May 2009

Well this weekend would have been my gaming holiday weekend since i had an extra day off from work. Friday night i didnt get into game till late and was having several computer problems and that really hindered my gaming all weekend, saturday night i was not able to get the PC running at all. Sunday night i was on and off and back on it was like a yo-yo. but i eventually was able to run for a few hours. then Monday the holiday itself, I was noyt able to get in once again the pc would not boot, i at that point called my Tech friend who was out on the lake with no Signal. So i decided to tear the PC apart part by part and find the source of the errors. I started with the Memory, i took all memory out and rearranged them in a different order, computer booted up, but was receiving the missing or curropt system32 file, after several reboots and Windows repair i was able to get into my desktop and get to system restore back a feew days, this was working fine, so i then powered off the PC and worked the memory again i have 4 gigs of Ram and the i left 2 gigs in to see if i could boot. so it worked, at that time my Tech friend called and i explained what i was doing and he was happy that i actully learned something from him over the years. i told me to leave just 2 gigs in but i told him no i am trying 3 gigs and it worked again. we came to many solutions as to what was wrong with the PC and they all point to the Mobo or powersupply, prob 1 could be that the mobo is not recoginizing the 4 gigs due to board errors, memory confliction, but the 3 gigs worked like a charm which XP will show 3 gigs. Anyways i have the PC working now, i am just hoping that when i get home tonight it still works.

So Monday evening was my only real gaming time this whole weekend, I had the chance to use the extra XP that sony was dishing out along with a couple veteran reward potions and my Alt Cinderbella “Shadowknight” went from lvl 34 to 41 in one evening Wooooooohoooo great times. Thanks to Mezzer running me thru Runnyeye and EL i earned the Bonus from server 50%, 55% from potion, 10% for having a lvl 80 toon and 5% from being Mentored great xp and i earned alot of cool loot too everything from Adept 1 to a few masters that i have on the broker right now. so hopefully this will earn me some good cash, plat, gold.

tonight i wont be on till later in the evening, the wife and i are going to spend some time and watch a movie beforeshe goes to bed, we really havent had much time for ourselves the last few months with her having several surgerys, and with the kids tball & soccer events we havent had the quilty time we need. So tonight is DATE NIGHT…OMG i hope she doesnt pick a Chick, This Aug. will be our 10 year wedding anniv. and we plan on going out of country to Punta Cana to celebrate just the 2 of us no kids, no work, no worries just us enjoying the company of each other and to look back on 10 of the most wonderful and interesting years we have had so far.

Untill next time Happy hunting in Norrath



Well this past week i really havent done much, i have been playing my alts alot on Eq2, Cinderbella reached lvl 30 and lvl 30 Sage. i have been focusing on her alot due to a friend of mine started a new toon as well and we have been grouping up and questing leveling our toons together, its been really fun. Thursday Night 5/21/09 we finished the HQ “in honor and Service” so even though we were doing a greyed out HQ we still received the Status points and loot, the chestplate that droped sold to the merchant for 5 gold, for a new toon thats sweet.

Also this week Kuzab reached level 55 and is a 48 tailor didnt do much with him on tradeskills, i need to give this toon more attention, i am only 5 levels away from 60 and wil be able to take him on some of the lower raids with Misfits to get outfited.

Speaking of Raids on Wednesday 5/20/09 we had a Raid in bonemire near Halls of Fate…ok on top of Halls of Fate.. we ventured into Lord vymne’s lair. It was really fun i was Main tank on Chubby of course, we got alot of good drops in this zone and alot of folks in Misfits received some much needed upgrades on their alts. Fieville did a good job at leading us in this raid while Bownzer was away. good job my friend i had a really good time. thru the whole zone i only died 4 times  until we got into the area of Lord Vynme and his then he chased us thru the whole zone killing and killing and killing again. yeah so we called it. but it was a great time. Normally our raids start atr 8 or 9pm and finish by 11pm, well we were having such a good time it was well after Midnight before we called it. goood times all goood times.

Chubetta & Kryptonion i really havent done anything with them this week, last week Kryptonion made it to 21 Jeweler but still sitting at lvl 10 for adventure. Chubetta, still 28 fury / 38 Armorer. just havent had the energy to get them going again.

Also i have been playing World of Warcraft again on the regular servers, i am playing on Hellscream, and i creadted Chubbybuddy he is a lvl 5 warrior as of last night, i have been loggin into Wow first and playing a couple hours and then launching Eq2, last night i had both worlds opened and running at the same time thank the gods for windowed mode. i am still trying to get back into the swing of things on WOW, and the only reason i am back to that is the Wife bought me WOTLK for my birthday last week and i got a 60 prepaid card too, plus i have folks i work with playing and have joined their server in hopes of getting good game sessions in.

Other than that i have been dealing with alot of Real life issues, My wife had surgery this week, and that took alot away from gaming and physically, Mentally draining, just the stress from that one day alone i could of slept for a week. but all is well now and of Course the normal everyday stress of a 6year old and a 9 year old siblings bickering on the very last nerve that you have in your soul….ahhhhhhh, Oh then theirs the everyday stress of Work too, I really thought i knew my job description till i found out that it Changes on a daily fun fun times.

