“Well hello there Travelers, I have come from the distant lands to share a story of fame and wealth!!!!”




Yeah ok enough of the drama we have enough going on without it, what i am trying to get around to say is yes its that time of year again, YAJEE 200 is in full swing for Knights of Marr guild members.

What is the Yajee 200???

Well Yajee is one of the guild leaders of Knights of Marr on the crushbone server of Everquest 2, and 200 is the number of writs that needs to be completed in order to win the contest, yes 200 writs, first person to reach 200 writs will be rewarded 40 Plat…..woooohooooo.

This contest is great last years winner was Corliss 




The contest is only open to members of KOM only, and the fun has already begun, KOM hit level 81 last night due to the contest, and i can say that Chubby knocked out 29 writs last night alone and 10 the night before, so he is up to 39 writs of the 200.

EQ2_000011 EQ2_000010

EQ2_000012 EQ2_000013 EQ2_000015 EQ2_000014 EQ2_000016 EQ2_000010

Also Chubby has moved in his tradeskill level and is now a level 85 Alchemist, damn  about time i know Cinderbella is in need of some combat arts and potions.


Also in the news of KOM Twixt, Mya or what ever alt she is going by these days is re-decorating the guild hall for KOM with some of the latest additions of the expansions. So lets give her a big warm round of cheer for working hard at making our guild hall look like that home away from home!!

Ahh what the hell, we will just make this Knights of Marr guild post..lol

Also in the exciting news of KOM, i want to send a congrats out to Shadowblades, aka Tastopherie (something like that) he has been promoted to guild leader, this position is shared by Yajee, Healyou, &  Knebiter. Sorry if i missed anyone else i am drawing a blank. but anyways Good luck with the added pressure, stress, and all the enjoyments of decision making when it comes to leadership, i should know i was one of the leaders of Loooney Toons in Eq2 and Heart of the Black Dragon in Eq2 and Eq1. anyways congrats and good luck.

So i finally did battlegrounds the other night, as i had no clue as to what i was doing i was jus running around aimlessly killing anything i saw move, if you were a team-mate…ooooopsie……my bad!!!  🙂


Not a bad concept, taking some of the game features of a First person shooter and develop them into a MMO, like Hold Territory Towers, capture the flag, Hold the Relic and so on. As these idea are not fresh and new, but just redesigned into a different format of gaming. From my understanding you can gain or be rewarded different types of Armor or armor sets, i have yet to see those, except for the ones that Harlow made me for toughness, War-painted armor. but as a reward for participating in the tournaments you gain yet another type of coin to collect and use to purchase new items. Well i have 3 so far as i did 3 of these games, i can see this being a filler when you are bored with the everyday grind of the game or just don’t feel like crafting, lest just see how long SOE will keep it around and what they have in store for this, as we have seen LON looks like its here to stay, so can they do the same with Battlegrounds??? Only time will tell.EQ2_000000

So with the new expansion out and most players have been playing since mid Feb. 2010, tell me what you think of the expansion, the changes, the additions, send your likes and dislikes. This is your chance to express your opinion on the latest SOE EQ2 Expansion.

With all that said and until next time……………………………………………………………….

Happy Hunting in Norrath





Well last night started off rough, not ingame but in RL , see we had this hugh storm move in last night and it was bad, to make a long story short, it wipedout 2 of my DVD/VCR players, my Sons Computer, and the Wii system…ahhhh, so yeah it started out bad. After i clamed my nerves from all the fried electronics, i jumped into the game and was looking for something to do. Then arounf 10pm est all the regulars logged in Mezer, Kasala, Yajee, Mya. So after all the greeting came we all decided to do the Daily Dould shard Run which was OOA last night. i really only been in here once and didnt make it past the 1st room. So last night was a challange for me to make it past that point, and we did we were a well oiled machine. we had some problems in the 3rd room where you have to bounce  and gather the orbs and kill the floating guy. Yeah needless to say we wiped alot trying to figure this one, But hey after a repair bot we was ready to go and this time it was balls to the wall, we finally made i past this part and earned some nice loot and on to the final boss of the zone. the final boss was not that hard except for someone stealing aggro from me not mentioning any names yajee but damn it was rough i thought we was going to wipe. We killed the boss gained our shard, and zoned for the turn in. i love the DD due to the face that you can actully earn 3 shards.

