Chubbylilbuddy "The Destroyer" Darklotuspod

Chubbylilbuddy "The Destroyer" Darklotuspod


Ok well we started the holiday gaming weekend a little late didnt get a chance to log in till around 11pm on friday night and was just roaming around, when i was asked to head to Scion of Ice for a shard run with some guildies, of course i wasnt going to pass up some shards and wanted to get more, so i headed off to everfrost, with Healyou, Cecelia, Sinfire, Twixt, Myself (Chubby), and Croakin’s Alt (Lymburger).

We went inside and got buffed up and started to lay the smack down on the mobs, Healyou would sooth the most of the mobb and twixt would mezz or root the others, was going very well untill we had someone knocked into aggro zone and pulled another mob. Death # 1 happened, so we regroupewd at the entrence and headed on, we did the side Zaza & Arkhen were on 1st and made it all the way to them without dying again, great job all on that. So i explained that we need to Mezz Arkhen at the time i pull Zaza and keep them apart or we will not be able to kill them if they join. So Twixt mezzed Arkhen and i was laying hate on Zaza for the 100th time this

But something happened, i was losing my aggro fast and next thing i knew we had Wiped. Death # 2 occured at this point, ok so back at the entrence we were and i explaine that i need to keep the aggro and that people need to stop using items that aggro or add hate to them or we will die again. So round 2 at Zaza, we handled them perfecrtly this time and cleared the room and gained our Chest. Next stop was the other side to reap our reward, but we would 1st need to clear the other side, and we did with no problems we cleared this side and received our Key and headed to the chest, Also there is the “Frost rimmed chair” if all partys clicked on this at the same time them all that clicked would receive the house item. I sat out on this because i have like 4 already i only have 1 in my house and have sold the others on the broker for about 20 gold. game out of Scion with 2 shards and nearly 2plat and about 16 gold in repairs, So not bad for a hour xone.

We then headed to mistmyre Manor for another shard and we were here for about 45 min , Yajee was showing Harlow ( one of Mya’s/twixt’s alts how to run this zone) and she did a very good job for only running it 2 times.

At this point the group split apart and me and Yajee headed to Lavastorm to gain another shard for the solo shard run. we have been getting this solo done in about and hour if not less, i then went through Lavastorm,maidens Gulch & Sol Eye to get most of the transports, cant remember if i got them all or not but fairly close.

At this point i was getting boried i made a spell for Sinfire and then headed to finish some over due quest, after gandering at my quest journal, i choose to complete my senior Crafters quest, i had to harvest a few items in Tenbous tangle (something like that Barren sky area) and turn in to a alchemist and then give the potion to the fallen harvesters near the waterfall that you jumped down, at this point i received a update and was required to have at least 25 Hanging roots and go back to Freeport and see the Grandmaster. Spoke to the Grandmaster and Ding Senior Crafters quest complete. Woohoo.

Next step is to look up my Master Alchemist quest’s and get them under way.

Not bad for a Friday night, at this point it was 6am time to head to bed.

Woke up saturday morning and took Son to cub scouts and then came home did a few things around the house and logged into Eq2 about 1pm Decied to work on harversters cloak and completed T2 in Nek forest and Thundering Steps, at thsi point i ran into sinfires alt helped him kill a few mobs and get him some XP, around 430pm i had to log to get my daughter to Baseball practice, which she did awsome, she is only in tball but it is coach pitch for the 1st 8 balls and then if you dont hit you get to smack it off the Tee. I have been working with her in the back yard on hitting and she has been really getting the eye for the ball. this is her 2nd year in tee-ball and is one of the tallest players on the team, during practice on saturday she hit 13 out of 15 coach pitches into the outfield and infield, she’s only 6years old, omg i have a natural here, lol i was so proud of her on this accomplishment.

So practice was over headed to dinner at Mcdonalds ( wife was at a All-Day Scrapbooking event and we had free rain).

