November 2010

Well this past Thanksgiving Holiday weekend use to be my weekend of nothing but gaming and gaming hours upon hours and have alot of things accomplished, for some reason this didnt happen this year!!

I did however get logged in a few days of the 4 day weekend, I got to venture to Chelsith once again with KOM to help a few folks with some updates for their epic, i did get some nice loot that was able to place on the broker and earn some phat plat.

I also was able to get some solo time in as well, working  on getting Chubby up to lvl 90, i was working the questline in Sundering Frontier as well as collecting Shines and harvesting for Rares. I know i should really be hording my rares on the harvesting side and saving for some armor my toons may be needing, however i placed them on the broker and made some nice plat, i placed 4 rares and with in 1 hr i had made over 20 plat, love it. So i started to go harvest crazy hoping to get more rares to place on the

After about 2hrs of Harvesting and only 1 Rare dropped i switched back to killing everything and anything in site to gain some XP, i was getting 200% XP for my Valitaly and and additional 20% for max toons  but it still seemed as if it was dragging, normally when receiving this amount of XP bonus i would of dinged at least 2-3 lvls during my play time and i did not, i was working the areas that was well beyond my current level but still no dingage occured.

Tonight i am still going to work on Chubby and try to get him to 90 by the end of this week, i also have Kuzab my pally that i have been ignoring as of late and need to get him back into the mist of things as well. so hopefully by the end of the year i will have 3 lvl 90 toons and on my way to a 4th and 5th if i am

Until next time , happy hunting across Norrath or where ever you may call home!!



Okso i am back as i mentioned in my last post, but its been a slow start, my main PC went down and been on my laptop which is not the greatest, whats even more amusng is my modem from Comcast went down and been having a hard time getting a tech out to replace the darn thing. Thank god for wireless on a laptop and the guy who left his router unblocked, as i still have some connection.

I have been learning the ropes in Lord of the Rings and Champions Online both i like but something about Champions that is starting to become unappealing to me, gona give it another week or two and decide.

I have also been in and out of Eq2 which is my game of choice but LOTRO is really growing on me with the storyline and graphics. But overall this weekend and week has been slow, work has kept me busy and tired, and of couse other items on my plate this week are hampering my play style and time.

Hopefully with the Holiday break fast approaching i cen get some QT in on my game addiction.

Untill next time, Happy Hunting in all that you do!!


Ok i am back for the long haul, i am currently playing several games and will be providing some great updates over the next few weeks, i just want to thank my loyal readers and friends who have been with me thru this difficult time, i am in the process of getting my life back in order and gaming is my vice to keep me sane.

I will be providing updates and my opionion on Champions Online, Lord of the Rings Online, of Course EQ2, and what ever i can find to occupy my time.

So keep checking back for some really awesome updates!!