We then took a small break and we all headed to the Solo Shard in Lavastorm and was finished with that in about 10 min.

After that we headed to Deep Forge and proceeded to lay the smake down on them in there. Again i have only been to DF once and died at Crum, but this time we was able to control him and killed him.

Over all DF went well i wiped the group 4 times on the final boss trying to figure out the best way to walk backwards while still fighting.

Thanks to all that joined us last night, Witchhh from Looony Toons thanks again for the help and its good to see ya old friend.

It was fun gained some nice loot and plat and i had lots of Fun, Chubby gained another AA durnig all of this and this weekend is double AA exp woohoo cant wait.

Untill Next time  Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well i really dont have much to report on today, as i have been slowly getting back into the game. To recap this week, Monday and tuesday i spent alot of time completeing alot or city task in JW. Then i went back to LP & KJ and completed alot of other quest as well.

but the rest of the week has been a blur, i have either fallen asleep on the couch or in my chair while playing the game as i did last night.

My goal for this weekend since i will be at home and not at the camp grounds as i have the last several weeks, it to continue to finish up the several quests that i have in my quest journal and raise my faction with the Rime. Also i want to do more in JW: Skyfire Mt area, there are a few areas in this section that i want to goto and complete more quest.

It seems that i have been doing alot of soloing as of late, just hasnt been any offers to get in a group and get things done as a guild.

The Misfits Raid Coalition has come to a halt do to personal RL issue’s happening with Bownzer and no one stepping in and helping while he is out. I may see if i can get a pick up raid going this evening, just to see if i can run one while he is away. I need to do some research if i do not attempt this tonight i may wait till Wednesday of next week and hold one that way if will give me more time to get the research done that is needed.

Other than that not much has happened this week that is of any main importance. I am getting ready to take off again next week to attend Cub Scout camp with my son and our troop. 4 days in the woods with a bunch of screaming kids…..woohooo bring on the asprin.

Until next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath



Yes we killed Levi and i have the proof in a photo taken just seconds after we had slain the beast. It was a long (15min) and firece battle but in the end we prevailed. Our first pull of the evening ended in a wipe of the raid party, then we regrouped and and worked on getting him down. between the cures and the OMG are they going to heal me episodes it went really well.

Not much more i can say on this we as a raid group are now flagged for VP and i ventered into that area last night to see what the fuss is about. which i’ll save for a later post.

As always-

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well just as the title stated. The Misfits Raid Coalition went up against Leviathan or how ever you spell it, but we knocked off the fish guys first and made it to the Boss himself, this instance reminded me of the old platform games where you had to beat the whole level get to the end and the doors slam shut and the boss would appear. lol

But we did our best to take this worm, fish, or slug down but he was too strong for our forces, we are going to run this again next saturday and see how things go, i did manage to get us wiped at the end, yeah if anyone in the coalition is listening that was me that wiped us at the end my finger slipped and auto run was enabled and i ran straight towards the aggro line and yep you guessed it triggered the big guy himself for a quick wipe….sorry guys my bad, i promise i wont do it again .

Well i am short on time today to provide any more details

So Until Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well the last 3 day i have been working on my alts mainly Cinderbella, She is sitting at adventure lvl 22 and has moved from Tradeskill lvl 1 all the way to 20 in the last 3 days i am making her my Sage, the bonus i get from chubby being a lvl 80 Alchemist really helps mover her along in lvl for trade skill and Advneturing. Also with Cinderbella, i have been working the the timeline quests, i started and completed all the Isle of Refugee questline and completed the Freeport villages questline and getting ready to start the Commonlands timeline. i am currently doing the Armor quest timeline for lv 20 even thought she has all her mastercrafted armor from chubetta, i want to complete the time line and may put them in a maniquine in the guild hall.

but i am loving the shadowknight, really love the spells and comb-art mix that they have, and currently she is supporting all adept III combat arts from Chubby.

I have also in the last 3 day taken Kryptonion to level 17 in scholar and his tradeskill will be a jeweler. havent really played on the adventure side of him, he is still at level 10 on adventure.

