January 2009

Ok well i finally got my first custom built pc over this weekend, we ordered all the parts last sunday and they came in on Friday, not bad at all.

So i have a great machine now thanks to Corliss, who helped me pick what i needed and ordered and built the PC for me.

I have a Nforce Nvidia Motherboard, AMD 5600+  2.81Ghz processor,           4 Gigs of Watercooled RAM, Nvidia 9800GT 512mb GDDR3 vid card, 160GB SATA Hard drive with a 200GB hard drive as back up, all and all its a great machine, its fast compared to my other one and i didnt know EQ2 had graphics like i am seeing..lol…I’m very happy and cant wait to try other games on it too, it my very own gaming Machine.

Anyways back to Eq2…

Last night i didnt get on till after 9am due to the wife wanting to goto Akron ohio to a scrapbooking store to get some mch needed supplies. See we both have our addictions mine being Video games and eq2 and her’s is scrapbooking, so after spending the whole day there, and having 2 cranky kids along for the trip, we headed home thru a Hugh SNOW STORM and all i can say is that a 1hour and 30 min trip home turned out to be 3 hours of “Man where did the road go..Ohhhh its not here Craaaaaapp there it is” kind of drive, Luckly eeryone in the car was alseep including me at one point..lol just joking, but we made it, took the kids in got them ready for bed, did a few things and i was ready to play. No it really amazes me that even though you have headphones and a mic on your head other people in the room try to talk to you and wonder why you dont answer them.. not naming any names, but in case anyone is reading….”I CANT HEAR YOU WITH THEM ON”. ok now that’s out of the way.

I settled in for a medium night of gaming, logged on and couldn’t think of anything to do, so Soloed in kunzar jungle for a while, ventured to TT and went thru SOS then went back to Kunzar jungle and got boried so i said why not Moors, Yes even though when i solo there it seems that i keep getting killed, so i finished up some quest and DING level 77 woot woot, 3 levels away from 80 man i cant believe i have a toon this far along, so yes Chubby hit 77 and at that point Moors the beginning part got alittle easy no more of “Oh crap how did i die” questions to myself.  but actully i did alot of the killing, but yes i did have a few in game glitches of a spider attackingme but there was no spider in site kind of things but all-n-all it was a good night i finished 8 quest that i have had for some time and gained another 5 quest in moors.

I am looking for a log pharser that will help track some quest and mobs so if anyone knows of a good free on let me know, so i can post some of the quest here i do so many that they all blur together, but want to write about them..hehe and want to make sure i have an accurate account of what and how i did it.

anyways plan on going back to moors tonight and maybe going back to some other areas depending whats going on in the guild tonight.

untill Next time Happy Hunting


Kuzab Darklotus


Chubbylilbuddy Darklotus of Crushbone Server


Ok so i am back up and running as of yesterday evening.

I had alot of problems with this New virus that was out and before i found the solution i had already formated my pc’s main Drive (/C:). Well even after i did a factory restore / Format the virus was still there and i dug a little deeper and still had not found what i needed to take it off the PC, I did at this point know what virus i had and had manual instruction how to remove it from the PC but after reading what seemed like a short novel, i decieded to goto bed. The next day at work my pc was acting funny and came to find out that my PC at work had been infected as well, so i called in the reinforcements..IT STAFF, Guess it helps if i work for a medical software company. While one of the techs was working on the PC i was watching close by remembering all the tools that he was using to remove the virus. Well after 3 hours of watching and my head was hurting, he had removed the virus and i was back up and running. i immediatly sent my self an email with al the information that he did that i could remember along with the links for the software. I got home that night i felt like a little boy on Christmas morning. I started the process of removal and after about 2 hours i had removed the virus completly and found 2 more which also were removed at this point. I was able to update my virus Scan (Avg) and was able to goto Microsoft windows update page as i was being blocked before. now after 3 days of Updates from 2005 to present i have my Pc backl to normal the only hang up i had yesterday was my Video card was not registering ( ATI Radeon 9250 PCI 256MB) Yeah i know its old!!!

I finally loaded a old version of the drivers ATI Rad 9200 and Catalyist program and then updated to the current Drivers for the 9250 and it worked. i logged in last night and my graphics were actully better than they were before the Virus ..haha.

So i was able to get a few hours of gaming in, not much done just Tradeskilled some, Soloed in Kunzar jungle and then loaded my alt and did a few quest in ferrott.

next week i will have a new PC i have a in-game /RL friend that is really great with computers and is building me a new one, we should have all the parts this weekend as long as New Egg shipped them on time , if not it will be the middle of next week. but the end result is going to be a kick ass gaming machine for very little money, example is a $1400 system for $660 bucks, not bad at all.

Well until next time Happy Hunting in Norrath, and look me up on Crushbone server i’m usually up for anything.