Got home around 630pm got kids nestled to the home routine and logged into eq2 i worked on various quest and was the only one on, i maily worked on Transmutting and got my skill up to 100/400. Woot woot.

Went afk for about 2hrs spent time with kids then it was bed time for them, Came back to Eq2 and woow we had about 7 members on. they were getting ready for our saturday raid. Bownzer sent me a tell advising that i would be MT tonight and to get ready for it. Time came and we headed to Shard of Hate. we did a pretty good job in this zone and we were only killing trash mobs for loot, died a few times due to mistakes but not bad over all.

Raid ended around midnight and i asked if anyone was wanting to help with my last 2 steps of my Fabled epic, Eldrig in JW and then into Nek for the final fight. so we got our group Bownzer came along to help, our party was Chubby, Bownzer, Healyou, Cecelia, Twixt, & Sinfire. We made it to Eldridge and proceeded to kill him, the young was really easy, theni had to take his bones and combined them with the anicent bones from the old to have him Respawn as Eldrige the Old. Now at this point i was Scared , i have been told that “the old” was a nasty mob and hit hard and had knockbacks, we startd the fight and it really went well killed him in less that 3 minutes. So now we had to goto Nek and protect my apprentice, at ths time bownzer had to split, so i looked around for another DPS’r preferable High DPS, None in the alliance could go they were helping sweetee on her epic, so i called out to Channel 80 where Zodic replied and said he has ran this quest line several times and knew what to do, Bada bing he was in the group and we headed to the instance, he explained where we need to be and what to expect. So we started to kill the void creatures and was wiped after 2 minutes, And again and again and again i felt as if i was in Chardock allover again. Zodic mentioned his wife was a healer with her mythical and would really help us and Cecelia choose to drop but stay in voice chat for support. Athenea came and joined our group, after speaking with her and introducing everyone and gathering all of our life stories we continued to kill and protect. We wiped again. Ok so this time i was getting the feeling that it wasnt happening tonight , Zodic and athenea said that they had to run to their GH and get a few items and reapir and would be back, we all decided to take a quick AFK.   I headed to get the Jack daniels for a little drink to knock the edge off and work on this last step of the quest. We all meet up at the entrence, this time Zodic said lets try something different and we set oup game plan, i started the ring event that you have to last for 5 min and them click on the NPC to get the Epic, but the mobs still continue to pop from the portal. So we started to kill these mobs and sinfire was grabbing the adds and pulling them to me to gain the aggro and Zodic was finishing the remaining mobs that we had burned down, nice system it was working this time, awsome, Zodic had his timer up and was giving updates and Anthenea was shouting in voice when the adds poped. Zodic said 10 sec get to NPC , 4..3..2..1. Click fingers were clicking as fast as they could nothing nothing was happening, ahh i was in Combat still, clicked out of combat clicked the NPC Dialogue appeared no time to read click click click bam there it was the update, Woooohooooo i was the proud father of the New Chubbys Epic Fabled weapon, and then Bam the message poped “you have Failed” Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! what happened, i asked Zodic , he said look in inventory, looked and BAM it wsa still was a glitch, the guidelines on the quest is for you to kill untill the portal closes or you get the update, well i got the update and portal was still opened and mob AoE’d the no prob i got what i came for.

Thank you Healyou, Twixt, Sinfire, Cecelia, Zodic, & Athenea for all the help and knowledge that you provided durning this fight and for not giving up. Thanks again.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me on my way to get this epic, its been a long Journey and the rest has only begun. KOM look out your tank is getting Uber, and taking cant wait to return the favor to other guildies who have helped me. Time for Mythical……..(To be Continued)

Chubby's Epic Weapon

Chubby's Epic Weapon

Guild Event Screen (Proof)

Guild Event Screen (Proof)


Happy Hunting in Norrath



Ok so last night we went to Chardock again to help Healyou get his epic, all i can say is that this zone is well hated, i mean for a normal group this zone can be too difficult, I feel bad for Heal, we have can here several times to get his update and we cant get past one of the last parts to get his update.