Last night was Wednesday and we did Court of Al Afaz and was actully pretty fun, Chubby was the main Tank with Bownzer on his alt guiding me on what and how to kill it, did have a hard time keeping agro but i am working on that at the moment with a new AA line and we’ll see if it works .

Tonight i plan on giving Kuzab some time, and Cinderbella and maybe Chubetta, i want Cinders sage level to increase so i can make all sort of spell upgrades for future toons and even a few i have but i have to look and see what classes take mainly spells that require a sage. so i plan on staying up till at least 1am working on these toons.

Friday there is a Raid and Saturday we have 2 raids, i plan on attending all 3 raids and working on the toons allweekend most of my gaming will be done on friday and saturday nights when i pull alnighters, i start around 8pm and play till 6am both nights. Saturday night i will actully be in game alot earlier around 530pm, wife will be scrapbooking and kids will be at grandma’s with their cousins who are coming in for Mothers day (Brothers Kids) so it should be a very productive weekend.

Other than that i am always researching things to do in game, every thing from raids to timeline quest to armor, if you come across something and want to share it drop me a line.

In closing i would just like to say a few words, Even though Norrath is a living breathing world in the realm of computer science. Please remember that this is just what it is; a game and only a game. take the time to enjoy life to its fullest and be around the ones that you love, time on earth is short and make the best of it. Dont like the pixel world of a game interfer with a relationship or employment, there will always be time for gaming, but your job and family & friends should come first in RL .

My condolences to Healyou for the loss of his mother, you and your family are in my prayers, my friend…be well, greive, and be with your family in this time of dispair and most importantly remember all the wonderful things that you learned from her to make you the person you are today. God bless you and your family, your eq2 family will still be her while you are sorting this step in your life.


Untill Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Last night Misfits did their progression raiding of Lv 50+ raid zones, the first zone we hit was off of Commonlands and we ventured into the Echoes of Time (tower of Zhaverna)  and we basically had 1 named that need to be killed and while the main tank was slashing away at this named he would call his minions to us and our off tank ( me) has to burn them down, we this went very well, the Majority of the group was around 50 the rest of mentored down for the AA exp. we cleared this zone in about 4 minutes. We gathered our loot from the exquisite chest that droped, there was a nice shield for my pally but i lost the roll.

Next we headed to The Ferrott to clear “Meeting of the Minds”, We had several names in this zone and we was able to  clear it in no time. again we had an exquisite chest and a few masters droped for an illusionist, rangers, and dirges. But none for my pally.

Next we headed to Firemist gully Shattered Stillness however this zone was bugged, we zoned in and it showed the whole raid party in the zone but only our group was zoned in, what this did was create a instance for each group instead of a raid zone, but the mobs were still x4 raid so we deceided to let each group try the instance, we cleard the whole zone except for the named and his minions, we had a rough time we had the named down to like 10% but then wiped due to more spawns. After about 5 trys we gave up and rejoined the raid.

We headed to Premafrost next to Drayek’s Chamber it was  a great time in the raid we cleared this zone in bout 20 minuttes and gathered some great loot, i personally didnt get any loot but others in the raid party did and it helps them to be geared for future raids.

After the raid was over i decided to work on my Master Alchemist quest ( Artian Epic), so i could get my “Earring of the Solostices”, i was still in the begining stages of the quest and was on Bixbi Distraction. I was able to get all the quest finished and was on the last part of the quest line, at this point i had to have other Master Crafters help me create a list of items that a Master Cafter could do. so i inquired in the guild and Mya( Twixt) offered tro help, she has several alts that have finished this quest line. I have finished all but 3 items needed to finish the last quest. all i need now is a Tailor, Weaponsmith & Provisioner to create the last 3 items before i can turn in. i am so happy that i have gotten so far, i had a lot of rares in the bank and only had to purchase a few fuels. looking forward to getting this finish so i can go red shiniee hunting for my alts.

Other than that that was my Wednesday night, i feel like i have accomplished alot in just the last few months or ever since i joined the Knights of Marr and owe alot to them. I am in debt to them for life.
Also last night i heard that our misfits raids are going to start in area that i need for my Mythical and this Saturday we are doing thugga. so by monday i will have 1 of 3 parts done for my mythical weapon.

As Always Happy Hunting in Norrath