife, no daughter, just me and my son ( who loves video games as much as i do), so it started off great, got all my work around the house for that day done, got a shower, wished the wife and daughter happy trails, and fed my son and told him he could play games, watch tv anything he wanted within reason for a 9.5year old and only get me if needed. The look in his eyes was priceless, he had Geez dad your the best or the Christmas Morning look. Anyways i logged in and played for a few hours took a break turned the TV on to catch the news and BAM it was 5am….ahh where did the night go i stopped at 930 waiting on the 10pm news and now its 5am What the ….. Hurried to check on son and he was asleep in his bed with his DS still in his hands so who knows what time he fell asleep. Dragged my sore neck and back upstairs to my bed and fell back to sleep to be awaken by my daughter jumping on me it was now 1030am.. Ahhh where’d my Night of funfilled gaming go because i want it back…lol

Well Sunday i worked out in the yard again, finishing the grass and painting the foundation of my house, weeding the flower-beds, and just basic things done this time of year to prepare for the onslaught of bad weather in the winter months of eastern Ohio. I was done by 5pm watched the 2nd half  of the Steelers and ate dinner, helped the kids with their homework from school and it was GAME TIME..i was getting rdy to log in to Eq2 when my phone went off and i received a text from Twixt, “hey chubbys heading to DDO for a while join me if u want” hmmmmm i have it downloaded and only played less than an hour so far.. sure why not. So here i am on the beginnig island cranking out the quest solo because i do know the area that she is in, lol so after playing for 3 hours and not even making it to lvl 2 but i am leaving the begining area, finally get to leave the village after being locked down..lol and thats where i stopped last night and headed back to a fimialar land NORRATH!!

Dont get me wrong the game is a good game for the free aspect of a MMO, graphics and storyline are very detailed, but i still need to work with the controls, i guess i am too use to Eq2, but i really do like the play of the game and it keeps me pondering why did they goto a free-2- play game, was the subscription base just not there? Who knows but inquiring minds do want to know!!!!

I logged in checked broker, and made 15plat for the love of Rallos Shinies are awsome, with that being said i am up to 70plat because i like to shop and spendie the platie.

So after a few hours of running Greater Fay, Lesser Fay, Looping plaines, Steamfont , Kaladam, butcherblock and Klank’anon

Deposited my shinies all 5 bags full and set my prices an off to bed i went after all it was 230am and i needed my sleep i do have top be at work at 8am ya know..lol

Over all it was a good weekend for my gaming obsession, except for Saturday night which i feel stinks. lol

Until Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath !!!!


Well this past weekend was a great Eq2 weekend, with the extra day added into to the mix for the Labor Day Holiday, i was able to get my plat level somewhat back up to where it was before Cinderbella spent it.

Friday Night i did not get into game untill real late, i just didnt feel like gaming at the time and was doing other things with family. After everyone went to bed i was up for just a few hours tring to get some stuff done nothing of importance.

Saturday i was in game around 6pm, however i was set up at my buddys house, we really didnt get too much done, we were too busy chatting like 2 old women, and trying to make a plan of attack while drinking energy drinks and alchol….Mmmmmm bad mix.

But we did have the chance to get a few quest done that we each needed, we also ran a few shard zones and picked up about 6 shards over all, and looted alot of shinnies.

Sunday came early as we were up till 6am at Corliss’ house, and was woke by 9 packed things up and headed home. I was able to do some gaming on suday afternoon and was just killing mobs for the loot drops and trash, some of the trash items sell to the merchants for a good price and if you have multiples then the cash adds up. Sunday Evening was another all night gaming night i was up till 5am grinding some shard runs with guildies and then went back to farming shinnies for some quick cash.

Monday i was again able to log in in the afternoon, and get a few Moors quest knocked out and gain a few AA points, i think Chubby is now sitting at 166 AA, not 100% on that i need to check when i log in tonight and then provide a Diffent answer on that. I did get to do the Hot zone in the afternoon portion of my Gaming on monday.

Monday Evening i continued on with the Moors quest and grabbing as many as i could and completting them for the coin and loot. I also Ventured into Kunzar Jungle, Kylong plains & Fens and Jasthar Waste.

Also as a Side note Harlow is working hard on Chubbys new house in Neriak getting the decor established. So thank you Harlow / Mya  for all the hardwork you are putting into my house..woooohoooo.

So over all it was a great hoilday weekend once again.

So until Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath,


Well last night was a really fun night, after prying myself from the TV while i sat at my computer desk, (the only bad part of having the Computer in the living room) I was asked i if i wanted to tank Chelsith to help Kasala on her last past of her Fabled Epic, OF COURSE I DO…hehe

So we headed to Chelsith and started to kill the Fishmen, it was really fun we had a great and strong group i only lost aggro a few times but managed to recover within 2 seconds. Of course we went the wrong way and came to a barricade / force field so we had to clear just about the entire zone or at least most of the named bosses in order to lower the force field. This was really fun, we gained alot of AA XP, i know i started this zone with 6% AA and when it was over i was at 98% and was hoping for 10 more kills to get the AA point but hey thats what tonight is for, Hehe.

i think i am going to start and forming groups and doing the zones that we have not been to yet, i know there is alot of them and we are missing out on alot and some good loot.

Over all this zone went smooth and we only time a few hundred times because of the floating bubbles…Curse you damn bubbles.lol Again i really liked this zone and was able to really see what chubby was able to handle, i have to check my ACT Pharse and see what the DPS in the Zone was on average , this is something i have been wanting to track due to alot of the Brigrades in CRA ask what you average DPS is and honestly i have no clue what Chubbys or any of my alts are i really never had or wanted to track it to find out.

Tonight i want to try and get a shard run in if possible, i know i am going to have a hard time getting on tonight due to the wife having stuff for me to do, she has her own business on the side, doing graphic designs and this big job she has is now done printing and needs me to help her put it together manually, Ahhhhhhh All i know is i need to get her done by Saturday afternoon, because thats when i head to Corliss / Thapharsydes houde for our LAN party…..Wooohooooo. We have already discussed it with the guild we are going to run shard runs all day starting at 4pm EST and untill 6am EST or untill we pass out i just know alot of caffine and nicotine will be in the air and i gota stock up on 5hr energy shots for saturday lol.

Well if any one is around on crushbone, shoot me a tell to chat or even grp up i think it would be fun.

Oh Yeah i almost forgot Kasala completed her Fabled Epic Weapon quest..Contrats Kasala it was a pleasure being a part of that journey for you.

Until Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!


Ok so i must be the worlds most unluckiest guy, as my previous post stated i had a great time on Friday and early saturday gaining shards, the bad part was that later in the day on saturday i was surfing the web and BAM i got nailed by a virus, not sure what i did and or where i went but it hit me and hit me hard.  The Computer started to do some weird stuff but most of all it was hitting programs and then locking me out of them saying i dont have the permission to open it, and of course eq2 was one of them. i spent most of Saturday evening and Sunday morning trying to find a solution, i must of downloaded every known virus removal tool that was on AVG and other sites and none of them worked and what i had feared was going to happen, i had to format, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Luckly i have a copy of Eq2 saved on my \d drive that was not affected, and this is a great idea for anyone who does not have access to a Fast internet connection, every so often maybe once a month i would copy my eq2 folder over to the D drive just overwriting the old one i had already saved, and once i had XP back up in running all i did was goto the Everquest 2 website and download the reinstall eq2 option, which give just the most recent installer and once you log in, that installer will Download eq2 which can be days since there is at least  35.5 GB of Data. Anyways aftermy short DL of just the installer was done i went to my d Drive and found my copy of eq2 copied it and went to the c drive located where eq2 was installed and pasted it into that folder, Now it does take alittle time but after 35 min of my d drive pasting to my c drive i was up and running on Eq2 in no time. If i was to install each expansion disc by disc and then update to current it would of taken at least 3 days for me, i have DSL by ATT.net and it can be slow on DL’s but thats just from past experience.

So last night was the first night i was actully in game, i still had to DL all my widows updates for XP and get my other apps on there and email sent up. I still cant get my MSN Messenger to work but i am getting a workaround for that. ITS ALL YAJEE’S FAULT …LOL

So again last night was the 1st night back and i had a good time, i logged in Chubetta fro a few and then thapharsyde asked me to help and Chubetta is just not ready for that so Cinderbella came in, even though thapharsyde was lvl 29 at the time and Cinderbella is 51, i was still inclined to help my RL buddy and guild mate. So i mentored done to 29 and we his Crypt of Betrayal in Vern Snye, he needed this for his cleric/templar class armor.  at first was like are you kidding me…lol and he was like nope need this ok ok so it was a massacare for the mobs in this zone i was pulling 10 at a time and just hitting everything with AOE and DOT’s since i am a Shadowknight, all i kept hearing was thaphar saying WOW your a monster man, i am gaining so much ex so fast and he was within 10 min in this zone he leveled up to lvl 30 and another 5 min after that he was like Dude i’m at 40% already …lol yeah yeah i know i’m uber even at lvl 51 mentored down to 30 now..lol

Anyways it was good to help a friend and also got to revisit a old zone.

I wonder what tonight has in store, i would like to keep Cinderbella going and try to get her up in levels i really evjoy the damage that she deals. I thought the Berserker class was great till i made a ShadowKnight, all i have to say is “LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR. ”

Until Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!