July 2009

Last night i didn’t see much gaming but the i did see alot of the inside of my eyelids..lol

So when i awoke at 4am refreshed as can be, and still the silence in the house from all that was sleeping, i logged into Eq2 and looked to see what i could get into.

i worked on Cinderbella for a while, she reached Sage lvl 32 and also reached Shadowknight 42. Then Yajee logged in and wooohoo i wasn’t alone in guild chat anymore, after getting past the hey how ya been part we headed to do a tradeskill instance, while he was getting geared up, i was in the process of finishing the weekly tradeskill quest that gives 2,000 Faction to the Far Seas Supplyers/ tradefolks what ever they maybe. Once i had theat complete. I headed back to Mara to get my quest for teh instance, and Bam there i was in the Moors getting on a ballon to goto the Palace of the Ancient One (Tradeskill) Zone.

Once we were inside Yajee told me to gather as much as i could, so i was taking the cloths off the dead bodies and taking the meat from the mount corpses…mmmm yummy!! Also we had to cut the trees down for lumber and also chase the void resiudew to get stiuff from them as well ahh then there was the ample amount of Coal just laying around, i wish all zones were like this..lol

So it was just the 2 of us working on the items we needed, he advised to create 12 of each item so we would have enought for all of it. So i did the alchemist potions, and all i know is that i made 4 of the items and He made the rest i was really impressed with what he accomplished and will be able to do that one day.

In the end i cam out with a Choker and Yajee got the book which was the book that makes T2 Shard Armor.

All in all it wasnt that bad, me an yajee did the zone in less than 2 hrs gained some good loot and had a blast.

At this point eveyone in my house was up and buggin the hell out of me, the wife was giving me that look and i felt the burning of her eyes in the back of my head.

Untill Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath!!



Well i really dont have much to report on today, as i have been slowly getting back into the game. To recap this week, Monday and tuesday i spent alot of time completeing alot or city task in JW. Then i went back to LP & KJ and completed alot of other quest as well.

but the rest of the week has been a blur, i have either fallen asleep on the couch or in my chair while playing the game as i did last night.

My goal for this weekend since i will be at home and not at the camp grounds as i have the last several weeks, it to continue to finish up the several quests that i have in my quest journal and raise my faction with the Rime. Also i want to do more in JW: Skyfire Mt area, there are a few areas in this section that i want to goto and complete more quest.

It seems that i have been doing alot of soloing as of late, just hasnt been any offers to get in a group and get things done as a guild.

The Misfits Raid Coalition has come to a halt do to personal RL issue’s happening with Bownzer and no one stepping in and helping while he is out. I may see if i can get a pick up raid going this evening, just to see if i can run one while he is away. I need to do some research if i do not attempt this tonight i may wait till Wednesday of next week and hold one that way if will give me more time to get the research done that is needed.

Other than that not much has happened this week that is of any main importance. I am getting ready to take off again next week to attend Cub Scout camp with my son and our troop. 4 days in the woods with a bunch of screaming kids…..woohooo bring on the asprin.

Until next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well as i mentioned i am slowly getting back into the grove of things, last night i logged in and checked the broker and found i made a plat..woohoo no that i am up to 35 plat in my shared bank, my goal is to reach a 100 with out spending anything except repair bills.

So i headed out to see if i can find more Rime quest to gainmy faction, i first headed to the Sheet to see if there was nything that i missed, and there wasnt. Nect i headed to KP and looked around and found the repeatables that give the Rime Flame & Rime Barrels, i picked them up and headed to KJ to see what else i could find and then headed to Fens and JW i messed aroud in JW at the Rime Camp then i noticed that my faction with the illusion was not enough to get more quest. so after zoning back to the guild hall, my meds were kicking in. so i decided to call it the night. I am going to head back to KP tonight and do the repeatable quest about 5 or 6 times since they are fairly easy, and then head to the other zones and do those repeatables a few times before heading back off to see if there are any new Rime Quest from what i have been reading your faction has to be past -44,000 and mine is currently sitting at -5,800 so i really have a long way to go.

So hope to see you on tonight, if anyone wants to get something going just send me a tell since i will be having voice turned off, ( cant get it to work right anyways)


Hey everyone, i know i have said this before, but just wanted to make sure.

I have taken some time off recently due to a injury that was self-inflicted to my wrist and arm ( Add joke here) and has hampered my game play recently. I still have a brace on and the drugs have been keeping me mostly at a zombie state or a sleeping state when i am at home. Well i am trying to get back in to the swing of things and get some time in this week.

So hope to see you all soon,


A Frosted Order of Rime Banner

A Frosted Order of Rime Banner

  Ok so i have been looking at all the new quest that have come out with GU 52 mostly with the rime invaders. I am in Kunzar Jungle in the story arch so far and finished the quest by Abondon village / Tabernaickle and cant find any more quest, i was never told to goto a different zone so did i do them all. Also i must go back to fens i think because all the quest i am doing is gaining bad faction with the rime invaders as i want to gain their trust for now and reap some rewards if there are any.

Tonight i will check out Fens and the remaining area’s in KJ and if i can not find any i am heading to Jarsath Waste to see what i can find. then i am heading back to KP and going back to the Sheet and see if any new quest are there to gain. i find that these quest are lots of fun and i have been gaining tons of AA expereince off these quest and so goo rewards, filling the guild hall up with all the Rime house items, i actully got a Throne and a Coffin//lol.

An Iksar Throne

An Iksar Throne

An Ancient tomb

An Ancient tomb

I have researched alot of these quest thru EQ2.ZAM.com & Eq2i ( Eq2 Wikia) and they have been very helpfull and i have updated some myself on Zam with Pics of Loot and Locs.


Tonight we have a raid and i’m not sure that i am going as i have injuried myself this past week, my wrist is in brace and is hard to operate the mouse, i tried for a bit last night but then the servers came down for Maintenance.

So we will see what is in store for this evening and if i am able to do any gaming at all, if not XBOX 360 here i come..

Until Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath.


Well this past week i have been plugging away at the content that was added with GU 52, mainly i have been working on the Rime quests and i am currently in Fens. I just received my Illusion and Rhino mount. The quest seem to be getting harder as we go which is good and keeps us on our toes.

I havent had a chance to check anything else out that came with GU 52, its a work in progress, i have noticed the change in spell/combat art names and i have used the research person, but that is as far as i have gone.

over the next few weeks i will be posting my thoughts the new content that i come across, and my continued efforts with the Rime.

This holiday weekend SOE is giving out extra XP for the 4th of july holiday, unfortunately i will not be around to take advantage of this on my alts. I am taking the family camping, and taking some much needed RR. this past month has been a living hell on me and my family with the loss of great pet / friend. i should be on Tonight ( thursday and then be back on Sunday eve.)

Untill next time

Happy hunting in Norrath