We had a full group and got half ways in and lost our Necro to LD, either he had enough of the death runs or he actully went LD and just never relogged back in so we tried it with just the 5 we had and could not make it to the red gate, we made it past the 1st named past the blue gate and that was about as far as we made it before calling the group, i was kinda disappointed for Heal, i want to see him get this update, once he gets chardock done, its off to Sebilis and should be smooth sailing for him there. My Update in here was easy only had to kill a few mobs and got the update, for him its like the most difficult part of his epic..poor Gokklok ahh i mean Heal…Sigh

After the group split up Heal, Sinfire, Cece, Chubby, Jonna & Kesala Headed to Mistmyr Manor to get a shard we did fairly well and i also came out with a Painting too. it was a fun zone got to chat with fellow guildmates while we ran the zone.

After we got our shard i mentioned that i was headed to Lavastorm to get my daily solo shard, Sin went along as we both have the access to this shard, we grouped up and killed out 12 shadowmen, Cece asked us how she could get this quest, we mentioned to her that you have to finish a quest line in order to get the Daily solo Shard access and once she completes it she can come back once a day and get the shard, so we started to run her thru the quetline and me and sin helped and also was getting our Unbound Elemental Essence quest finished so we can get more of the essence shards, i have 6 now gained 3 last night, and i feel that they should lower the amount of essence shard on the jewerly 30 is was too much i can see 10 or 15 but 30 is way too many to get the peices that you need. We also finished up another quest in lava last night ” Barred No More (82)” and i went with the “Ring of the Flame Disciple” and Sinfire went with “Fingerhoop of the Flame Disciple” Both are a nice little upgrade for us and was well worth the Efforts, Cece is closer to getting her daily solo shard quest, I left half way thru her run due to having to get up early for work and it was already 330am EST, So i called back to the guild hall and sold my trash and placed my broker items for sale. the little run last night gained me 3 plat, and whatever i get on the broker the next few days. so all and all it was a good run.

Tonight is Raid night for “The Misfits Raid Coalition” and i am not sure that i am going to make it or not, just due to the fact that the Wife and i have no kids tonight and are going out to dinner for some alone time, i will still log into Eq2 but have no idea on what time that will be.

What i woul like to do is get a group or even 2 groups mini raid and go back to chardock and get heals update and then head to get the final two updated for my epic with that same mini raid and gain my fabled epic, hopefully this will come true tonight but if it doesnt i still would like to see Heal get his Chardock update.

Oh yeah i almost forgot, last night i also gained Kuzab up another level he now sits at 47 and i also got him 3 AA points, he is slowly getting up there, again this is my toon that i made at launch of eq2 and have not really played him all that much, i just kinda got boried with the Paladin, but have come to the light that now as he get older he has some really powerfull spells and arts. I look foward to play him a little each nightm untill Chubby is called and needed to some pure chaos being unleased on the foe’s of Norrath.

The Guild is going to be minus 1 member or 2, for the next month, Jonna/Mezzer has Military training and will gone, Hopefully Kasala will still be on while he is out gaining XP on protecting this fine country of ours, My hats off to you bro for all that you give up to server our country and make it a safer place to live in.

Also i would like to give a BIG thank you to all of our police officers in the world, thank you too for all that you sacrifice to ensure the law is upheld and it is a safe place for us and our children to live in, if you are wondering where and why i am bringing this up, its due to the events that unfolded last week in Pittsburgh Pa ,  3 of Pittsburghs police officers were gunned down in the line of duty by one deranged idiot. I have several friends that i grew up with who are police officers and my best friend, who happens to be my neighbor who is a officer, i dont get to tell them enough how i appreicate all that they do to make life better for all of us, and these events last week really makes you think and have an appreacition for our service men, weather they are militart, local police officers or Goverment officers, they still give up more to see that we are safe and the freedom that we have is protected.