Kuzab Darklotus



Ok so i have been out for a while due do an unforeseen Virus again, yes i got the Downadup virus and it really screwed things up, so i finally ( i think ) got rid of, had to reformat and i am up to Service pack 2 on Windows XP so i have about 60 more updates and then on to service pack 3. only my main drive was infected, my 2nd hard drive that i store eq1 & 2 and WoW on was not infected at all, once i have SP3 installed i will be back on untill then, i am out…writing this from work so no infections will spread. If you get this virus goto http://www.simplysup.com/ and DL the trojan remover as well as use Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware i used both of these and i am now clean.

Good luck to all that is infected and will see you in game in a few days.




Ok so last night was kind slow no one really on in the guild and no groups getting formed, Oh Well..Tonight there should be something going on, its friday night and usually a large majority of the guild is on fridays. So i’m hoping to see a mini-raid or just some casual grouping to help each other out.

So i ventured in to Kunzar Jungle last night for the 1st time, it kind of reminds you of  Kylong plains in a way, but had a good time. So old friends were on and i grouped with them Ulana and Timpleton of The Looony Toons Guild- they are former guild mates of mine as i use to be a co-leader of Looony Toons and got burned out on the responsiblity of being a co-leader ( I wanted to follow , and not lead). So we began by getting my faction with the first camp that was by the zone in near Riliss from Fens. Now once i was able to get my quest and Timpleton shared what he had the tricky part was to get past the iskar camp / temple / village, so i hugged the mountain and jumped down into a mob of Sabertooth tigers, i’m sure they are called something else in this zone but i cant remember the name at this time. So after killing the mob we relized that we both needed more tigers so we just circled the trees and aggroed the remaining mobs to get our quest update. Sounds easy right, ahh did i mention that i died like 3 times durning this process, yeah well i did, the first death really wasnt my fault, we invis’d and went into the camp to try and pick up quest but we forgot that i was aggro and when we unvis’d  i suddenly had iskars on me, now i held my for for about a min while the other 2 just watch and then ran, i think i killed 4 out of the 10 iskars that deceided that i would make a good late night snack. now the other 2 times was my fault, My wife was talking and i wasnt paying attention and ran into a large mob not once but twice. So after figuring i would just follow Timpleton we became kinds synced, we were killing everything in sight, Untill my computer had the idead to reboot durning combat, Said “The Moniter had an unexplained error, system reboot was needed to correct the issue” well thats fine if it gave me the option of rebooting now or later, but nope it just flickered and next thing i know i was starting at a Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP Screen. so i got back in and we re-grouped and went for the Mantrap plants and leeches started to kill them, and then again my PC rebooted, so after about 30 min of checking my settings and Video card, i came to find that my vid card setting were causing the malfunction, so i just lowered the setting  and went in game and adjusted the settings for in game too. So at this point Ulana had to log so he could get some sleep so he could work in the morning. I found Timpleton and explained what happened and he asked if i could help him kill what looked like bellywumppers from Fens (Field of bones area) no problem, Timpletom is Lv 74 Fury and needed some extra help from my lv 76 zerker, No prob we cleared the cave out in no time and Timp got his update. After we turned in all our quest Timpleton had to log, I too should have logged but was too pumped to be in a new zone and was receiving Disco’s everywhere i turned. So i continued on for about another half hour, i went and sought out revenge on the leeches, and mantraps then i killed a few tigers and was having a hard time keeping the old peepers open, So i zone back to Guild hall to turn in my loot to the broker.

Over all i really like Kunzar Jungle, i didn’t get a chance to take many screen shots of the area but plan on revisting these areas again tonight if we are not doing a guild event. i gain some much need xp i was at 30% when we started and i now sit at 75% xp so not bad for a couple hours of questing, I do think i stil have 5% debt collected from all my encounters (DIED ALOT).

Happy Hunting to all



Kuzab Darklotus

TwoFang in Fens

TwoFang in Fens

Last night was an awsome night, couple of us from Knights of Marr gathered in Fens. It was about 8pm est and i logged in to Eq2, Healyou was already in fens doing his quest. I checked my broker and found that i did not sell anything, Heal said that anyone was welcome to join him in fens and i looked i had 14 quest in that area that need to be done and i also needed to get my faction up with Bathzid watch so i headed to fens. Along the way heal mentioned that Knebiter and Celicea would be joining us, Great we got a good group. so we meet up in field of bone where heal was waiting, we proceeded to kill the scaly wolfies, tyhen on to the Bonedigger Hearvesters, and so forth. We continued to hack and slash our way thru the zone earning some loot, none to mention  Celicia and Kne got their L&L for the Yai-Lei, and i completed about 10 of the 14 quest and added more to my collection. We also killed a number of Names last night, Bone went down like a Bag of bones, the Tusker Named (which slipps my mind right now) and several others. I also gained 2 AA points and Chubbylilbuddy is now at 99 AA points, for being 76 that many AA doesnt seem to be enough, guess i have been slacking.

