Well this weekend really flew by, Friday night i spent most of the night, revisiting old zones searching for shinies to complete some collection quest, also i finished up a few page collections with the help of Wikia to look for the clickable locations i needed to get those pages, i think over all Friday night i completed about 15 collections, i finially received my goggles for finishing the Faydar collections and can now see Blue Shinies…wooohooo. I have also been selling the rares on the broker making a good amount of coin. I have been doing this for so long now it is a everynight routine and i find myself loosing intrest in looking for the shinies, after all i want to explore the newer regions and find those shinies without being killed..yeah a 7 foot orge trying to sneak past mobs not going to happen all that much. Also i have other guildies who are doing the same thing and it seems as if we are fighting on the broker over prices, Greed is never a good thing.

Also on Friday i logged in Wonderboyz  and noticed he didnt have a crafting profession, Twixt was on and told me i should make him a carpetner and help her redecorate the guild hall…Hmmm sounds like fun..lol

So i have him now sitting at lvl 20 in his tradeskill i added a few Ale Barrells  and a candle to the GH. So i have alot more to go and i may focus on him for a while just to get his tradeskill up and work on the alts, if i really feel energietic i could have chubby go and get tons of shinies of all colors blue, purple,red and normal and pass then out to all the alts .  This will boost my lvls very quickly and possible so AA for those toons and my increase my motivation for play these alts and get them lvl’d.

Saturdayevening was suppose to be another night of gaming, no wife, no daughter, just me and my son ( who loves video games as much as i do), so it started off great, got all my work around the house for that day done, got a shower, wished the wife and daughter happy trails, and fed my son and told him he could play games, watch tv anything he wanted within reason for a 9.5year old and only get me if needed. The look in his eyes was priceless, he had Geez dad your the best or the Christmas Morning look. Anyways i logged in and played for a few hours took a break turned the TV on to catch the news and BAM it was 5am….ahh where did the night go i stopped at 930 waiting on the 10pm news and now its 5am What the ….. Hurried to check on son and he was asleep in his bed with his DS still in his hands so who knows what time he fell asleep. Dragged my sore neck and back upstairs to my bed and fell back to sleep to be awaken by my daughter jumping on me it was now 1030am.. Ahhh where’d my Night of funfilled gaming go because i want it back…lol

Well Sunday i worked out in the yard again, finishing the grass and painting the foundation of my house, weeding the flower-beds, and just basic things done this time of year to prepare for the onslaught of bad weather in the winter months of eastern Ohio. I was done by 5pm watched the 2nd half  of the Steelers and ate dinner, helped the kids with their homework from school and it was GAME TIME..i was getting rdy to log in to Eq2 when my phone went off and i received a text from Twixt, “hey chubbys heading to DDO for a while join me if u want” hmmmmm i have it downloaded and only played less than an hour so far.. sure why not. So here i am on the beginnig island cranking out the quest solo because i do know the area that she is in, lol so after playing for 3 hours and not even making it to lvl 2 but i am leaving the begining area, finally get to leave the village after being locked down..lol and thats where i stopped last night and headed back to a fimialar land NORRATH!!

Dont get me wrong the game is a good game for the free aspect of a MMO, graphics and storyline are very detailed, but i still need to work with the controls, i guess i am too use to Eq2, but i really do like the play of the game and it keeps me pondering why did they goto a free-2- play game, was the subscription base just not there? Who knows but inquiring minds do want to know!!!!

I logged in checked broker, and made 15plat for the love of Rallos Shinies are awsome, with that being said i am up to 70plat because i like to shop and spendie the platie.

So after a few hours of running Greater Fay, Lesser Fay, Looping plaines, Steamfont , Kaladam, butcherblock and Klank’anon

Deposited my shinies all 5 bags full and set my prices an off to bed i went after all it was 230am and i needed my sleep i do have top be at work at 8am ya know..lol

Over all it was a good weekend for my gaming obsession, except for Saturday night which i feel stinks. lol

Until Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath !!!!