Thank you again

So if you see a police officer or any Military personal please remember these words and tell them that you appreicate their trials and tribulations that they do for our country, and if you feel brave enough give them a hug or shake their hand, they will understand and appriecate the kind words and make their everyday job a little easier knowing that they make a difference.

With all that said i must go, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


This past weekend seemed to fly by, i did get about 24 hours of gaming in over the weekend and during that time, i mainly ventured in Lavastorm gaining faction with the order of flame and Sootfoot. I have finished just about all of the Order of Flames quest i think i have 2 more to go, i have the daily solo shard quest access now and have been trying to complete that once a day either solo or with a few guildies to make it go faster.

last night i went to the Faction merchant on the Docks and was looking over the items and saw the lava carpet and was debating on weather i should buy this and if it was worth 6 plat. Now this carpet gives you 90 out of combat regen on health & power and 55% run speed. My current run speed on my Dire Bear mount was 45% so that was a upgrade and most of my armor give power and health regen, also i have a few totems for this as well. So i went ahead and forked over the 6plat and have been running on my carpet ever since, I always wanted a carpet and didnt feel like completeing the quest in SS for it, i was not at that level range when everyone was doing that quest line for their carpets, so i went with the easier route gaining faction and coughing up the plat.hehe. Now i also want to get the flaming Cow from the sootfoot faction but it only has 45% run and 60 regen on pwr and health, and is only 1 plat so i may get that later down the road just for show or collection.

I then decided to run around for a while in lavastorm and gather shinies so i can get the collections finished and make some money on broker, i flew around for about what seemed like 45 minutes but was actully 2 hours, guess time really does Fly..hehe on a carpet. so i completed a few sootfoot factions and then i got the call to goto sebilis to help out raid alliance member get updates for her epic, it then clicked that hey i’m on that same stage for my epic, i totally forgot about it, i asked where in Seb and they said past th lower jail area to kill the reet frogs she had to kill 40+ frogs to get her update, i asked weather they minded when in the lower jail area we clear it so i can get my epic update too, they were more than glad to help, and if we can get 2 updates then it was a really productive night. i got us wiped  a few times, which was totally my fault, 1 i was knocked back into more mobs and pulled them into group, and the other 2 times i  gained more aggro than we could handle. But we made it to the jail area and proceeded to kill all the sath. Legionaires that we saw after only 3 kills i got my “Greenmist essences orb” for my update, it was fairly easy. so we moved to the next room and there were our froggys..”Ummm da frogies loook tastieee”

So we proceed to kill Frogs for the next 2.5 hours it seemed like forever but we finished and got her update, we was going to kill the last named for her but she went LD and never came back, we found out that she was having router problems and called it the night. We called back to guild and our group departed and most guildies logged for the night i needed 4 more updates to complete my fabled Epic, so proceeded to Barren Sky “Isle of Desolation” to harverst the “Statue of the Ancient One”, this was not a prob everything was greyed out to me and i got my next update only 3 more to go woohoo, so then i headed to JW so i could speak to Izzle Din by all the ghosts at the ruins, i was kinda nervous because i saw where he was on the map but couldnt figure if he was in the middle or on the outside of the ruin, so i went invis with a totem and proceed on the outer rim of the ruins untill i ws completely behind it and continued to scout out the terran, i made it to the corner of the back side and saw my iskar i had to talk to , i then got my Update and zoned back to guild, so i gathered up 3 updates last night alone and only have 2 more to go, which i am going to need the assistance of the guild or raid alliance, i have to stay in JW and kill eldrig the young & old and then head back to Nek and take a group in to the instance and protect my apprentice from the void portals and the creatures that come from them. Sounds pretty easy right, nope i heard Eldrig alone is very hard, i will be doing soe research on this durning my lunch today and hopefull we can get a group and take him down on the first try. if i get this tonight i am going to be so pumped i doubt i get sleep, i have to figure out how i a going to get my mythical next and that is going to require a raid force from what i have gathered.