After about 5 hours in the zone hacking our way thru most of it we decided to call it quits.  All -n-all last night was a great night, i really had fun and got to accomplish many things as well as helping other guildies complete quest that they needed. Oh Yeah i got my quest start for my Epic Crafter in BW …Wooohooo now i just got start to craft and get this done.

This is really a big accomplisment for me even though i have been playing MMO’s since the Ruins of Kunark in Eq1,  I have mot had a toon get past level 55. Kuzab the Dwarf warrior in Eq1 is still sitting at lv 55 in field of bone, so to have Chubby at level 76 and to hit 80 as an alchemist, is a wonderful thing.  Next goal is to get Kuzab leveled up on adventure and on trade and all the other alts, Also i am loving tje 10% bonus i get in crafting now for having a lv 80 alchemist, adds to the magic.

To bring this to a close i just wanted to say Thank you to Heal,Celicia, and Kne and everyone in the Knights of Marr Guild on Crushbone Server; you all rock, you have a wonderful guild and i am honored to be apart of it. Heres to many more nights of working thru a zone as a guild.

As always Happy Hunting


A.K.A….Kuzab Darklotus.

Well the last couple of nights have been slow for me, just been really tired and have not done much gaming. I think the weekend wore me out.

I was able to Make it to level 80 Alchemist i jsu kept crafting the rush order for about an hour since i was so close….Wooohoooo …..DING

***DING***Level 80 Alchemist

Last night i only made potions on my lv 80 Alchemist so i can sell on the broker and make some money. Monday night i couldn’t figure what i wanted to do. So i deceided to create a new toon, i looked around and decided it was either going to be a Warlock or a Templar…so i went with the Warlock. I gave birth to my newest creation Kryptionan (Yes i am a Superman fan, Smallville rocks!!) i leveled him up to 4 or 5 i really can’t remember at this point but it brought back alot of memories when i started Kuzab, that feeling of something new that i have been lacking lately and been feeling kinda burned out. So i was able to make my own Adept III Spell upgrades even though he is a low level i like to have at least adept III’s on all my toons and then eventully i will get my masters. since he is still a low level i am not worried about his masters at this point. so after messing with him for about 45 min and gaining 5 levels i think i logged off and went to bed.

i mentioned earlier that i must be wore out from my weekend…My Gaming Weekend…woot woot …Friday night i spent most of roaming around Fens and KP trying to get some quest done and make some before i knew it, it was 5am on saturday, i told myself i must get some sleep, after a half hour i logged out. Woke up around 10 am to my 5 year old Daughter jumping on the bed and threating me with a Squirt bottle, Yeah needless to say i got up real quick. So i then proceed with the morning ritual, shower, get dressed, and making it to the coffee pot to put on my Elixer of rejuvination (A.K.A..COFFEE)  yes lots and lots of coffee, so after the morning hellos with the wife and kids we had our family breakfast of giggles and bickering and daddy feeling as he is losing his mind..lol. We then proceeded to the saturday morning Cheerleading for my Daughter, after being there for an hour i was getting sleepy but was wide awake for the coffee and chanting of 5-6 year old girls. Then i thought we was almost ready when i reliezed that my son had a Basketball game next, this is the kid that didnt want to play baseball this year because it was too much running, yeah i think he was surprised the first day of basketball practice. So here i am wide eyed and bushy tailed with a Splitting headache watching my son play B-ball, he needs lots and lots of work, but hey this is his first year playing and he really didnt to that bad, I was a proud father this morning. we got home around 2pm. We got the kids some lunch and they proceeded to go to their rooms, about the time i was ready to log into Eq2 for some saturday afternoon Gaming i hear this Kackling coming from the kids room, kinda courious i walked around the corner and here is my wife yelling at the kids about their rooms, So after noticing what was happening i slowly turned away and tiptoed from where i was, but it was too late the lioness saw me and had the look of dinner in her eyes. Before i knew it i was doing laundry and cleaning the litter box. So after 45 min of pure hell and a smell that i wont get out of my nose for at least 3 weeks, she was done with me and said i could do what i want, now i had a few thoughts run thru my mind at that point but i settled for the EQ2 one. So i logged in and dabbled with crafting a bit and headed to fens to get some kills in before i had to log for dinner.

A buddy of mine Corliss (In game name) called earlier in the week and want to know if i wanted to have a LAN party at his place this saturday and i said “Hell Yeah !!!!”, well he said we’d have it around 6-630pm and i was really excited to get some game time in with no interuptions. So i mentioned in Guild chat and the guild planned on doing somethig together around 7pm for saturday. Woot woot

So 6 pm hit told the wife i was going to Corliss house and not to expect me till early morning, So i headed out got to his place and all the lights were out Hmmmmmmm wonder whats going on, So icalled him and he advised that he was stuck at his Girlfriends fathers birthday, no prob man call me when you get back. well i went home and watched Fred Clause with the wife and kids and ate some cold Pizza. well 7pm went by and then 8pm went by i was like man where the hell is he. so at like 845pm he called and said he was on his way home and wanted to know if i still wanted to have the LAN party and of Course i was like YESSSSSSSSSSs. So after 15 minutes of driving thru ice and snow squalls, i made it so we went in and he informed me that i was using his PC and he would use the laptop, cool well he failed to mention that his pc is hooked to a 52inch Flatscreen mounted to the wall …WOOT WOOT

So after about what seemed like 45 minutes of messing with my UI settings and chat fonts so i could see we were ready to play. Guild was waiting around on us to make it in and they werent too happy, Felt like the villagers we hunting us with their pitchforks,shovels and torches. Well after gathering the few folks that waited on us we went to Halls of Fate in Bonemire, Never been inside before only to the door, Of course they choose me to be the Tank ( Which is great), So never being in here before i had no clue as what to expect. so with some guidence from the guild members we ventured into the Halls of Fate. All i can say is that it was awsome, Mobs were coming from the left and right and straight at us i was swinging my axe with grace and bodys were oiling up on the floor. we made it to the Dragon ( Name slipped my mind) and the funny thing is that i was told to watch out for the knock back its killer from the mobs in this room before we get to the dragon, As soon as they said that i was in the air just not a little but i actully flew from one side of the room to the other, it was wild and funny at the same time, we never died and we took down the dragon in like 3 minutes of reaching him. At thsi point someone in the guild chat mentioned it being 4 am i was like it cant be me and Corliss looked and sure enough it was 4am, We Choose to stay on and goto fens. So Chubby and Corliss headed our way to Fens after spending like 30 minutes in there and watching Corliss die , Very very quick several times we went back to KP. we kill everything in site trying to get him to level up. if i remember he did make it 1 level up, After he finished about 8 quest we looked and it was 6am we decided to call it a night, i was gather my things up adn looked outside and it had not stopped snowing we must of received like 6inches of snow while we played so i crashed in the spare room till about 930 when the wife was calling wanting to know where i was. So needless to say it was a Great gaming weekend and i am still paying for 2 all night gaming sessions. Sunday i really didnt do much gaming just fighting to keep my eyes open. but this weekend is fast approaching and i can at least stay home and get Friday and saturday Allnight gaming sessions in .WOOT WOOT.

Peace be with you my friends, Happy Hunting


Chubbylilbuddy…A.K.A………………..Kuzab Darklotus



Well after 2 days of not gaming in eq2 due to a bad stomach Virus, i thought it was withdrawls from eq2 at first, i am finally back on track to get Chubby to 80 in both Adventure and Alchemist. As we speak Chubby is siting at Lv 75 with 82% xp and is a Lv 78 Alchemist with 80% xp. So he not to far from 80 on either, this is my goal for the upcoming weekend is to hit 80 in both.

Speaking of Weekends, Saturday Jan 10 @ 6pm i am heading to corliss’s house for a Gaming lan party we plan on playing from 6pm -6am non-stop, I have my depends and rubber pants out for less mess..J/K  so by sunday morning i should be sitting at 80.

In other news, I have been soloing alot in Fens and Kylong plains – I find these areas to be actully fun and challanging. The Loot here is awsome i am bring in about 3-4 plat just on Vendor trash in about 3-4 hours of gaming then selling the Rare items on the broker to where i could make alot more so, this area is great. The quest as alittle easy, but the main thing here is to gain your faction with the different races in this area, of course it can be tricky killing one race will gain you faction with their enimies and lowering with them, don’t get to far in dept to a faction because its alot harder to bring it back up without ruining with the other, the key is to Kill the little Yae-hiea ( or however you spell it )  they will bring faction up with the Bathizid watch and not damage it with the rillians. Still trying to find the one where it will increase both Watch and the Rillians.

I have been do my fair share of quest here, running there and then back to here those sort of ones, kill me 10 prowlers then kill me 20 of these. after a while you feel like your eyes  are going to bleed from staring at the screen too long. But i have managed to go thru about 15 quests in Fens, the money is good, but the armor they are giving you can be anywhere from lv 68 and up however i have not received any upgrades for my lv 75 Zerker,  and alot of the items are No-Trade, so no chance of selling them on the broker, But the do bring anywhere from 7-25 gold depending on the item.

Other than this i will continue to grind my way to 80 for the next couple of nights, i may hit it before saturday but no the less i should be 80 by the end of this weekend.


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