Well enough of me ranting on about this.

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Last night we helped Sweetlove get his faction in lavastorm so he could do his solo shard quest, it was a fun time, i joined in towards the end of it but still had a great time, i still only have 1 toon that is able to earn Shards and thats chubby, i need to get my other alts up there so thy too can earn shrads and make things alot easier on the getting enough shards for armor. you have 2 toons that can get shards the solo is with 2 toons equals 2 shards, then you have the daily double with 2 toons is 4 shards so theres 6 per day so far and if you are able to do other zones with shards with both toons then you will be fitted with armor in just a matter of days, this is because of the Heirloom on the shards and can be placed in your shared bank for your alts, so i have a 4 more alts that i need to level up and get the access to the shard quests so ui can get the T2 & T3 armor for chubby then i can work on outfitting the rest of them.

On the brighter side of things i finally got Kryptonion up to lv 21 in tradeskill and he is now a Jeweler so i can make my alts some good mastercrafted Jewelery just gota get him up in a few more levels. I plan on working on Kryptonion, Cinderbella, and kuzab over this weekend, there is no raid tonight that i am aware of and Saturdays Raid i will miss due to my and my daughters birthday celebration festivities happening at 630pm saturday and if i can keep my eyes open tonight ( unlike last night ). My main goal is to get kuzab up 20 levels by sunday, 10 levels per day ( 10 Friday night and 10 Sat) Now there will be alot of grinding involved since he already used his potions and Sunday if i can get at least 5-6 levels in i will be able to run Kuzab into shard zones, then the next few weeks i can get Cinderbella up there as well.

Yeah so those are my plans for this weekend, i really dont see it happening the way i want it to but it should be alot of fun trying.

Also i have been reading of all the new content that is being added to the next update ( GU52) sounds like alot is instore for us and i cant wait to try it out, they are going back to kunark and adding more content well thats good that they are adding to the older zones and speaking of Older zones i am loving the bonus XP that they have been placing in certain zones ( older). Last week was the origional Eq2 Launch zones earning bonus XP which is great if you are starting an Alt and this week they are at it again, Starting Friday May 15th in the afternoon afternoon and ending Monday May 18th in the morning there will be an experience boost on the following zones.

  1.  Greater Faydark
  2.  Butcherblock Mountains
  3.  Steamfont
  4. Lesser Faydark
  5.  Loping Plains

Woohoo time to break out the low lvl alts in these zones.

Well thats all i have for now

Happy Hunting in Norrath


not much to report here, i have been down a few days due to the computer acting up and windows deciding not to boot correctly, after a few kicks and choice words yelled at it i took it over to my computer guru corliss and he casted one of his Warlock spells on it to mem-wipe the puter and casted a new spell of windows so the damn thing will run.

After a few hours of installation of the spells it works like a dream, in the process of putting my apps back on and things that i use for Eq2 but other than that i was able to log in last night for about 10 min before going to be, i should be on my normal time tonight and get a few things done.


Well the last 3 day i have been working on my alts mainly Cinderbella, She is sitting at adventure lvl 22 and has moved from Tradeskill lvl 1 all the way to 20 in the last 3 days i am making her my Sage, the bonus i get from chubby being a lvl 80 Alchemist really helps mover her along in lvl for trade skill and Advneturing. Also with Cinderbella, i have been working the the timeline quests, i started and completed all the Isle of Refugee questline and completed the Freeport villages questline and getting ready to start the Commonlands timeline. i am currently doing the Armor quest timeline for lv 20 even thought she has all her mastercrafted armor from chubetta, i want to complete the time line and may put them in a maniquine in the guild hall.

but i am loving the shadowknight, really love the spells and comb-art mix that they have, and currently she is supporting all adept III combat arts from Chubby.

I have also in the last 3 day taken Kryptonion to level 17 in scholar and his tradeskill will be a jeweler. havent really played on the adventure side of him, he is still at level 10 on adventure.

Last night was Wednesday and we did Court of Al Afaz and was actully pretty fun, Chubby was the main Tank with Bownzer on his alt guiding me on what and how to kill it, did have a hard time keeping agro but i am working on that at the moment with a new AA line and we’ll see if it works .

Tonight i plan on giving Kuzab some time, and Cinderbella and maybe Chubetta, i want Cinders sage level to increase so i can make all sort of spell upgrades for future toons and even a few i have but i have to look and see what classes take mainly spells that require a sage. so i plan on staying up till at least 1am working on these toons.

Friday there is a Raid and Saturday we have 2 raids, i plan on attending all 3 raids and working on the toons allweekend most of my gaming will be done on friday and saturday nights when i pull alnighters, i start around 8pm and play till 6am both nights. Saturday night i will actully be in game alot earlier around 530pm, wife will be scrapbooking and kids will be at grandma’s with their cousins who are coming in for Mothers day (Brothers Kids) so it should be a very productive weekend.

Other than that i am always researching things to do in game, every thing from raids to timeline quest to armor, if you come across something and want to share it drop me a line.

In closing i would just like to say a few words, Even though Norrath is a living breathing world in the realm of computer science. Please remember that this is just what it is; a game and only a game. take the time to enjoy life to its fullest and be around the ones that you love, time on earth is short and make the best of it. Dont like the pixel world of a game interfer with a relationship or employment, there will always be time for gaming, but your job and family & friends should come first in RL .

My condolences to Healyou for the loss of his mother, you and your family are in my prayers, my friend…be well, greive, and be with your family in this time of dispair and most importantly remember all the wonderful things that you learned from her to make you the person you are today. God bless you and your family, your eq2 family will still be her while you are sorting this step in your life.


Untill Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Last night i wasnt really into gaming i logged Chubby in checked the broker and then logged Kuzab in, i was sitting at level 49 with 10% into and i headed to Sinking sands to work on the Timeline there, I had Kuzab halfways done with the timeline and was wanting to finish it. after a couple more quest kuzab hit lvl 50 woot woot.

After getting Kuzab to 50, i logged in Cinderbella and took her to the broker and was getting most of my collectibles to she would get some easy levels, i plan on actully taking her back to the begining and working each timeline for each zone i may have to stop her Adventure XP so i can do these quest but it will be well worth it in the long run. Cinder bella hit lvl 22 last night and also lv13 scholar. at this point i could not keep my eyes open anylonger and was time to head to bed. Tonight i plan on logging in Cinderbella and working on the timelines and see what chaos i can stir.

untill Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well this weekend held little gaming for me, i was busy in trhe yard doing work and runnig between Soccer & T-Ball games and working my 2nd part-time job as a local Radio Station Mascot that i have been doing for the last 9 years.

So friday night i was late logging in and missed the first raid the KPO (Golden Staff) was holding, not much i can do when i dont get in game in-time which i have told them in the past, not to wait on me just replace me. i think this week i will talk to the wife to see if i can truely make the raids on

My RL friend logged in ‘Corliss’ and he has been working on getting to level 80, he was currently lv 79 @ 20% into level, so i grouped up with him in JW and mentored down so he would get the extra XP he was working on the the timeline in JW and i was interested in completing it as well so i headed over and we worked that area hard , we spent more than 4 hours in this zone just completing quest after quest, it was actully fun. Also on Friday i logged in my alts and was working them, gained some levels on the alts nothing to talk about, but i am begining to like my shadow knight more and more and the same for my Pally.

Saturday morning came very quick, and we had to be at the soccer fields by 9am for my sons game, my little goalie was doing great, i am so proud of my son for sticking with soccer, its actully a sport that he enjoys, unlike baseball. So i was rooting him on he was stopping the ball left and right and BAM he was nailed in the face with the ball, he fell to the ground faster than corliss does in paper armor. His Face was covered in blood and i was freaking i ran over and to my surprise he was not crying, he had a few tears running down his face but not crying, and you could tell he was pissed…hehe daddy’s little boy is growing up. i am so proud of that little guy.

So after my son’s game we walked down 2 fields to where my daughter was just starting her game, she’s on the 5-6 year old teams and is one of the tallest players it’s fun to watch them at that age, she was stealing the ball from everyone including her own but she would then pass it when she got to the goal to a teammate so they could score, Now thats sportsmanship, she had 2 goals herself that day. both kids teams won, and Next we were heading to the t-Ball field, Unfortunately my wife had to take my daughter to the tball game as i had to head to my second job.

I got to the radio station and we headed to the 1st of our 2 events and it wasnt that bad of a morning  the air was cool but in the mascot suite it was like 90+ degrees. Did both events was home by 4pm and got a shower and took a Nap. woke up around 6pm and started to get ready, i was headed to Corliss’s house for a gaming LAN party we normally hold once  a month. I got there and wanted him to work on the PC, i have a water cooling system on my memory and wanted him to take it out because i was just tired of messing with it and was a little worried that it was going to leak. so after a few minor adjustments we setup my system and headed in game, we were going to play Eq2 for a bit them goto GH:world tour  but we never made it out of Eq2 he was at 60% into lvl 79 and wanted to hit 80, so we headed back to JW and proceeded to finish the timeline, after 3 boxes of Pizza, 2 energy drinks and pure adreniline Corliss hit lvl 80 Wooot wooot Grats man and about time its only been 4 years in the making …lol

So we finally called it the night around 5am, i crashed on his couch and woke up around 10am and headed out, got home and started to do some yard work, we worked allday in the yard, finished up and went to a buddys birthday party that was shared with his daughters birthday party. got home around 7pm sat down on the couch and passed out, woke up at 3am, and went to bed.

So thats what my gaming weekend was like. Basically i just helped a good friend and guildmate reach his lvl 80 cap, he is now working on his epic, and i am working on my mythical part of the epic, i have received 1 update so far Thugga and still need Leviathian and VP updates. This weekend coming i will be getting the Leveithian update and will then have to wait and see when we are heading into VP.

Other thank that i had a great weekend of the little gaming i did.

Happy Hunting in Norrath