So this weekend was filled with alot of content, from the raid on Friday and Saturday that i didnt goto, just wanted to take a weekend off for raid, to a promotion in guild, to getting my Faction in Lavastorm and getting closer to my epic. It was indeed a wonderful 24 hours of gaming.

I have just finished downloading AOC for the free trail, i am going to give that a try to see what all the hype is all about and so i can say “Age of Conan, Yeah i played that for a while!” lol also i am still dabbling with Spellborn and Runes of magi, will have more on those once i get a chance to get more time in, planning on playing Wizard101 and a few other free MMO’s that have caught my eye, so we’ll see where that leads us too.

Happy Hunting in Norrath,


Well last night was my typical Tuesday night gaming, well i did log in late due to messing with ACT for about 2 hrs just trying to figure out this thing and figure the timing of my combat arts and spells…ahhh do they make a ACT for dummies manual i could really use it.

Well last night i wanted to get some more updates towards my epic (fabled) and i was already sitting in Butcherblock Mts so i went to the next step IRON FORGE East.. i had to speak to Brom Axeshadow or something similar, Now this next part of the quest is not for the animal lovers and i had a hard time with this myself, but i was to kill his cat Bryon on top of the bookcase to get my update, Now i have 2 cats and a dog, we would have 2 cats , a dog and 2 hermit crabs too but the damn hermit crabs didnt want to stick around and the moved into the pasture with the daisys…If ya know what i mean. But it was tough decision to make for a update on my epic, Yes i play a evil toon and this is part of being evil, but why must the developers of EQ2 put such content in this game, now i know that there is another quest out there too where you have to drown a sack of kittens, OK What the hell did the kittens to to the Devs anyways now that is 2 quest that you have to kill kittens…C’mon devs ya know kids play this game too right, what is this saying to our youth. I did it for the sake of my epic, i wasnt happy that i did but i did. i just feel that they could of came up with a better solution to get this NPC to talk that didnt involve kittens. So enought of my ranting on this subject.

after i got my quest update, the next step was to form a groub and head to sebilis and go deep in this area, but there was really no one on to go to this area, so instead Healyou asked me to goto Scion again and get 2 shards..Of course i said yes, i just simply love this zone and know it like the back of my hand because i have ran it so much. we died only 3 times durning the whole run, untill we came to the final boss at the begining, he killed us twice and one was not faid he had 11% and did a Single shot AOE that killed the entire grp…WTF he’s not suppose to do that or at least thats the first i have saw that out of 10 runs of Scion. the 3rd time we faced him we were bettered prepared, i conserved my mana, and hit him with the most damaging spells and taunts he only hit me with 1 AOE and then he was Down for good.

i love the AOE of this zone if you are not positioned just right you become a human Cannonball. its just so fun to see yourself fly across the room. So after we finished Scion AGAIN, i collect the additional shard and killed some leporads and skellys and other things just to get some trash to sell on the broker and vendor trash guy. made 2 plat from the run and the trash i picked up not bad, plus what i sold during the day, today so it was a good night.

Tonight we have our weekly raid, we are doing lvl 50+ raids 5 different T5 zones will be included in this tonight and i cant wait, i hope we goto some areas that i never had the chance to got so i can get some AA points and get chubby some more stats..wooohoo lets hope.

I have been looking at CRA as well just to see if i can get in some raids on my off nights to get better equiped and learn from others that have been raiding, i have been a member of CRA for about 2 years and never went on a raid with them yet, just never got really interested in it till the last couple of months, so well see where it leads too.

Untill next time

Happy hunting in Norrath


Thursday night 3/19/09 was Chardok night, I needed to go to this instance to receive an update on chubbys Berzerker’s epic quest and obtain Kedge gills from lvl 80+ Heroic mobs..yeah that sounds like fun.

So i was debating on leveling up my ShadowKnight when the message came thru the channle from our raid allaince, “Anyone wanna goto Chardok to help with Epic update?”…Hmmmm I need and update in there too i said. So i responded to the Call and was invited to the group, Now the group consisted of 2 Wizards,  1 Conji, 1 Berzerker (Me), 1 Warlock, & 1 Inqusitior.

