May 2010

Currently i have been having a difficult time deciding on which MMO to play, i am a die-hard Everquest 2 player and can be found on the Crushbone server every night until the wee-hours of the morning. But recently i have been getting that blah feeling, i have completed all the quest with in the last expansion that basically are solo or heroic, i have not done the raid content or the group instances just yet as i just don’t like grouping with just anyone or PUGs, i do have a great guild “The Knights of Marr” behind me that gets together and works on knocking out these types of Zones, instances and group quest. We are not big enough or at least we do not have the active numbers to do the raid content that i would like to do, but they are a great bunch of people that i can call family.

But enough of the mushy things, the main thing is i have grown bored with Eq2, i do not want to cancel my subscription or stop playing eq2 as i love what SOE has done and has evolved the game over the years, i do however want to find something that i can gain as much passion for as i have with eq2 over the years. I have tossed the idea of going back to World of Warcraft, i have seen some new screenshot of the upcoming expansion and things look awesome. i originally left WoW due it it being too cartoony and felt like there were more 12-15 year olds playing, and didn’t want to deal with all the drama that was happening on the server or in the chat, plus the folks i original started playing WoW with left the game and i didn’t have the companionship of my friends or a guild to fall into the players, so i went back to Eq2. As i mentioned before that i have recently seen new pictures of the upcoming expansion of WoW and wanted to jump back in, but i am torn between all the MMO’s and the time that i will need to direct towards playing as i still want to continue playing the current MMO’s that i am associated with.

I also have an account with Star Trek Online, which i think is a well rounded game for as far as i have progressed (Lt. Commander 2), i grew up with the original series or at least the re-runs and fell in love with the movies and different spin-offs of the series. When i heard that they were making a video game, i was excited and could not wait for it to be released, to me it was one of those must have games and i have not been disappointed so far.

So this is where it brings me now, my delimia per say, what to do, do i re-enter the world of Azeroth and work my way up to my current expansion “Wraith of the Lich King” or do i just wait till the expansion comes out and then re-enter this ever changing world or do i just scrap the idea in general until i can manage the time to play all the MMO’s that i want.

I guess only i can make that decision and i need to consider the pro’s and cons of my choices, i will still find the time to enter the world of Norrath and Deep Space for any exploration and adventure, it’s just the time issue since there is one of me and 4 games, if not more that i want to continue to play…… where did i put the human replicating device……hmmmmmmmmm wonder what this button does…(click) AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhEwwwwwwwwMmmmmmmmZzzzzzzz…………

Well until next time happy hunting in all the worlds that you may call home.



Ok so i logged into my email this morning and found a message from SOE explaining that the last Expansion was a hit and that they want to thank their customer base with a special item between may 12 & 14 free on the Station Marketplace.



Just makes me wonder what they really want, did they break something and just haven’t told us just yet?


Anyways I am happy they are providing things for free i to their customers, i have been spending a monthly fee with SOE since the release of Rise of Kunark back in Eq1 and went to EQ2 on Launch day, there for a while i was paying for the station Access pass so i would be able to play Eq1, Eq2 & Star Wars Galaxies. I just wish they gave back tot he community more often, or added some new quest to this latest expansion, i have completed all the quest in the Sentinel’s Fate Expansion except for the the raid and group instances, just haven’t had the motivation to get into a group, let alone the armor that is needed to get thru some of these, don’t get me wrong, my toon is well equipped for solo play and has some nice faction items that boost the HP and other stats, but i like the quest aspect of the game, so i guess you can call me a quest junkie.

Anyways make sure you log in to EQ2 on May 12 –14 and go to the Station Marketplace to pick up your free item, they are no trade and 1 per toon on your account, most likely they will be appearance only with no real stats, but i guess we will have to wait and see.

Until next time, Happy hunting in Norrath!


  • 3 Sage Encounter (Challenge Mode)- If the incorrect character class (according to the Idolic Stone that sage possesses) keeps agro on that sage for more than 3 secs after that sage has lost it’s prismatic sphere, that character will be hit by a bolt of slaying.


  • The Trial of the Reaver no longer requires a Trial Stone to start. The statue that starts the event, "Rites of the Scaleborn," now becomes usable right after it spawns.