June 2009


Ok everyone i know i haven’t updated in a while, alot has taken place in my RL that has really interfered with my gaming, but for now i am back and to kick it off i have some information to share that i saw over at Eq2wire. Again this is not in my own words but copied from Eq2 Wire to share with everyone.

Here is some info on Eq2 and the upcoming GU & Expansion.

And now, without further ado, Eq2 Wires writeup of EQ2’s future in 2009 and 2010:

EverQuest II


  • The new expansion will be entitled  Sentinel’s Fate.
  • EQ2: Sentinel’s Fate will be released in February 2010.
  • It will be based around the EQ1 continent of Odus and will cover Erudin, Paineel, and Ratonga lore. The void storyline will be ending in 2009.
  • Adventure, Tradeskill, and Guild Level caps all increase to 90
  • 2 large overland zones (Stonebrunt Mountains?)
  • The Hole – a large level 82+ contested zone (similar to Sanctum of Scaleborn) with 3 wings, you spawn in the middle
  • 12 New Group Instances
  • Some existing TSO group instances will be available in a T9 (level 80-90) version.
  • Guild Level increases to 90. New Guild Hall Amenities and Amenity Slots.
  • No new deities with expansion, nor will there be T9 solo deity quests.
  • Deity miracles may be reconsidered.
  • Group and raid zones will scale in difficulty (not adventure level). A choice will have to be made when pulling or fighting certain mobs that will set the encounter difficulty to easy, normal, or hard. The difficulty level will be set by the manner in which you start the encounter (i.e a boss may have a narrative, depending on your choice, you may get ‘easy mode’ where he sends his minions and escapes, or hard mode where you fight the boss himself)
  • AAXP Slider, when earning xp, you will be able to set a ratio that is earned as AA instead.
  • AA cap to 250. New abilities are going to be added to the bottom of the Class (KoS)  and Subclass (EoF) AA Trees, below what is now the end abilities. Some of these endline abilities will be passive, triggering based on specific chains of other abilities being cast.
  • Mythical weapons will not be the ‘No.1′ weapon, but will have another, important, use. Perhaps usable as a clicky item to get the unique class-defining abilities, or equippable in a charm slot.
  • Grouping, Soloing, and Questing will all be viable leveling options.

Server Transfers, Artwork-by-Mail, and StationCash

  • Automated Server Transfers will be available on the Station Marketplace within the next couple of weeks, price will fall to $25.
  • HP will be offering — through StationCash — high quality EQ2-related artwork (paintings of Antonia Bayle, Lucan, etc.) prints and eventually in-game items and prints of your character sent directly to your door. One being considered it a hardback book containing pictures of all of your guildmates.
  • The plan is to make it possible, in the future, to purchase expansion packs and new game keys through station cash.


Hail an NPC in one of the home cities and you will be able to mentor down in 5 level increments (20, 25, 30, 35, etc.) and complete quests, kill named encounters, etc. at the appropriate level. This does not require mentoring another person and will not offer the extra bonuses given to folks who naturally mentor one of their friends.

To prepare for this feature, a list of named mobs on long spawns in existing zones is already being assembled to have their timers tweaked. Also, low level contested zones will instance themselves (Sinking Sands 1, 2, 3, etc.) in case of large populations.

EQ2 Achievements

Similar to XBox Live, EQ2 is getting an Achievements system. The expansion will launch with 500-700 achievements. This will merge the old Slayer titles (kill 5,000 Orcs), plus adventurer titles (complete 20 Heritage Quests), and introduce new titles. For example, number of level 80 characters you have. Whether you defeated a dungeon/raid on the hardest difficulty, Going back and completing old zones while mentored, etc.

The Alternative Achievement system in EQ2 (currently 200 points) is officially being renamed to AA to avoid confusion.

Shard of Love & Miragul’s Planar Shard

Scheduled for GU53 is Miragul’s Planar Shard, a raid zone which will use the new mechanic of difficulty scaling on certain bosses.

Another zone expected this year which will join Shard of Hate is The Shard of Love.  The storyline for this zone will relate to Erolissi Marr.


New starter experience and new starter zone

Halas is being added as a good starting city in Gu55 to coincide with the release of the new expansion, Sentinel’s Fate. Gu55 will be a free download whether you choose to purchase the expansion or not.

The starting race has not been confirmed, but in EQ1 Halas was the home of the Barbarians.

Incidentially, this new area will be considerably streamlined and will be built out as the new EQ2 Trial. The existing EQ2 Trial is a massive download and really not that great a tool at recruiting new players. The new EQ2 Trial will be optimized for download size, will have streaming download, and will really act as a marketing tool for new players.

Extremely preliminary zone art was shown of the new Halas.

Incidentially, Thundering Steppes will be getting a revamp as it will be the stepping off point for level 20 characters leaving Halas.

Who Gives a Crit

Critical damage stats including Spell, Melee, Ranged, and Heal are being merged into a single ‘Crit’ statistic. Each class will have a critical coefficient. So the same item will offer taunt and melee crit to a fighter, ranged crit to a ranger, and heal crit to a healer.

Double Attack and Ranged Double Attack are being combined into DA, with an appropriate coefficient as RDA is c0nsidered more powerful to a ranger than DA is to other scouts.

Resistance types are being streamlined down to just Noxious, Elemental, Arcane and Physical. Naming on items will not change for variety/lore reasons.

Out-leveling gear

Once considered for the Rise of Kunark, items will now scale down in effectiveness starting at Level 60, eventually “greying out” when the item is 10 levels below your adventure level. The effectiveness of such items will be reduced by 33% at 10 levels.

Legends of Norrath

Set 7 of the LoN cards, Storm Break, goes live on July 9th. This will be the final part of the void series. New loot cards include a cloak with a, once-per-day, clicky effect that completely repairs your gear.


The number of buffs and casting time of buffs is being considered, especially for support and healer classes. Certain classes always use the same self-buffs and these may be consolidated. Having buffs persist after death was requested several times, but no confirmation was forthcoming. Buffing while running was the first step of this.

Class Balance (Bards, Enchanters, Summoners)

Typical raid lineups currently include 3-4 illusionists, 1 coercer, 3-4 dirges, and a troubador. Yet they often do not offer ANY slot to summoners or druids.

Some Enchanter and Bard buffs will become raidwide or applicable to one person in each of the 4 groups. The example given was an illusionist giving Time Compression to one member of all 4 groups. Other buffs could go raidwide. This will be done in such way so that having 4 illusionists will not be a significant advantage over having 1 or 2.

Currently, Brigand “Dispatched” and other debuffs are crucial for raiding and some group situations. Meanwhile, Summoners are finding they rarely get a seat at the table. As a result, Rogue debuffs are being refocused to work on melee, while Summoners step into a new role of debuffing spell abilities.

Also, with regards to Rogues, Brigands and Swashbucklers each have irreplaceable abilities such that most raids have 1 of each. Some of these abilities will become common between the two classes so that any Rogue can be effective in raid situations.

Summoner pet survivability is going to be looked into. Dumbfire pets will now act like a spell with appropriate graphics, rather than being affected by AoEs. These pets will also do spell debuffs in line with Summoner’s new role as spell debuffers.

Class Balance (Druids)

It has been recognised that Heal-over-Time spells come way behind wards and reactives when dealing with large spike damage (mainly in a raid and the hardest heroic settings).

A new component is going to be added to Heal-Over-Time spells for Druids which will save up the heal after each tick if the target is at full health, and further, any leftover heal will transfer to the group member with the lowest health on expiration.


Over 2000 new recipes for Tier 9.

No Rare Loams in Tier 9. Instead, Ore and Gems will be used to make Expert (Adept III) spells. Ore nodes will always respawn as ore nodes, gem nodes as gem nodes.

Would like to completely revamp Adornment system, but at the very least, new adornment recipes will be Transmuter-crafted only.

Players will be able to be a Tinkerer and Transmuter.

Shaders 3.0

EQ2 is getting a graphical facelift!

Shaders are small pieces of code which take the textures and apply an effect to them, providing  metallic appearances, glows, bump mapping, caustics (rust, decay), lighting effects, etc.

These are being upgraded from the ancient Shaders 1.0 to Shaders 3.0. Nearly any graphics card since GeForce 3 will be able to handle the new GPU Shaders. At higher resolutions, preliminary tests have shown that framerates stay largely the same. At lower resolutions, framerates of GPU shaders seem significantly improved.

This will not be a substantial download. Each shader is just a few kilobytes. So far, 3,000 shaders have been upgraded.

Nek Forest looks awesome now. The whole idea of a torch in the darkness, lighting up trees, rocks, and enemy mobs looks head-and-shoulders above the current “flat” pea soup grey haze and flat colors on everything.

When the EQ2 developers saw the first screenshots, they thought it was another game.

In addition, Flora Displacement which moved to the GPU last year will still get further performance tweaks (known issue on nVidia cards).

Finally, he’d like to move particles to the GPU but due to some  design decisions, some particles are tied to animations. Will have to go back and separate them out.

There is developer interest in a torch slot, so this is being considered.  Devs would also like to do High Dynamic Range (HDR) in a future update, but nothing is immediately planned.

Mob Designs

Expect several new mob designs with more robust animations. Some seriously funny, cool, and creative new mob designs and revamped appearances to some existing mobs.

* fighting pandas
* displacer beasts
* two headed giants
* stalagmites
* scarecrows

EQ2 Potpourri

It is known that emergency “Stun-and-Heal” is a real detriment to healers and is required for too many encounters. Will be reconsidered.

Wizard “Rays of Disintegration” is very disruptive for Enchanters who must maintain a certain casting order and rhythm to do their jobs. Will be reconsidered as a more Mage-centric spell.

Rangers — would like to re evaluate Stream of Arrows. Originally intended as a fill in between auto attacks, but auto attacks are so large now that using it reduces DPS output.

Although it is higher than intended, there are no immediate plans to adjust Auto Attack damage.

Bruisers/Coercers – Drag, thought snap are so overpowered we have to disable them or mobs are trivialized

Conjuror Mythical Pet – This pet is class-defining for Conjurors. However with the current mechanic, that pet would stop leveling at low-to-mid 80’s. Will look at this going forward.

Certain raid encounters will benefit from crowd control, giving enchanters another job besides power regen and buffs.

The Quest Window is getting a facelift. Namely side-by-side quest list and quest details.

Revamped Player Inspect window will show regular and appearance slots  and many more stats.

Could the Daily Double void shard quest be listed in the Welcome panel or MoTD? Yes.

Will void shards have value in T9? No. A different token system is being used for T9 armor.

ACT Parsing – Could we see Gravitas, Chimes of Blades, and especially Cures (some healers spend their entire time curing but don’t show up on the heal parse) parsed in ACT? Will consider it.

Guild Rally Flag – Can we have some means to find out where the guild rally flag is located? Some coding has already been done for this. Putting it in guild window would be somewhat wasteful for those guilds that don’t have this amenity (one of the most expensive amenities FYI), so considering hailing the strategist.

Illusions Driving You Crazy? – A change was made in GU52 that racial illusions pick a random appearance each time they are displayed. This applies to guild hall NPCs as well. Even the devs are annoyed at this change, so are investigating a Magic Mirror house item to set your illusion appearances, and a similar mechanism for guild hall NPCs. Also, some folks make frequent use of different illusions. Look for an Illusion Manager window.

Smart Loot is being implemented over time. Lock boxes in Mistmyr already have mini-smart loot for each person that loots.

Lavastorm Elevator to WoE will be fixed to continue to it’s destination. This one got a lot of applause.

Harvester NPCs could auto-deposit in Harvest supply depot in the future.

Kelethin houses will get a transparent window. Both Kelethin and Neriak houses will gain  more rooms.

More new Armor Appearances in EQ2:SF are coming than are currently in the game. Substantial new choices for mage appearances other than robes, such as tops, pants, etc.

Devs would like to add more mannequin types such as Ratonga mannequin.

Current tier upgrades are coming for Bone Clasped Girdle. Not so much for the bloodthirsty choker.

Out-of-Control Curing

It is recognized that Curing is perhaps getting out-of-control. Casting time of individual cure potions may be considered. In addition, certain detriments are getting different effects on them such that curing that detriment can be worse than leaving it, or may cause another detriment to trigger. The intention was never to stare at the Profit Cure bar the entire fight.

There will be more commentary to come, but those are the salient points about the rest of 2009 as the EQ2 team takes some extra time balancing the live game before plunging into the expansion in February.



Yes we killed Levi and i have the proof in a photo taken just seconds after we had slain the beast. It was a long (15min) and firece battle but in the end we prevailed. Our first pull of the evening ended in a wipe of the raid party, then we regrouped and and worked on getting him down. between the cures and the OMG are they going to heal me episodes it went really well.

Not much more i can say on this we as a raid group are now flagged for VP and i ventered into that area last night to see what the fuss is about. which i’ll save for a later post.

As always-

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well monday i logged in and created a new alt, i made a gaurdian named Wonderboyz ..my lil dwarf Superhero..lol

Anyways my goal last night was to get wonderboyz to lvl 10 and i did i grinded out some quest and turned some collections in i had Chubby make his adept III combat art spells, Chubetta made some armor, Kuzab created so mastercrafted Bags with 20% weight reduction & a Quiver, Kryptonion Made some Jewerly, and Cinderbella donated some gold to her long lost brother.

Over all in the 10 lvls it really seems just like the zerker class, but time will tell and see how things go with this toon, i am not sure if i am going to work on his harvesting skills just yet or wait till i start the Gathering Obsession quest for the harvesters cloak, it would be benificial now to start the harvesting but things can really take a long time doing that, since i am now lvl 10, tonight i plan on taking him to a bunch of Zones for the disco, and posibbly work on a few more collections. Tonights goal is to reach lvl 20 before logging.

Untill Next time

Happy Harvesting Hunting in Norrath.


Ok so i have not been keeping up on E3 that much this year, but i have seen the Microsoft Natal Project and i have to admit thats its very impresive. just think a software that can actully pick up on human emotions and interact with us, this technology is amazing and seems like something of Science Fiction or only seen in the Movies, like Terminator or short Circut ( All those were the good ones0 ir even Irobot.

But just think of some of the possibilities that this can actully have in the world today, it could be used in hospitals, schools and even in the govt as a training device. but thats just my thoughts, next thing that will have is the food and drink replicator Star trek, or maybe our car will be on a automated grid to drive us form point a to b. Or even make human space travel to other planets a reality. This is just a step in the next generation of technology that we are discovering and creating.


So last night i was just going to log on to eq2 and make some potions for fridays raid and to finish off deakia’s potions as well.

When i logged in an old friend was back from their heiatis, it was good to see Healyou and Cece, it just hasnt been the same with out them. felt like the guild was missing something. but after we caught up on whats been going on since the last we spoke, we decided to get a grp going and see what we can do. First Cece needed to goto Chardock to get an update for her long drwn out epic that she is trying to complete, Chardock just didnt feel the same, we werent dying as much as we normally do, We had Chubby as Tank, Shadowblades as DPS, Cece and Healyou and Twixt a good 5 some then to add to the mix of things we added Knebiter for a full group. we were just tearing thru the mobs, i was calling out what i was going to do and teling Twixt who to mezz then i did my count down. it was awsome we got all the way to the bridge crossed it waited for the scene to play out ran past the birds that were fighting and there they were the archmages that she needs for the update, i waited till the got closer and bam full aggro on chubby, and another thing i noticed too i was not losing aggro like i normally do this was awsome, so after killing 2 mobs Cece got her update , Wooohoooo Gratz Cece. We deceided to call back out to gh and take a small break, i needed to get a few things done anyways.

So when i got back i noticed that they are were in Sebilis and i made my way there, basically Cece was just gaining reet faction and this was not part of her epic quest but she needed the faction to get to the next part of the epic so it worked hand and hand. i picked up a few nice items that i can pawn off on the broker and a nice set of leggins for my fury when she gets to 80. but we stayed her the remander of the night just killing away and redoing the quest that Cece had for the reet faction.

All in all it was a good time, and it was nice to grp with folks that we havent seen in a while. tonight i plan on getting those pots complete for the raid on friday and maybe a Shard run or 2 to get more shards. i am hoping that Scion is the DD again, i know that zone and know i can get an easy 4 shards + the 1 for the solo quest  all in one night. also i want to inch Cinderbella and Kuzab up to where they can do shard runs too just so that i can earn more shards on instances like this. 10 shards in one night would be great, and i would have chubbys T2 set armor in no time.

Well untill next time,


Happy Hunting in Norrath



Well just as the title stated. The Misfits Raid Coalition went up against Leviathan or how ever you spell it, but we knocked off the fish guys first and made it to the Boss himself, this instance reminded me of the old platform games where you had to beat the whole level get to the end and the doors slam shut and the boss would appear. lol

But we did our best to take this worm, fish, or slug down but he was too strong for our forces, we are going to run this again next saturday and see how things go, i did manage to get us wiped at the end, yeah if anyone in the coalition is listening that was me that wiped us at the end my finger slipped and auto run was enabled and i ran straight towards the aggro line and yep you guessed it triggered the big guy himself for a quick wipe….sorry guys my bad, i promise i wont do it again .

Well i am short on time today to provide any more details

So Until Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath