August 2009

Well let me tell you my Friday night and early saturday morning was more than words can describe. Lets just say that i earned 15 Void shards last night 3AA’s and came wilth some nice house items and i purchased a new house in Neriek and became a citizen of this Dark and dismal city.

Well to start off, when it was Friday we did all 3 Befallens, 2 lavastorms and 3 everfrost shard runs for 8 shards. We have worked a system out that we get the shard from the quest, and we dont bother with the chest in the instances we usually spend about 30 min to and hr in each instance and sometimes less to complete the missions and it has been working very well. During those Shard runs we came out with some nice house items:

  1. Maroon Tapestry of the Forsaken
  2. Frost Rimed Chandelier
  3. Tapestry of Flame
  4. Azure Rug of the Forsaken

Tapestry 2009

Plus i made about 4 plat on these as well, Also durning this time i gained 2 AA’s, We did die only 2 times thur the 8 instances so not too bad.

at this time it was about 230am time for a small AFK to get my barrnings , strech my legs, Coffee, lots of Coffee and any bathroom breaks. after about a half hour of being AFK, Yajee and Harlow talked me into creating a Monk, we still had an hour before the new shard quests came out for the new day(saturday) so why not, so i created yet another ALT ..Monkeeman my Monk alt i started to quest him on the isle and then i was informed the new quests were out and the DD we arre doing as well wooohoo.

So We ended up doing 3 more everfrost, 2 more befallen and the DD in Everfrost. so we ended iup with 7 more shard this morning, and i gained another AA making the total up to 3 during this logged session.

It was a blast, we have a few more areas that i want to test and see if we can include them in our shard runs, with this in our sites i should be able to get a full set of T2 possbily T3 by end of month woooot woot.

Just wanted to say thanks to Yajee/Sweetlove, Twixt, Ebonchyld, & Shadowblades for a great evening, with a force like we had last night i feel really sorry for some the mobs in eq2.

Cant wait to see what this evening has instore for us.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath



A Crafting i will Go, A Crafting i will Go, Hi-ho the merry-oh, A crafting i will go!!! Yeah that is what i had in mind last night, i logged in and really didnt feel like running around killing things, so i just settled in on Cinderbella and worked on my Sage skills.

When i started the evening Cinderbella was at lvl 35 and i at first was doing Writs and quickly got boried, so i said well lets at least make some coin while i craft. So i started grinding the spells that were blue and white in my journal and then placing them on the broker to sell. I took a couple potions and just began to grind away, i lost track of time and 3 veteran rewards potions later i was sitting at lvl 45..wooot woot 10 levels in just a few hours in my sage tradeskills. now if i can continue this the next couple of times i decide to do tradeskills i will have her at the lvl 80 in TS.

I need to get her up in the tradeskill level anyways i have a few other alts that need her to make their spells and with their current level she is under qualified to make them. Chubby has been making all the combat arts for the alts that he can but the Sage is more needed by my toons.

Once i have her up in level i think i will go back and get kuzab’s tailoring up i think he is sitting in the 50’s then i can work on the armorer and Jeweler.

So there is a method to the maddness, i am tired of paying the broker prices when i can make these things instead, also the guild can benifit for this as well. Currently we have Mya and her alts crafting a majority of the things for the guild and guildies, so maybe this will help when she’s not on or just to take some of the pressure off her. hehe. plus i like to craft, i really enjoy the clanging of the metals and the sound the machines create while i am creating my masterpieces…lol.

Tonight, i think we are going to hit a bunch of shard zones and stock up on the shards, and maybe a tradeskill instance if i can talk Yajee and Mya into it. After that who knows what we will get into, Fridays are my allnighters so i will be on from 8pm est till about 6am est (10 hours of Eq2) wooooooooot wooooooot.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!!!


Ok so i get on last night and a RL buddy sends me a tell that he started a new alt, this is going to be his Raiding Templar………..Yeah ok sure.

So after about 15 minutes of asking him why, that you really havent done all you can with your main, theres so much more that can be done and with the expansion coming out he will be doing double the work.

Then it dawned to me that i had 5 alts, i have done this same thing, why an i downing his gaming or style of play. So i logged in Chubetta, my half-elf Fury and headed to TS, why do you ask i logged my Fury in and not Chubby or Cinderbella, because Chubetta was the same level that Thapharsyde was 28 and this would be a great chance for us both to gain levels and have some fun in the older zones that we dont visit much anymore, unless its a slow night and the Supply depot is getting low.

Over all it was fun i dinged 2 levels on chubetta and gained 1 AA, Thapharsyde gained about 3 AA’s that i saw and 2 levels as well. Its been a really long time since i played my fury and was hard to remember what spell did what and why, so after the first 20 min i worked out the kinks and we were on our way to slaying some Crabs, slugs, zombies, skellys, hawks and the occisional Bear. OH MY.

So once again i ask my self the one question, Why do i always do this, i have tons of alts and little time to play them.

Tonight, i have no clue what alt or if it will be Chubby logging in, I can tell you the answer to the questions, is because it shows me the different styles of the charecters and class in this wonderfull game, to learn the different spells and roles of each class and see how they fit in the big picture is amazing, i started this game at launch, and i still learn something new each time  i play and thats what keeps me in Norrath and not in another distant land. Dont get me wrong i will try the other MMO’s and see what they have to offer and compare them to Eq2, and in the end I always seem to come back to the one that started me into the MMO’s …Eq / Eq2

Well until next time, happy Hunting in Norrath.


Well this past weekend, i was able to get a few things done, but other than that it was really a slow time in gaming for me, due to having to many RL things happening all weekend.

Friday night i was able to stay up till about 5am, we did the daily double, then we did the solo shard run and then we hit Befallen, & Cruicible. We actully hit more than that but i really cant remeber all the cool places we went i know that i came out with 10 shards in one night it was awsome.

Last night (Sunday)  Mya grabbed me and we did a few more zones and i came out with 4 more and had enough for my 2nd piece of T2 shard armor i now have my gloves and my feet, (Champion Set for Beserker).

Over all i had a great time for the few hours that i was in game this weekend, i was able to level Cinderbella up from 45 to 51 and gained about 5 AA on her as well, Speaking of AA it was a bonus XP weekend for AA’s and chubby went up another 4 AA’s too. So it was a very good weekend.

With the group of folks that we have had this past weekend i think that we will be doing alot more shard runs due to the fact everyone is trying to gear up and get more & more instaces done that the armor helps, i just want to get a full set so i can work on my T3 armor and getting my mythical. i still want to get in a raid to goto VP and try and get some of the patterns that drop and get some of the quest in there done, not to mention that all i need is VP formy Mythical.

Well who know when that will be as long as i get geared and have the AA i am bound to get in a raid group heading that way looking for an OT.

Well untill next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath.


Well last night started off rough, not ingame but in RL , see we had this hugh storm move in last night and it was bad, to make a long story short, it wipedout 2 of my DVD/VCR players, my Sons Computer, and the Wii system…ahhhh, so yeah it started out bad. After i clamed my nerves from all the fried electronics, i jumped into the game and was looking for something to do. Then arounf 10pm est all the regulars logged in Mezer, Kasala, Yajee, Mya. So after all the greeting came we all decided to do the Daily Dould shard Run which was OOA last night. i really only been in here once and didnt make it past the 1st room. So last night was a challange for me to make it past that point, and we did we were a well oiled machine. we had some problems in the 3rd room where you have to bounce  and gather the orbs and kill the floating guy. Yeah needless to say we wiped alot trying to figure this one, But hey after a repair bot we was ready to go and this time it was balls to the wall, we finally made i past this part and earned some nice loot and on to the final boss of the zone. the final boss was not that hard except for someone stealing aggro from me not mentioning any names yajee but damn it was rough i thought we was going to wipe. We killed the boss gained our shard, and zoned for the turn in. i love the DD due to the face that you can actully earn 3 shards.

We then took a small break and we all headed to the Solo Shard in Lavastorm and was finished with that in about 10 min.

After that we headed to Deep Forge and proceeded to lay the smake down on them in there. Again i have only been to DF once and died at Crum, but this time we was able to control him and killed him.

Over all DF went well i wiped the group 4 times on the final boss trying to figure out the best way to walk backwards while still fighting.

Thanks to all that joined us last night, Witchhh from Looony Toons thanks again for the help and its good to see ya old friend.

It was fun gained some nice loot and plat and i had lots of Fun, Chubby gained another AA durnig all of this and this weekend is double AA exp woohoo cant wait.

Untill Next time  Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well last night, i just could not get in the grove of tings with Chubby, and i have been having so much fun with Cinderbella, i went ahead and logged her in.

I then went to Rivervale and gathered some quest up and began to work on them,i also took a 2 hour Combat potion and made sure i took the right potion this time.

I started to kill everything in site first i started with the rabid pups and worked my way around, in the process i gained some loot that i was able to sell to the merchants / vendors and some other items that i placed on the broker. I ran with Rivervale untill my 4 bags were completely full and called back to the guild. i was earning about 3% per kill, not too bad, still feels slow.

After unloading my bags i was kinda boried with Rivervale and headed to lavastorm and was killing he drakes on the beach and i forgot i had a quest for them so not only was i gaining more xp since there were around my level i was getting the quest xp at the time of turn in, i was in the process of killing 20 drakes and i think i was on #10 when i dinged and hit level 47 Shadowknight…woohooo.

So Cinderbella is slowly moving on up to the top of her class. i really cant wait till i am able to use her in shard runs, so i can gain more shards per day.

Other than that i still have about 43 minutes left on the timer for the potion that i used and will be logging in to use the remaiing of it tonight.

Untill Next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


Well last night, i logged chubby in for a few and was just killing mobs in kinzar Jungle and selling the loot and placing items of worth on the broker. i usually do this everynight and have found it to be very profitable.

My alts are very expensive, i have had my shared bank up to 40 plat and then went to my alts and started to get them armored up and skilled up in tradeskills and i now sit back down to 12 plat, so Chubby needs to begin farming again and selling the loot on the broker to get the bank back up to par.

I love to solo alot, but it does get boring pretty fast.So last night when i saw Mezzer and Kasala had their Alts on in Rivervale i hurried up and logged Cinderbella in, i quickly checked my broker on her movved the new funds from my sales into the bank and noticed i had a master for Kasala’s alt. I then threw that master in ran to rivervale traded and joined there small group. it was great i took a potion from my Vet rewards and we began to slay all that was in site. after about and 45 min i noticed that the xp was good but not what it should be so i looked and noticed that since i was in a hurry i mistakenly took a tradeskill potion instead of a combat skill…Ahhhhhhhhhh

we remained in the group for about another 30 min killing all the named mobs in Rivervale, i gained some junk items that Cinderbella could not use and sold them on broker and vender, i made some good coin. The group soon parted their ways and i began tradeskilling on Cinderbella as a sage.

Over all it was a good night i gained 2 AA, 1 level in adventure and 1 in tradeskill.

Thank you Mezzer and Kasala (wifethinkimhot & Babybee) had a great time look foward to the next great adventure.

Well thats all i have for today, now its time to get in game and see what chaos i can weave.

Untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath


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