So we started in and killing things as we went, however we had died like 5 times before the red gate, i was already at 50% on my armor and it wasnt looking too good, Now some of the deaths were my fault, but not all. I was starting to get frustrated, these deaths we coming on fastre and faster

So we made it past the red gate and commenced to kill the mobs again. It seemed that we would kill 20 mobs and then die 3 times in a row. we were clearing the mobs as we died, and got rezed  but after 3 repair kits i was only 5 kills from calling it quits. So we kept going on and started to be a little more solid and not dieing as much, as much was the key word. I finally received my update half ways thru the zone, all members in our party got their updates except 1, and they were calling it for the night, at that point i noticed that Healyou was on and talked the group in to staying for a little longer to help heal get his update in this area, at this point we have been in this zone for about 4 hours, they all agreed and one of the members had to go anyways i told Heal to get to Chardok we was going to get his update tonight.  He was happy, we got in there and we started to lay the smake down on the mobs, heal was keeping me alive and i was happy we had a true healer in the group. But things went south after about 30 min in grp we started to die again, 3 more deaths Damn at 20% on armor i called out everyone else was about the same, then i said lets do this again and make it count this time “NO MORE DEATHS” they all chuckled because i stole that from Bownzer our Raid Leader..So nw that the group had a jolt of energy , fire under their arse or whatever it was we started to kick the mobs arse and take names . We made it to the bookkeeper for healyou and followed him i was jumping ahead and gettig the mobs on the way to the libaray, and we get to where the Update is and BOOOOOOOOOOM…..We wiped. Now at this point i was pulling my hair out not only was i broken in my armor, i felt like i let a guildie down, i told heal that i didnt care if we were here all night he was gettting his update..the group disbanded i gave a call to the guild and was able to get Twixt, Sinfire , Cece and we pick up a fellow on the way.

so back to Chardok : a Place of Death.

So we started killing again and i noticed that we were not dieing oh my whats the difference we had 2 healers, 1 tank, 1 offtank, and 2 DPS  thats what the difference was i think, but anyways we were going thru killing these mobs left and right before we knew it we were back at the book keeper and had only died about 5 times, We started to follow the bookkeeper again and we keep dieing in the same part each time, heal was frustrated i was frustrated and he was giving up i was now in this zone for almost 6hours. Heal finally gave up i was really upset and was going to call it when Sin said he wanted to do the DD, ewwwwww Void Shards and i would get 3 for that zone maybe 4 Hmmmmmmmm Ok lets do it ..the DD was Nu’roga. Never been before me and corliss was lost when we was looking for it last time. we took a group in and started to lay waste to all in the zone. We made it to the Dragon and kept wiping, we tried and tried and tried  and could not get past the dragon. At this pont it was almost 5am, i was What 5am i have to be at work at 8am and havent been to sleep yet…Ahhhhhhhhhh. so i told them i had to go sorry guys next time.

Over all i died so many times last night i lost track , i know i paid over 1.5 plat for repairs on armor which is not fun, really didnt win much of any loot. but i did have a good time in a way, Deaths were really starting to bother me but we over came it .

Friday & Saturday are Raid Nights, and cant wait to join in i may take a little nap before the raid since i was gaming all night last night, the nap on luch break really helped me

So until next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Just as the title stated – KOM & Stealth, Better known as “The Misfits Raid Coalitation” completed the 1st level of Emerald Halls (EH), we took down all the named’s and we had a few deaths but with each one we learnedfrom our mistakes. I really had a blast doing this zone last night, I didn’t come out with any drops / loot but the experenice was nice, i am learning we every raid we go on, and is helping to better my toon and future raid’s.

Twixt came out with a 2 good drops that i remembered, one was a recipie book which i havent seen what it makes and the other was a weapon i beleive, will have to look into that.

So with each passing day Chubby is getting stronger and gaining more knowledge of the zones and about his class. I would like to Thank all members of KOM for all the hard work they have put in helping me, i could not of made it this far with out you, and i am here to only better myself for the fine guild of KOM that i call my Home. I also would like to take the Time to thanks Stealth for giving KOM the chance to come out on raids and expereince more of Norrath…its been really fun, and i cant wait till Wednesday or Friday to see where we go next.

Ok well enough of just thanking people and sharing what i have learned and experienced going to get in game for a while..

Happy Hunting in Norrath

Well Thursday’s are usually slow, after raiding on the night before i was kinda of not in the mood to do any real hard work. I logged in got the normal “Hey Chubby”, Chubbbbbbbbyyyyyyyy”, “Sup Chubs”. asked around to see what was going on and everyone felt just like i

So after about 20 minutes of having the blurred vision from clicking a Brewday barrell in our guild hall, i was ready to get ssome old greyed out quest and search for so AA EXP so i can raise my % and get more AA to help Chubby. Chubby is now maxed out in both Adventure and tradeskill levels and can only gain AA points now and it is kinda of slow getting those points due to the zones i havent visited are raid zones.

So i was in Kunzar Jungle kill the Sasquatches ahh i mean Quatchies or what ever they are when i got the call from a few guildies..”hey chubs wanna join us in Barren to finish or Hoolou hat quest, we need Halls of Fate.” Sounded like fun, i have been there a couple time and could of used any of the trash and lore that drops in there for cash. So i joined in and was helping, after we got in there are planned out stratgities, i was MTank and went to pull. So knowing i should body pull these so i dont aggro the entire room, i slowly walk up to the first set of gaurds and get about 2 feet away and run back, as i was running back i looked over my shoulder to see that they were still standing there, voice chat was quite and so i went and tried it again; maybe i wasnt close enough to get the aggro. So in i went this time i was practilly standing on their toes and waiting on a reaction ….Nothing…Then it hit me Damn my level is too high or i have good faction with these guys to where they were still grgeen but not with aggro. So i hit them with a taunt and sure enought the whole room pulled.. i was laughing mentioned it in group voice chat and everyone was laughing with me, not at me. so we came to the conclusion that everyone stays back i’ll pull the room and then once i get all their aggro the DPS can step in and help finish them problem with that they were assisted to me and by the time they were able to get targeted i had that one dead and i was on to the next, so basically i was soloing the zone with a healer, and DPS back up…lol, halfways thru the zone i was gettig boried same ole same ole, so i let the healer pull to get the then i would hit them with my taunts and just destroy them. it was a great run of HoF we did the whole zone, in about 35-40 minutes towards the end they became aggro to me and i begain to do the pulls. After we were all done with the zone i saw that i too received the update and check the journal and sure enough i did have that same quest. The rest of the group went to the Nest in BS and i got lost by the time i gained my barrings and found the entrence to the Nest they had already received their update and their class hat. Dame it to all hell. I zoned in put on the disguise that hoolou gave me and creeped about but my disguise did not fool them they recoginized me. so now i have to go back to Hoolou in BS and do that part again. so at that point i gave up on the class hat, and went with Sinfire to get a shard in LP i think it was Mistmore shard run, Sin has figured a way to get a shard with out really killing that many in the zone and it is mainly solo for him and i just wait in the hall for the update, i know how he does this but i am not sharing the info, sorry i get a free shard everynight for just sitting

but over all it was a good nght, i helpe some guildies with a few quest, i was going to the DD for last night and was invited to a PUG but when i mentioned that i never been there that they wanted someone who knew the zone, hell i dont blame them i would too, and lately my tanking has really been on the not so good side. I am going to have to relook at my AA Specs and see what i can do to get them improved, also i want to go to Veeshans peak sooooooo bad its unreal, i was looking around Wikia the other day and found a raiding armor set that i just have to have Furious Excutionier set ahhhhhhhh it is so Awsome.

but it was a good time and a good night.

untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath.