Hello all,

I know its been a while since i have posted anything, my main pc took a turn for the worse and i have finally been able to restore it. So this means that i am back in the gaming community once again, also i will be reporting on FPS instead of MMO’s for a while since i have not been playing any MMO’s but have been playing a few FPS (First Person Shooters).

As you man of seen i have changed the name of the site to reflect the adventures of my main character “Chubbylilbuddy” as he takes a journey thru many different games.

Please stay tuned as we embark not only on new travels, but on heroic deeds, fantastic new locations and as always to conquer the villians of evil that await us as we begin a new chapter in our quest.


Well I have taken a break from Eq2 and have been leveling a toon in World of Warcraft (WoW), I have played the game before and really enjoyed it but Eq2 called me and had me hooked. I’ve had a 60 day card sitting on the shelf for the last 2 years and about a month and half ago, I entered the key for the card and began playing.

Now I have up to Wraith of the Lich King exp, so I now into the newer content for some time, but I made my dwarf Warrior “Chubbybuddy”. It seems that it takes a little long to gain levels in WOW compared to EQ2, at the lower levels it does get kind of annoying, but a little more challenging.

Currently, I am level 16 and moving along quite fine, I have a few RL friends that play the game, and we have been grouping up and hitting the areas that provide the most XP. Mainly I do solo a lot of the content so far and I am really enjoying moving the toon along, I am diffenetly thinking of getting another card come April 15, we’ll see how far along I am at that time and go from there.

Also, my main pc went down power supply went out and trying to put some $$ back to get a newer power supply. I have my laptop for now, its not that powerful but still provides me the ability to play. hopefully within the next few pays I will have a fix, I do have a 600w in my car, I might try and see if that works the one I have is 750w, so crossing my fingers gona mess with it on Sunday eve.

Anyways that’s the quick update on what I have been up too, always working on something, currently gona try Champions again since its free and Lord of the Rings Online currently updating those 2 and will be back in soon.

Until then, Happy Hunting where you call home!!



Well looks like Rift announced their plans for a 5th beta, if they hit 75K likes on FB they are releasing 500keys on FB..Hmmm help spread the word to all your MMO friends that want to try a new experience in a game, I am not sure if i will pick it up at first, may want to give my norm waiting periop of 6months to a year to see if anything changes or if it goes to F2P. Below is the message on Facebook this week regarding the 5th Beta!!

“Want to get into Beta 5? Help us hit 75,000 fans by Monday and we will give away 500 keys, here on Facebook, for the next Beta event starting on Jan 25th. Spread the word! ^Zann “

Well here a quick update to my new toon.

Last night i ventured over to commonlands and Darkwood Light, and commensed to kill everything i could find that was my own lvl or above me (within reason) and after about 3 hours i hit lvl 20 and i now have about 17 AA as well, so for tonights journey i think i am going to slide my AA xp all the way up and create some mayhem in Thundering steeps.


Well the Holidays are finally over and now its time to focus back on the important things in life…EVERQUEST 2!!!!!!!!

I have been tinkering around with my 3 main toons and getting them leveled and tradeskilled up, its been a long and sometimes boring process. I am more of a solo player vs the group aspect of the game, dont get me wrong i love the occasional group or raid to get the blood flowing, but 98% of the time i am solo. I feel that being solo i can work at my own pace, if i want to stare at a mob and work out some strategy before jumping in i can, in a group thats not so easy, espically if you have someone like i use to be they see a mob and RUN straight for it and pull everything in site…hehe (done that one too many time) !!

But since the New Year is here i have taken a break from my older toons and made room for a new toon on the same old server but in a different new but old guild for me, i know that sounds confusing, so i’ll explain.

See i was once part of the Looony Toons guild in Crushbone , one of the founding fathers so to speak, well after sometime i was growing boried with the role of a leader and wanted to be lead, had alot of things going on in my RL that was affecting my EQ2 life, so i made a decision to step down and leave the guild to look for a more raiding guild, at the time all i wanted to do was raid and get the uber gear and become a ledgend.

Yes, i made a new home and fell in love with my guildies who have been the best friends a person could ask for in game and out of game. i still felt like i have had a peice missing from me, so on Monday i made a deciosion to create a new toon and tag him back into the old guild that i came from and work with them for a while. Now for anyone who is in the guild i am in now, dont worry – Chubby, Cinder, Kuzab and the other 2 alts are not leaving the guild, i just needed a change of pace and visit some old friends for a while, i will still be on my older toons and getting them where they need to be but i will also be working on this new toon and guild to help get them to GL 90. Just spreading the love guys !!

I have been very impressed with Looony Toons the last couple nights, last night they had over 20 players on for a majority of the night, it was great i havent seen that in a guild in a long long time and felt proud that i was at one point in my life that i helped create this guild, they have done so much ove the last couple years and have built the guild into a strong force for the citizens of Norrath. Also i didn’t releize this till last night that i created and join this new / old guild on the guilds Anniversay, so ironically one of the Founding Fathers returns on the night that the guild was origionally created serveral years ago!! 🙂

Anyways, alot is going on and i am here to partake in the fun festivities and get a new toon off the ground and into a raiding guild as this is what they have developed into again another ironic thing i have found, i left to goto a raiding guild that fell from raiding to create a new toon to go to my old guild who is now Raiding!! Lost yet!!

So the next post i have with my update progress should not be so confusing, the new toon is a ShadowKnight, since i just love the pure raw abilities of the SK class,and he is sitting at lvl 16 with about 12 AA’s, i am in the process of becoming a citizen of Freeport as i feel that Neirek is just too confusing to be able to raise a new toon. So if your on Crushbone look for Chubbers the Kerra SK, i’m sure you’ll see me around, hit me up for a PUG or just to chat.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath or where ever you call home!!!

~Chubbylilbuddy / Cinderbella / Kuzab / Chubbers / Wonderboyz / Kryptonion / Chubetta~

Well i’ve been very busy recently getting my alts leveled up so i can take them to the lands that their brothers and sisters have been too.

These alts have heard many tales from their kins, and have been eagerly awaiting their time to journey to this distant and past lands to become ledgens of their own time and bask in the forgot hordes of treasure that have been long forgotten.

Kuzab my pally has finally had some QT time from me in the recent weeks.

He is currently sitting at level 62 adventurer and lv 54 tailorer, the goal is to have him maxed out in both before the release of the next expansion, Since tomarrow is christmas Eve and i am off till monday, i will be giving him some long over due attention. Normally i start off with the adventure side of things and move over the artisan side once i become boried. Kuzab was the first toon i created on Launch day of Eq2, actully if you remember back when Eq2 was launched that if you preordered the game you had a few extra days before the retail side launched so you was able to get ahead of the other, and i had at that time taken advantage of this, however i grew boried with my pally as it wasnt what i was looking for at the time and instead of deleting him i just pushed him to the back burner. about after 2 months on Kuzab i created my Zerker Chubbylilbuddy who became my main too for the next 6.5 years.

Chubbylilbuddy is currently sitting at lvl 83 in adventure status and is already maxed out in crafting (Alchemist). I still love logging into Chubby and going out and basjing everything i see, its a great way to releive your stress levels after a long day of working.  I am hoping with these holiday breaks i can get Chubby completely maxed out by end of year, its going to take alot of time and blood (not mine or chubbys) to get him there.

Cinderbella – this was the 3rd toon i created and about a year ago became my main toon – this is my SK and i completely fell in love with her and her ability to create so much damage, just fricking awesome!! She is maxed out in her adventure at 90 and is stilling pretty at 70 for a sage, i would love to have her completely maxed out by end of year, along with her grandmaster crafting acheived as well.

I also have 3 other toons that are still low levels and there is no way i would be able to get them to 90 by launch of the expansion, but i will give it a try, a fury, warlock and a gaurdian walks into a bar….Umm i mean those are what the other 3 toons that are low level are.

Now i have been looking to maybe delete one of these toon when the expansion comes out so i can try the new vampire race but i am still unsure, i may also just purchase another toon slot thru the Station Store but as i mentioned not 100% sure at this time.

So this is what i have been up to since last update, and will or should have another update in a day or two.  If you ever find yourself on Crushbone, please look any of my toons up that i have mentioned, get a group going and embark on an epic journey of fame and fortune, this is how ledgens are born, this is where the stories of or lore are made from, this is how we become the new hero’s of out time, and to have other generations speak of our ventures, this is how we save Norrath and bring it back to its once Glorious time.

Until then, Happy Hunting throught Norrath or where ever you call home!!


Happy Holiday to you and have a Happy New Year as well.

Well all the little gnomes, and orges its that time once again to get the figgy pudding out and be on the look out for Santa Glug…Yes its Frostfell time once again.

Norrath is getting ready for one of the biggest celebrations of the year, with Santa Glug giving out gifts everyday and all the old and new quest of forstfell rewarding those ever so neat little toys of  joy.

 So get out there and spread some festive holiday Frostfell cheer, before you know it, it’ll be gone till next year!!!

Untill we meet again, my friends – Happy Hunting in Norrath or where you may call home!!


Well i received my beta invite for Rift this afternoon, currently downloading so i will be ready for fridays beta launch, other than that i really cant say more than this.

Welcome to the first Beta event for Rift!

Beta servers are scheduled to be available for play from Friday 12/3/2010 at 10AM PST until Monday 12/6/2010 at 10AM PST.

Beta #1: Rise of the Defiant
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the survivors from the desolate future of Telara have resurrected you, their champion, and sent you to present-day Telara to prevent the destruction caused by the Blood Storm and the blindly faithful Guardians. Join the techno-magical Defiant in their fight to change the course of history!

Well this past Thanksgiving Holiday weekend use to be my weekend of nothing but gaming and gaming hours upon hours and have alot of things accomplished, for some reason this didnt happen this year!!

I did however get logged in a few days of the 4 day weekend, I got to venture to Chelsith once again with KOM to help a few folks with some updates for their epic, i did get some nice loot that was able to place on the broker and earn some phat plat.

I also was able to get some solo time in as well, working  on getting Chubby up to lvl 90, i was working the questline in Sundering Frontier as well as collecting Shines and harvesting for Rares. I know i should really be hording my rares on the harvesting side and saving for some armor my toons may be needing, however i placed them on the broker and made some nice plat, i placed 4 rares and with in 1 hr i had made over 20 plat, love it. So i started to go harvest crazy hoping to get more rares to place on the broker..lol

After about 2hrs of Harvesting and only 1 Rare dropped i switched back to killing everything and anything in site to gain some XP, i was getting 200% XP for my Valitaly and and additional 20% for max toons  but it still seemed as if it was dragging, normally when receiving this amount of XP bonus i would of dinged at least 2-3 lvls during my play time and i did not, i was working the areas that was well beyond my current level but still no dingage occured.

Tonight i am still going to work on Chubby and try to get him to 90 by the end of this week, i also have Kuzab my pally that i have been ignoring as of late and need to get him back into the mist of things as well. so hopefully by the end of the year i will have 3 lvl 90 toons and on my way to a 4th and 5th if i am lucky..lol

Until next time , happy hunting across Norrath or where ever you may call home!!


Okso i am back as i mentioned in my last post, but its been a slow start, my main PC went down and been on my laptop which is not the greatest, whats even more amusng is my modem from Comcast went down and been having a hard time getting a tech out to replace the darn thing. Thank god for wireless on a laptop and the guy who left his router unblocked, as i still have some connection.

I have been learning the ropes in Lord of the Rings and Champions Online both i like but something about Champions that is starting to become unappealing to me, gona give it another week or two and decide.

I have also been in and out of Eq2 which is my game of choice but LOTRO is really growing on me with the storyline and graphics. But overall this weekend and week has been slow, work has kept me busy and tired, and of couse other items on my plate this week are hampering my play style and time.

Hopefully with the Holiday break fast approaching i cen get some QT in on my game addiction.

Untill next time, Happy Hunting in all that you do!!


Ok i am back for the long haul, i am currently playing several games and will be providing some great updates over the next few weeks, i just want to thank my loyal readers and friends who have been with me thru this difficult time, i am in the process of getting my life back in order and gaming is my vice to keep me sane.

I will be providing updates and my opionion on Champions Online, Lord of the Rings Online, of Course EQ2, and what ever i can find to occupy my time.

So keep checking back for some really awesome updates!!


hello all, i am going to be out for a lil bit this week. My work is holding a conference and i will be a speaker 2 of the 3 days but have to attend all 3 days. i am currently sitting n my hotel room thats 200 bucks a night….. yeah raping me here !!

but anyhow i will not be able to have access to eq2 or any other game as my laptop is not the greatest for running games i have tried in the past and it was very sluggish.

with that being said i should be back middle of this week, if i am lucky.

untill i return, happy hunting throughout Norrath or where ever you may call home!!!


Game Update 57 went live today in EverQuest II! To see what changed, what’s new, and what you don’t want to miss, check out the Update Notes.

  • Many quests will now highlight areas on the map to show where updates can be obtained.
  • Quests must be active in the quest helper window for their RoIs to display.
  • Mousing over a quest in the quest helper window will highlight its corresponding RoIs on the map.
  • Mousing over RoIs on the map will display info on the quest they are associated with.
  • Quests in the following zones currently support this feature: Frostfang Sea, Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark, Timorous Deep, Lavastorm, Kylong Plains, Butcherblock, Steamfont, The Barren Sky, The Bonemire, Tenebrous Tangle, and Sinking Sands.

Lavastorm quest ROI highlighted in blue on the map

  • The Default UI now ships with two color options; red and blue. Use the /loadui command to change color schemes.
  • A clock and compass have been integrated into the mini-map window (the old compass and clock UI elements were not removed and can be opened using Alt-N and Alt-C respectively).
  • At the bottom of the screen you will now find the Nav bar, which replaces the old experience bar and includes the EQII button and shortcuts to various UI windows (you can right-click minimize/maximize the NAV bar to hide the various shortcut keys, except for the SC and EQII buttons).
  • New tutorial windows have been created to help ease new players into the game.
  • The Marketplace window has been upgraded for easier browsing. An item preview pane has also been added.
  • The Welcome window layout has been reorganized to make it easier to read.
  • The Inventory and Persona windows were merged to create the Character window (the shortcut key for this new window is C).
  • Z is now the default for crouch.
  • The casting, breath and PvP immunity bars have been updated with a new look.
  • The hotbar has been reworked and is now easier to manipulate.
  • If a new spell is a newer version of an old spell on your hotbar it will replace the older version rather than adding a new button on your hotbar.
  • Spell effects that are not able to crit will say “This effect cannot be critically applied” in the spell description.
  • You can now freely move any UI window when viewing them in F10 mode.
  • You can now disable the confirmation when spending AA points under Options -> UI -> Game Features.

New Character Window

Use /loadui to chage your UI color from red to blue.

The new Marketplace Window with Preview Pane

The new Navigation Bar

Minimap with clock and compass

The new tutorial windows for Character Advancement

The new tutorial windows for Combat

The new Welcome Screen

  • The character creation process has been reorganized for a better flow (models will now default to their SOGA versions during character creation).
  • More classes are now neutral:
  • Neutral: Troubador, Dirge, Ranger, Assassin, Templar, Inquisitor, Fury, Warden, Coercer, Illusionist, Wizard, Warlock, Bruiser, Monk, Guardian, and Berserker
  • Good: Swashbuckler, Mystic, Conjurer, and Paladin
  • Evil: Brigand, Defiler, Necromancer, and Shadowknight

We are updating, optimizing and standardizing every class spell visual in the game. AA and Entertainment spells are next on the list and will be revealed in a later game update.

The purpose for these changes are primarily to optimize and individualize as many spells as possible so there will be more uniqueness to each class. Also we would like for more players to have the ability to keep the spell FX active during group and raid content and still be able to tell what is going on.

We analyzed the text and effects of each spell and made every effort to standardize the type of damage being done or the type of buff, heal, summon, etc. Also since we picked a single name for the spells instead of getting a new name with every spell upgrade, we tried to give the spell a visual that not only matched the damage done, but also the name of the spell.

When you start a new character you will have Apprentice spells. This spell tier along with Journeyman will have a beginner level of FX in both size and quantity. Later when you acquire Adept or Expert versions of the spells the level of FX will increase. Finally when you acquire Master and Grandmaster versions of the spells you will experience the full FX force of that spell.

One of the unique features of spells in EverQuest II is the leveling of spell skills. As you cast destructive spells your skill in Disruption increases. Healing spells increase Ministration. Buff and debuff spells increase Ordination and Crowd Control and Summon spells increase Subjugation (see figure A). Other than the chat window there was no real indication which spells increased which status. Therefore we created the spell wheel. Mages, Bards and Priests will see the spell wheel spin while casting and the corresponding Rune will show up when that skill is used. Casting runes will all emanate from the caster’s feet as part of their traditional casting rings.

Figure A:


Parry                       Wisdom                    Aggression              Intelligence

Focus                      Stamina                  Avoidance                  Strength


Finally we set up icons for the various other buffs in the game to show players when they are getting an increase or decrease to Intelligence, Wisdom, Focus, etc. (See figure B.)

Figure B:

Light :                                                              Dark:






  • Inner zone travel locations now support path linking. This means when travelling via sokokar/horse/balloon you will be able to select any location in the zone that is an available travel point and let the mount do the rest.
  • The KOS cloud pads can now teleport you to any other pad within the same zone.
  • Cloud travel around KOS zones can now be done via the Overrealms Tour Agency. They offer tour route services for Tenebrous, Barren Sky, and Bonemire.
  • Weapon appearance slots are no longer restricted to being the same wield style of your equipped weapons.
  • Appearance slots are no longer restricted to levels 20 and higher.
  • Linkdead timeouts should now occur less frequently.
  • Lucan D’Lere has returned to Freeport! His Lucanic Knights have retaken the streets of from the Dreadnaughts and Thexians.
  • The hooluk collector in the Barren Sky is now in the Windgazer’s Hideout with the banker. The hooluks have also joined the wider trade community of Norrath and installed a broker and mail kiosk.
  • New neutral class trainers have opened for business in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, Kelethin, Gorowyn and New Halas!
  • The book, “The Case of the Lost Lute” is now available for purchase from the Sage NPCs in South Qeynos, North Freeport and New Halas if player is a troubador, level 80+ and does not already have the book.
  • The “Halasian Weapon Rack” now mounts properly in houses.
  • The Vambraces of plated ice have had their stats adjusted to be consistent with similar healer shoulder items in Icy Keep.
  • The Band of the Corrupter’s effect Pure Corruption now also procs agility.
  • The “Bauble of Holidays Past” description has been made a bit more specific, and the particles should be easier to see.
  • The appearance armor sets sold in Erronson’s Fur and Leathers shop in New Halas are now heirloom instead of no trade.
  • It is now much easier to change which holiday-themed effect is triggered by The Bauble of Holidays Past.
  • Swift Claws from the Claws of Jojo will no longer cause stacking issues with Furious Blows.
  • The Seeker’s Disc of Darktruth is now usable by level 80 crafters.
  • The “Guild Hall Kunark Writ Agent” now offers writs to Guild members that are citizens of New Halas.
  • Guild hall harvester hirelings no longer spam you with a list of every item they brought back.
  • Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs and raw vanilla can now be placed in supply depots.
  • “Call of City” spells now properly apply their new reuse and casting speed on PVP Servers.


  • Fighter heals can no longer critically heal.
  • Fighters will no longer automatically receive “Intercept” at level 6.
  • Crusaders will no longer automatically receive “Pledge of Armament” at level 17.


  • Berserkers will no longer automatically receive “Enrage” at level 8.
  • Berserkers will no longer automatically receive Mock and Mock II.
  • Berserkers now receive “Body Check” at level 8.
  • Berserkers now receive “Rupture II” at level 6.
  • Berserkers now receive “Reckless Aide” at level 21.
  • Berserkers now receive “Destructive Rage” at level 18.
  • Berserkers now receive “Abandoned Fury II” at level 16.
  • Berserkers now receive “Raging Blow” at level 3 and “Body Check” at level 2.
  • Berserker “Perseverance” now has a 60 second reuse time.
  • The Berserker ability “Body Check” no longer requires a shield.
  • “Wall of Rage” no longer snares the caster.


  • Bruisers will no longer automatically receive “Slurred Insult” and “Slurred Insult II.”
  • Bruisers will now receive “Pummel II” at level 6.
  • Bruisers will no longer automatically receive “Abuse” at level 8.
  • Bruisers will now receive “Shrug Off” at level 21.
  • Bruisers will now receive “Smoldering Fists II” at level 16.


  • Guardians will no longer automatically receive Provoke and Provoke II.
  • Guardians will no longer automatically receive “Shout” at level 8.
  • Guardians now receive “Bash II” at level 8.
  • Guardians now receive “Overpower II” at level 6.
  • Guardians now receive “Never Surrender” at level 21.
  • Guardians now receive “Battle Tactics” at level 18.
  • Guardians now receive “Forward Charge II” at level 16.
  • The Guardian ability “Shield Bash” is now “Bash” and no longer requires a shield.
  • “Hunker Down” no longer snares the caster.


  • Monks will no longer automatically receive “Silent Threat” and “Silent Threat II.”
  • Monks will no longer automatically receive “Challenge” at level 8.
  • Monks will now receive “Tranquil Vision” at level 21.
  • Monks will now receive “Flow Like Wind II” at level 16.
  • All versions of Will of the Heavens can now be cast while the monk is feared.


  • Paladins will no longer automatically receive “Clarion” and “Clarion II.”
  • Paladins will now receive “Faith Strike II” at level 6.
  • Paladins will now receive “Wrath Stance II” at level 16.
  • Paladins will now receive “Crusade” at level 18.
  • Paladins will now receive “Resolute Faith” at level 21.
  • Paladin “Judgment” is now a Fist for the Heroic Opportunities.
  • “Heroic Dash” no longer requires a shield or symbol to be equipped.


  • Shadowknights will now receive “Painbringer II” at level 6.
  • Shadowknights will now receive “Devious Evasion” at level 21.
  • Shadowknights will now receive “Unholy Strength” at level 18.
  • Shadowknights will now receive “Dark Blade II” at level 16.
  • Shadowknight “Unholy Strength VI” no longer has a casting time.
  • Shadowknight “Malice” is now a Fist for the Heroic Opportunities.
  • “Hateful Slam” no longer requires a shield or symbol to be equipped.


  • Scouts will no longer automatically receive “Evade” at level 6.


  • Assassins will no longer automatically receive “Murderous Design” at level 11.
  • Assassins will now be granted Villainy at level 11.


  • Brigands now receive “Mug” at level 6.


  • Dirges now receive “Tarven’s Crippling Crescendo” at level 6.


  • Rangers will no longer automatically receive “Primal Reflexes” at level 11.
  • Rangers will now be granted “Hunter’s Instinct” at level 11.Assassins and Rangers now gain the new spell “Hilt Strike” at level 6.


  • Swashbucklers now receive “Double-Cross” at level 6.


  • Troubadors now receive “Vexing Verses” at level 6.


  • Mages will no longer gain “Bind Sight” automatically. It is now a fun spell and can be bought from the class trainers.
  • Dispel Magic is now Absorb Magic and now also drains a small amount of power. It no longer has a power cost.
  • Summoners will now receive their first version of Vampire Bats at level 10.
  • Summoners: “Aqueous Stone” is now “Aqueous Soul” and no longer summons an item that grants water breathing. It now simply casts water breathing on the target.


    • Warlocks will no longer automatically get “Nullify” at level 10.
    • Warlocks will now get “Vacuum Field” at level 4.
    • Void Contract now costs less health to cast below level 40.


    • Wizards will no longer automatically get “Cease” at level 10.
    • Wizards will now gain “Ice Spears” at level 4.
    • Vital Transfer now costs less health to cast below level 40.


    • Coercers will no longer automatically receive “Mesmerize” at level 1.
    • “Shift Mana” now has a lower health cost at low levels.


    • Illusionists will no longer automatically receive “Entrance” at level 1.
    • “Extract Mana” now has a lower health cost at low levels.


    • Priests will no longer receive the spell “Summon Food and Water.”
    • Priests will now receive “Wrath” at level 6.
    • Clerics will now receive “Soothe” at level 30.


    • Legionnaire’s Focus now is 2% heal potency rather than 2% heal crit bonus per rank.


    • Allied Prayers now gives 4% heal potency per rank rather than 3% heal potency and 3% critical chance.


    • Coercive Healing now affects Chilling Invigoration.


    • Lifeburn can no longer be dispelled.
    • The quest book “Remembrances – Tel’riia’mil’an’ane’ie” will now update in any zone, not just in the Obelisk of Lost Souls, which should make evil eyes easier to obtain.
    • The named nightbloods required for “The Mysterious Drafling” quest should now spawn automatically if you are on the quest, and will not appear at all if you are not.
    • New Halas writs have been added to the Moors of Ykesha.
    • Writ giver Ankinil Zo’Ro in Butcherblock now offers Gorowyn citizens city writs from level 20.
    • Neriak: Players of any evil alignment can now speak with Zintra for the quest “Eight Legs Are Better Than Two.”
    • The quest “Exile to Neriak – Sun Dazzled Vamps” now allows you to use the sunstones on any of the T’Rethir vampires, not just priests.
    • Players tagging chokidai together for the quest “Keeping Tabs” will now receive updates as a group.
    • It is now easier to obtain quest updates for “Caustic Action”, “A Key To The Past”, and “Far Seas Requisition – TS0703-SCO”
    • A number of quests in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn and the Feerrott now have a greater chance to obtain the quest item when a creature is killed.
    • The quests “The Mystery of the Cursed Tower” and “Watching the Watchman!” should sort properly by current zone in your quest journal.
    • “Battle of Ages Past” should now give you the Jin’tu’s gift ability along with the item. If you already have the item all you need to do is use it to receive the ability in your book.
    • The quest “To Catch The Sky” now directs you to a new, safer location to catch the piece of sky.
    • Mist essences now only drop from cloudmist walkers when you are actually on the quest “The Inhabitants of Cloudmist Isle”.
    • The “Enervated Vel’Arek” guardian weapon can now call upon Vel’Arek to offer the quest “Revitalizing Vel’Arek” or progress it.
    • Halas Citizens with the quest “A Final Froglok Word” will now find they can converse with Lady Erillis.
    • Quartermaster Lewyn in Qeynos Harbor will now converse with New Halas citizens if they have found the patterns she is interested in.
    • Scholars can now make level 10-19 bracelets.
    • Representatives of the Ironforge Exchange and Coalition of Tradesfolke are now stationed in New Halas and may have crafting work to offer to players tradeskill level 10 or higher.
    • The Totem of Escape and Totem of the Great Chameleon are now usable at level 30.
    • Artisans of the 20th rank or higher who are interested in working for the Far Seas Trading Company should seek out trade liaison Cordelia Galeston at the Butcherblock Mountains docks for more information.
    • “Pristine” has been removed from all tradeskill equipment as the name was a holdover from when you used to be able to make multiple qualities of the same item. All tradeskill equipment should be title cased as well.
    • The tinkered weapons Troll Snot Flinger, Gnarmy, and Tinkered Turkey Launcher now have improved visual effects.
    • The names of Vampire Bats, Raging Blow, and Body Check recipes have changed slightly (e.g. Vampire Bats II is now Vampire Bats III) so tradeskillers may wish to double check which level of these spells they are creating for customers.
    • Karalyn Cinderton in the Steamfont Mountains is seeking assistance from tradeskillers level 30 and higher.
    • Academy of Logistics engineers have completed their changes to the layout of the city of Gorowyn. They sincerely hope that the improved city layout will be easier to negotiate for Gorowyn residents, will promote more tourism to Gorowyn, and will reduce the number of completely lost rangers that the guards keep finding in obscure corners of the city.


    • The Nursery in Greater Faydark is under attack! New characters starting in Greater Faydark will have to help save the blooms of the Nursery and thwart the plans of the Grobin clan of goblins. Can you help the Matron and her friends ensure the safety of the unborn fae?

    The Nursery in Greater Faydark

    • Hate’s Envy has come under attack by Sablevein elementals! Adventurers starting there will find themselves quickly enlisted to repel the assault before all of Hate’s Envy is razed!
    • Thexian invaders continue to cause trouble within Darklight Wood. Members of the Dread Guard are seeking the assistance of adventurers at T’Vatar Outpost!
    • Several Nerian citizens have gone missing from Wanderlust Fair. New adventurers emerging from Neriak should speak with Malyl N’Vazin to look into this matter.
    • New Halas City Faction merchant, Mirva Kilgour, is now selling titles!
    • Pilgrims’ Landing is under attack by Ry’Gorr orcs! Adventurers starting there will find themselves being thrust into the fray, very quickly.
    • The zone boss Ka’El Ka’Vrish should do significantly less damage when casting Ravage.
    • “The Idol of Mor’Tael” book can now be obtained within Nektropos Castle.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes characters could get stuck in a battleground.
    • Players who are reviving when a battleground match completes will still get credit for completing the match.

    Please Note:

    The Information above was taken from SOE website for eq2 –http://everquest2.com


    Well as most of you may have noticed i haven’t been posting and on one of my last post i mentioned that i have been having some personal real life issues going on. Well i am still in the process of getting a divorce and have been very depressed as of lately, and haven’t wanted to write let alone play anything to write about, so i have decided to keep my sanity, that i need to do something that i love to do and that would be playing video games and  to write about them. So once again i am here to state that i am back for now, to continue on with my adventures and let the worlds know about them.

    I renewed my Eq2 subscription last night, it was inactive for the last 25 days and really didnt feel like renewing or had the money to at the time. So last night i balanced the check book and had some extra money to play with, so instead of heading the closest bar in hopes that they had cheap beer and Karaoke going on, i decided to renew Eq2….at least i can save some money this way!!

    So there i was logged into my Level 90 ShadowKnight, didnt know what i wanted to do, checked the broker nothing, i forgot i haven’t played in some time, so i continued to see what i was in need of and noticed that she was still level 62 sage. So immediatly i went to the crafting stations and began my grind to 90, i ended up going up to level 65 Sage last night, not bad for a couple hours of play time. I plan on getting back into the grind, by sometime next week i should be at level 90 sage if i keep at it, after that i plan on getting Chubby up to 90 in adventures. I know i have said this before and before again but this time i am going to git’R Done, once i have completed those 2 task i will have 2 toons that are 90 in both Trade and adventure, and can begin on working on their armor for raids, and lower shard runs.

    So you should be seeing alot more post from me since i have a little time on my hands, also check out nomadic gamers blog they have several writers including myself and talk about all sorts of MMO’s, everything from Eve, Eq2, Vangard to event he free MMO’s DDO and Wizard 101, check them out and give them a chance, i’m sure you’ll be back for more!!

    Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


    Well, I have been slowly making it back into Eq2 again, i have had some major Real Life issues going on right now, between getting a divorce, making sure i see my kids and seeking out legal advise i have not had much time to log in nor have i wanted to log in and play, however i have managed this past week & weekend to get some play time in. As you may know Cinderbella hit Lv 90 a few weeks back and i changed focus back to my origional main toon “Chubbylilbuddy”. I have been taking chubby to the newer areas from the expansion since he was past lvl 80 and doing as many quest as i can, everything from collections to faction quests just to get him leveled up, Thursday night 7/8/2010 Chubby hit lvl 83 beserker, its been a long time getting chubby up in levels and seemed like Cinderbella flew thru the levels with no problems. i am finding the content is great once again, and chubby can hold his own, he has some t2 shard armor but i am finding that some of the armor in the newer areas for lvls 82-83 are not as good as the t2 shard armor. I need to sit back and do some new research so i can figure out what he needs, i now have 1 toon thats 90 and chubby at 83 in which i can take them back to the lower lvl shard quest and obtain some more shards to upgrade their armor to what i need. Also i need to focus on the faction quest as well since some of the jewerly and armor you can obtain from those factions has some really good stats that Chubby can use.

    As i mentioned i will be having alot more free time, and will be playing alot more to hopefully take my mind off of RL issues going on right now. This may only be a game but folks dont understand the therputic values games of any nature can have and help people with their real life issues, I have been in a very dark place the last couple of weeks and Eq2 has pulled me out of that darkness, not only the content but the indiviuals from my guild and friends that i have made over the years with in Eq & Eq2.

    With that said i hope everyone has a great gaming week and i will see you in Norrath.

    Until next time Happy Hunting in Norrath or where ever you call home.

    ~Chubby / Cinderbella~


    Rank: Knight

    Guild: Knights of Marr

    Server: Crushbone

    Well just as the title stated, Cinderbella hit adventure level 90 last night, i was just grinding some quest out in Stonebrunt  when i hit.

    Its amazing that i havent been playing Cinderbella all that long 31 days played, compared to kuzab and Chubby and she was the first to hit level 90, as you may know she is a Shadowknight and i have fallen in love with playing her, she can handle the mobs alot easier than Chubby or Kuzab does and it seems as she was just easier to play in general, i still need to work on her Tradeskill as she is sitting at lvl 62 as a sage.

    After all the warm wishes and congratulations from my guildies, i decided to log Chubby in for a while and work on getting him to 90, as he is sitting at lvl 82 at the moment. I grinded and worked some quest on him for about an hour before calling it the night.

    I am so excited to have a toon at the level cap, with all the quest with the SF expansion it was very easy to hit level, it did seem as if 87-89 took forever but i am finally there, cant wait to get chubby up there, i also need to work on obtaining some armor for both of these toons as i am wearing basically ledgendary armor, some fabled pieces but not many. Its just going to take alot of time and plat to get them bother where they need to be.

    Well until next time,

    Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!!


    Well i am slowly making it back into Norrath, I have been playing a few hours each night just to get abck into things. i have been just finishishing up some of the higher level quests 87-89 in Stonebrunt part of the SF exp. i had thought i finished them all before but i must of missed some of these, or they werent available when i was lower level.

    But i am helping the Kerran felines out in SBF, the ones thru the tunnel up by the lost Keejan city. i have been running back and forth to this village doing various quest from them earning some nice exp and coin. i have also been collecting every shinie i see and placing them on the broker i have made some decent plat the last few nights, last night when i logged in i was at 9plat 80 gold 72 silver and 32 copper, not bad for 12 hours sitting on the broker, i added more last night so hopefully i can earn as much again if not more i added 32 items to the broker.

    Over all i think i am finally over the funk i was in, i once again , look forward to getting home and getting what needs to be done so i can log in once i’ve finished, Also the Sims 3 has helped me so much getting over this as well. What i mean by this is that for the last 3-4 years i have been mainly playing Eq2, every now and then i play a different MMO to see if it catches my eye or draws me in but i have always gone back to Eq2. The Sims 3 is not a MMO, so i get the chance to relax and just play and not worry if i am lagging and what i can do to bring the lag done, and the other stress factors of MMO’s mainly the other people in the game that can eith make or break it for you.

    I recently received World Adventures for Sims3 havent really played it yet but it is installed and updated, waiting for play time. I will continue to play Sims 3 as i really enjoy watching my little Virtual me’s growing up and having fun and to see what will happen next.

    Well until next time, Happy hunting in Norrath!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well yesterday marked the day i picked up “The Sims 3”. I have enjoyed other sims games such as SimCity, The Sims 1&2, and not to mention other similar games including Civ I – III, any Tycoon game, and many many more that could make me go on for days.

    Regardless i enjoy these types of games and gets me away from the MMO world for a bit so i can relax and not worry about what i need to accomplish to be able to do this event, quest, or raid. I have been having the burned out feeling with MMO’s and though i have had them before, this slump has been different, maybe its the fact that i am now another year older or maybe gaming has started to affect my relationship with my kids and wife, whatever it may be i dont like it, i want to get back to the way it was before, i looked forward to logging in each night and playing till the wee-hours of the morning, but now i can not say this, so i have changed the pace alittle.

    Yesterday durning my lunch break i headed to Gamestop, after standing in front of the smallest PC section i have ever seen, then walking over the Xbox 360 sections, i could not make my mind up on what i wanted to buy, i seen they had a pre-owned copy to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for 26.00 bucks , I have wanting to pick this game up since it came out last year but didnt want to pay the 60bucks for the game. So i wandered a little more and ended back in the PC section again, Game in hand i headed to the counter where the Guy just looked at me, i could hear him think your kidding me right Sims 3….Dudeeeeeee, again that just me i love these types of games.

    After purchasing the game all day it all i could think of was getting the game home and installing it, this is what i was missing, this was the excitement that was absent in my gaming life, finallyu i could feel the slump i was in fading slowly away.

    After installing it and registering the game getting my free 1000 simbuck (same as station cash, or Cryptic points, ect.) and downloading my new free town, i began creating a Sim, there are so many options and details when creating your Sim just as there is in some MMO’s. I feel that all MMO companys should adopt this concept from The Sims when allowing people to create their character, after about 35 minutes of customizing my toon i was finally in the game, i bought a furnished house for 12K and still had a few hundred bucks left over. I was trying to enlarge my bathroom, when i must of dozed off because it was now 3 am and last i looked it was 11pm plus the drool on the keyboard was a giveaway.

    Needless to say i am once again passionate about a game, i cant wait to get off work to get home and play. I will provide more information on this wonderful game as i progress.

    Well until next time Happy Hunting!


    I k now this is alittle late and all but here are the update notes from the last 3 game updates in Eq2 from May 25 to June 1, 2010.

    Starting with the newest update going backwards.

    June 1, 2010 update notes for EQ2: 


    • The Defender of Growth now ports players from an already rebuilt druid ring to the one that is currently being constructed.


    • Recycle Your Minions: Part Three – Players who have completed the quest, Recycle Your Minions: Part Three, but did not accept Damodar’s next quest, Assisting Jaswinda, can now hail Damodar again and gain the quest.


    • Shoulderpads of the Black Death now grant the effect Empowered Minion.
    • Pendant of the Ice Drake Eye and Mounted Ice Drake Scale Amulet have had potency added to them.
    • Icy Keep shoulder items have had potency added to them.
    • The Seeker’s of the Dark Truth faction mount should now be 65% run speed.
    • Mounts for level 90 guilds should no longer require level 80 to summon the disk.


    • A new spell effect will now let you know if you will be rewarded for participation in the Warfields.
      • You gain the effect by reporting to one of the towers during the event.
      • The effect will cease being distributed 2 minutes prior to when the event timer ends. 
    • Additional detriments have been added to the Tower Guardian defense shields that affect those under level 9.


    • The Vintage Wares, Scion of War items have been updated to be used by both Good and Evil aligned clients. 
    • The items shared by Battleground merchants and Open PvP merchants do not require a city alignment for use.


    • Players should now be able to complete the Learning the Path, PvP Tutorial Quest by speaking the Scion of War, Vintage Wares merchant.


    • You may now obtain PvP writs in Halas by speaking to the Writ Giver near the monk trainer in Halas.


    • Waansu and Arkatanthis have had the damage of their aoe spells reduced.


    • New Halasian templars can now use their Odyssey spell to return to their home city of New Halas.
    • The “Locket of Escape” can now gate New Halasian citizens back to their home city of New Halas.


    • Hoarfrost Pyreflyte should no longer summon as often after he gets under 10% health.
    • When entering Captain H’bri’s room a dialog should be triggered that hints at how to successfully split the encounter.
    • The Frozen Corrival should no longer leash when the tank gets knocked up into the air.
    • Odaufe and Kastus should no longer wipe hate until much later into their fight.
    • The quest “Knocked Out Cold” should now update on killing normal or challenge mode encounter of Vrewwx.
    • It should no longer be possible to ignore the abominable ice-smashers when battling challenge-mode Vrewwx.
    • Vrewwx’s spell Frozen Solid should now correctly cause the victim to lose hate positions.
    • When killed Challenge-mode Vrewwx should no longer allow you to retrigger the encounter.
    • Some tweaks have been done to the Frozen Corrival encounter to hopefully prevent players from crashing when he splits into adds.
    • The Statue of the Snowbeast should no longer continue to fight once he has been killed. Someone gave him the memo he is supposed to be dead…

    May 27, 2010  Update Notes for Eq2



    • Fixed some proc effects that were not working on spell hits.


    • The heirloom Stonebrunt prowler mounts no longer require attuning to your character, and remain tradeable.
    • The Reinforced Sandals of Balance now behave the same way as the Reinforced Slippers of Balance.
    • The Mark of Manaar version of the Cloak of Crystalline Depths can only be used by priests.
    • Herald’s Armwraps of Disdain now have their intended Empowered Minion effect.


    • The Nightmare is Over will no longer offer the same rewards as Severing the Head.


    • Heart of Aniquilacion is now correctly a trauma effect instead of elemental.
    • Inevitable Annihilation is once again an incurable curse instead of an elemental effect.
    • The ramp leading to Roehn Theer should no longer occasionally become stuck in the ‘off’ state.


    • Perah’Celsis will not charm as many players as in the past.  Perah’Celsis will no longer cast any AOE spells while trying to free heroes from their platforms.

    May 25, 2010 Update notes for Eq2:




    • The city of New Halas, namesake of the original city of the Northmen destroyed by cataclysm and war, sits in the heart of the isle of Erollis, a treacherous land of biting temperatures and aggressive fauna within the freezing waters of the Frostfang Sea.  Originally a village of war hardened dwarves, it has since grown due to being blessed by Mithaniel Marr and reconnected with the Shattered Lands of Norrath.  Pilgrims to New Halas can find their way there via a griffin at the docks in the Butcherblock Mountains.  New characters created for New Halas will start at Pilgrim’s Landing, an encampment near the isle of Erollis, in the zone Frostfang Sea.


    • A new level 90+ x4 raid dungeon with associated quests is aimed to give players an easy to moderate challenge! The pesky Frostfoots have found a new way into the Icy Keep and this time the Ice Maidens are ready for them! Join Snarf, Gerbi and many more in their quest to rid themselves of the newly hatched Ice Dragon, Vrewwx! Consider yourselves warned, however… Before entering you might want to bring 23 of your friends to help you get past his guardians.


    • There is a battle raging as powerful elemental forces gather deep beneath the earth.  Only the most powerful raiding parties can hope to prevail in the Underfoot Depths.


    • A new “Storyline” tab has been added to the bottom of the Quest journal. The Storyline window will help you keep track of the many adventures you encounter as you explore the world of Norrath. Additionally, the Storyline window will help lead you to new adventures as they become available for you to enjoy!
    • Storylines are color coded by status:
      • Gold indicates that you have not picked up any quests for this storyline.
      • White indicates you have made some progress in this storyline even if it is just picking up the first quest in it.
      • Grey indicates you have completed all quests in this storyline.


    • We have made several changes to the game in an effort to streamline travel.
      • Traveling to different locations uses a new interface.
      • Now when selecting a travel location via teleportation, bell, or sokokar/horse/griffon etc. you will do so through a travel map.
      • Simply double click your choice, or select it and then press OK to be whisked away.
      • Mousing over a location when using world teleportation displays a level range and some background information on the area.
      • Bell/carpet zone travel has been consolidated. Bells on the different continents have all been linked together. This means the bells that were in Nektulos are no longer limited to 6 locations. These bells have been reduced to one bell that is linked to other bells across Norrath. Bells used to travel within Qeynos and Freeport have not been changed except that they now use the travel map allowing for more direct connections to where you wish to go.
    • Druid portals no longer require the player to have harvested a Blessed Shrubbery.
    • Blessed Shrubberies have been imbued by Tunare with the power to transport players to any of the other druid rings!
    • Translocate no longer requires a planar symbol.
    • Translocate portals were transporting players to incorrect spots in the Bonemire and The Barren Sky. This has been corrected.
    • Planar symbols have been removed from vendor lists.
    • Sokokar posts no longer require the Sokokar item. They now check that you have completed either the tradeskill or adventuring version of the quest. This affects the following zones:
      • Chardok
      • Jarsath Wastes
      • Kylong Plains
      • Kunzar Jungle
      • Fens of Nathsar
    • You are no longer required to visit a Sokokar post before being able to travel there. This affects the following zones:
      • Jarsath Wastes
      • Kylong Plains
      • Kunzar Jungle
      • Fens of Nathsar
    • The following zones no longer require you to do a quest or go to a location before accessing the inner zone travel option. The quests that were there previously have been reworked so that players can still do them optionally.
      • Nektulos Forest
      • Thundering Steppes
      • Sinking Sands
      • Pillar of Flames
    • The flight paths leading to and leaving from Butcherblock, and connecting to Timorous or Darklight, have been modified some to be more geographically appropriate.
    • The following quests have been modified and had money rewards attached to them:
      • Griffon Egg for the Nektulos Tower Stations
      • Griffon Egg for the Steppes Tower Stations
    • The following zones now have inner zone travel options or have had new locations added to them:
      • Steamfont
      • Zek
      • Feerrott
      • Enchanted Lands
      • Everfrost
      • Greater Faydark
      • Nektulos
    • All spires that can be reached through wizard teleportation should now have a static teleporter and they should all now link to the entire network. This affects the following zones:
      • Greater Faydark
      • Moors of Ykesha
      • Kylong Plains
      • Tenebrous Tangle
      • Bonemire
      • Barren Sky
    • All call spells have had their cast times reduced to 10 seconds. This affects the following spells:
      • Call of The Overlord
      • Call of Kelethin
      • Call of Qeynos
      • Call of Gorowyn
      • Call of Neriak
      • Call of Haven
      • Call to Guild Hall
      • Call of Ro
    • Guild hall bell amenities have been changed:
      • Since all bells are the same now we have given each one a different look.
      • The Sinking Sands carpet now acts like a bell but will retain the carpet look for those who like it.


    PVP WARFIELDS (PVP Servers Only)

    • Antonica and Commonlands have once again become hotbeds of conflict!    Will your lands be overrun or will your forces prevail against the siege?
      • Warfields are Good vs. Evil faction based events, with participation starting at level 10.
      • Discord Tokens are awarded at the end of each event, with the winning team receiving bonus tokens. 
      • The event will stagger between Antonica and 2 hours later in Commonlands and last for 30 minutes.
      • The Antonica and Commonlands zones have been CHANGED to 10 level ranges from 4 to allow a wider range of skirmishes.
    • Event Description (Offense)
      • Four towers located near the three griffin towers and one near the city gate will spawn 10 minutes before the skirmish.
      • At the start of the event, the towers will have 5 guardian statues that will need to be destroyed by the invaders.  The defenders are not able to interact with the Tower Guardians.
      • The Tower Guardians are protected by powerful magic but are vulnerable to players depending on their level.   Each Tower Guardian has a protection spell and a color particle associated with it. 
        • The Purple Tower Guardian will damage anyone level 31 or higher.
        • The Blue Tower Guardian will damage anyone level 51 or higher.
        • The Green Tower Guardian will damage anyone level 71 or higher.
        • The Red Tower Guardian is attackable by all level ranges. 
        • The White Tower Guardian will be immune until all other guardians at that tower are defeated.  
        • Destroying the White Tower Guardian destroys that tower.
      • If all four Towers are destroyed, the invaders are victorious!  If any Tower Guardian is still active by the time the 30 minutes elapse, the siege fails. 
    • Event Description (Defense)
      • Prevent the destruction of the Tower Guardians at each of the four towers. 
      • The defenders have 10 minutes to prepare for the siege and must then defend all four towers for 30 minutes.
      • If at any point during the 30 minutes all Tower Guardians are defeated, the event ends.


    • When inspecting spells and abilities on PvE servers the PVP checkbox will default to unchecked.
    • The PVP checkbox will only appear on an item if the PVP description differs from the PvE description.
    • Moved PVP Crit Mit from its own line in the persona window to part of the tooltip for toughness.
    • Increased spell-damage in PVP Combat by ~15% for all classes.
    • New Stat: PVP Critical Mitigation.
      • This is critical mitigation that works only on attacks made on a player from a player.
      • Toughness provides a bonus to PVP Critical Mitigation.
    • Starting at level 30 players can go to 100% AAXP on a PVP server and have no limits on how many AA points they can spend (it used to be 1.5 * level).
    • Disabling combat experience on a PVP server also disables experience gain from killing players.
    • The tooltips on mitigations (physical, elemental, arcane and noxious) now includes the amount mitigated from PVP damage as well. Note: players get a slight bonus to mitigations against PVP damage and this percent includes that bonus.
    • You can no longer /yell to prevent would be attackers from getting PVP credit for your death.

    PVP Items

    • The following item effects can no longer critically hit:
      • Grave Elemental’s Affliction and its upgrades
      • Burning Affliction and its upgrades
      • Magical Affliction and its upgrades
    • Rune of Absolution now dispels all types of detrimental effects and is 5 charges.
    • Pumice Stone now dispels all types of beneficial effects.
    • Torrent and Pestilential Rain no longer have an unlimited range.
    • Stonewill can only trigger once every 20 seconds when in PVP Combat.
    • Divine Guidance now has a shorter duration rather than less triggers in PVP Combat.
    • Stonewill now has reduced amounts rather than a reuse time in PVP Combat.
    • Combat Expertise on the Grand Admiral’s Chain now includes “Greater” in name to distinguish it from the Admiral’s Chain proc.
    • Massive Concussive Shock no longer has an unlimited range in PVP.

    PVP Spells and Abilities


    • Shadow Step has had its damage reduced in PVP Combat.


    • Battle Frenzy now has 10 triggers when used in PVP Combat.


    • Divine Guidance now only has 10 triggers per person in PVP Combat.


    • Improved Moderation’s PVP effect will now work and cause players you attack to target you from time to time and players attacking your groupmates to lose target from time to time.
    • Improved Moderation buff now works in PVP on groupmates.

    Flat amount damage reduction from abilities like “Battle Hardening” will only reduce a PVP attacks damage by no more than 50% and will no longer be able to reduce PVP attack damage to zero. However, this still stacks with abilities such as “Last Man Standing” so it is still possible to “fail to inflict damage” but it should not happen nearly as often.

    PVP Writs

    • Writs have been updated to be equally rewarding across all levels.
    • All writs now require 6 kills and grant 5 tokens.   

    PVP Merchants

    • Scions of War carrying new wares are now available in all starting cities.
    • All previous faction merchants have been removed and all their wares have been moved to the Scion of War marked, Discord Vintage Wares.
    • Prices have been modified to allow a reachable progression in gear acquisition through each level. 
    • Other then some potions, all items are Heirloom.

    PVP Tokens

    • A single token exchange purse has been added to the Priest of Discord for Faydark, Kunark, Void and Odus tokens.
    • All pre-GU53 tokens now convert to the new Discord token and you can exchange one token at a time as well. 
    • A single currency will be used from now on, the Discord Token.
    • All other currency can be exchanged using the Priest of Discord.
    • Currency exchange rate is 1:1 and can be exchange 5 or 100 at a time. 
    • The new token is heirloom and replaces the old Shattered Lands Discord token.  As such, there are no exchange bags for this tokens.

    PVP Potions

    • Tear of Discord now provides 3 Accuracy.
    • Essence of Discord now provides 3 Critical Bonus. 

    PVP Mounts

    • Disk of Chaotic Energy is now 70 speed.
    • Discord’s Prescient Disk is now 70 speed.
    • Discord’s Enduring Disk is now 70 speed.

    SHADER 3.0

    • EverQuest II now supports Shader 3.0 with new vibrant colors and depth processed by your GPU!  To enable this feature, on supported cards, check the ‘Shader 3.0’ box in the Performance section of the Display options.
      • Note: Shader 3.0 does not support ‘r_aa_blit 1’ in the eq2.ini and it should be removed if before enabling it.


    • Many new quests have been added to the Stonebrunt Highlands!  Seek out Sous Chef Jailaya in Moonfield Hamlet, Damodar in the Mausoleum of Scholars and Felidael in the Kejek encampment.


    • Character Traits can now be earned all the way to level 90!



    • The normal shipping route to the Queen’s Colony and Outpost of the Overlord have been diverted, for reasons the Far Seas Trading Company is not yet willing to discuss.  As a result, new players now start in Kelethin, New Halas, Neriak, or Gorowyn.
    • Qeynos and Freeport have been disabled as starting cities.
    • Removed stat cap on critical mitigation.
    • Removed stat cap on potency.
    • Raid nameds in The Sentinel’s Fate now grant more Alternate Advancement experience when killed.
    • Fixed an issue where a character would stand on their mount for a brief second if they summoned a mount while wielding a weapon.
    • Fixed an issue where using a server controlled mount, that was similar to your active mount, would cause your active mount to disappear visually.
    • Fixed an issue where the client would sometimes crash if minimized during a flythrough sequence.
    • Fixed an issue where using a group illusion while on a mount could render a character topless.
    • Fixed an issue causing guild halls to not be available in other copies of the exterior zone if purchased when more than one copy exists.
    • Increasing your defense, parry, and/or deflection skills to very high levels will no longer cause your chance to avoid attacks to go down.
    • Looking around while moving backwards with strafe should no longer make you reverse directions.
    • Corpses and treasure chests will no longer sink to the bottom if underwater.
    • Bartenders in Norrath’s major cities will once more sell alcoholic beverages to level 90 adventurers, having been persuaded that all rumors of unfortunate high-level drunken raiding incidents are in fact vile slander and in no way explain why Roehn Theer remains undefeated.  The bartenders of Norrath encourage the responsible use of alcohol in moderation.  This message was not sponsored by Roehn Theer.


    • The tooltip on avoidance now shows both the normal block and uncontested block value for your character
    • The tooltip for stamina has been updated to better explain how it affects spell resistance.
    • Players can no longer change their UI while dead (this would cause the revive window to vanish).
    • The mouseover tooltip for tradeskill recipes will now properly display the byproduct amounts.
    • Mouse buttons that are bound to hotbar keys will now have shorter forms of their text displayed according to the hotbar settings.
    • Added new ‘Render Mounts’ option:
      • Render Mounts – allows you to determine whether a mount is displayed when you are in combat or not.  Also allows you to disable rendering of mounts altogether.
      • This option is located under the Display: Animation section.


    • The Training Dummy Supply Chest guildhall amenity now provides dummies of varying difficulty.
      • Raid an epic dummy!  (Loot not included)
    • The Training Dummy Supply Chest now offers a set of grouped training dummies.
    • The guildhall hunter hireling now has a chance to bring back level 70 and 80 meats for provisioning use, in addition to pelts.


    • All carpets, discs and cloud type mounts should now have glide.
    • The Bloodgorged Choker now has resists.
    • Passive pet buffs from items will properly be applied to pets from Possess Essence.
    • Equipping an item adorned with Focus: Bruiser Stances will now drop your stances so the bonuses will be applied properly when renewing your stance.
    • Torrent and Pestilential Rain now only have one chance to trigger per round of AE Auto-Attacks.
    • Level 90 Raid Hats now all have additional effects.
    • The Crocodile Legends of Norrath pet is no longer attackable and cannot be killed by Area of Effect attacks.
    • Rockiron Nerves now correctly applies only one damage reduction effect.
    • Level 90 guild mounts and The Sentinel’s Fate faction mounts have had their speed and buffs increased.
    • Many rare drops from the heroic Sentinel’s Fate Zones are now available by speaking to Kaliba Des’Sers in Moonfield Hamlet!
      All bosses of Sentinel’s Fate heroic dungeons now have new rare drops!
    • There are new items available for raiders on the El’Arad merchant.
    • Tracker Coalbear’s Cuffs of the Ursine Threat can now be worn by mages.
    • Added yellow slot adornments to all level 80+ mastercrafted armor.
    • Changed the color of the text for the blue adornment slot from dark blue to light blue so it will be easier to read.
    • Added resistances to all types of level 80+ mastercrafted armor.
    • Gravity Flux from Gravity, Staff of El’Arad will no longer teleport the target.
    • Nizara, City of the Nayad – “Necropolis of Lxanvon, Vol. I” pages 1-5 & “Necropolis of Lxanvon, Vol. II” pages 1-5 are no longer no-trade.
    • Summoning the mount from the Ykeshan Warbear whistle will now work if you are level 80 in either adventuring or tradeskilling.
    • Bane Warding can no longer trigger if it has triggered within the past second. It can no longer be modified and cannot critically hit.
    • Ancient Invigoration now regenerates every two seconds rather than every three seconds.
    • A great many low level items purchased from merchants in starting areas have reduced their prices.
    • The Brilliant Bladestopper should be more in line with the challenge getting it.
    • Cuffs of Definitive Power now have Molten Carnage IV.
    • The Timorous Deep horse merchant now sells the new guild mounts.
    • The item effect “Rancorous Ire” can no longer be resisted.
    • Ward of Elements gear no longer requires previous levels of armor to obtain it.  Coin costs were added to the previous levels of armor.  Patterns are no longer needed, you can purchase the higher level armor with just the mold and Void Shards.  If you happen to have a pattern, you can trade it to Assilus to get the corresponding mold back.


    • Drops from Hard Mode Contested fights have been improved.
    • Many Challenge Mode bosses now have a chance to drop additional items from the normal mode tables.
    • Maalus Imbued now has a higher chance to drop the raid mount.


    • Certain cosmetic pets will no longer overwrite Deity pets.
    • Deity pets can now be cast while moving.


    • Reactive Heal and Damage spells no longer fail to trigger if the spell has already been cast and the cleric is feared, stifled or stunned.


    • Certain versions of Earthen Avatar have had their appearances changed.


    • Tribal Spirit will now correctly apply the damage reduction.


    • Paranoia and Medusa’s Gaze now apply damage instantly rather than on termination.


    • Personae Reflections: Fixed an issue where the reflections would have a random hair style and hair color if a player race illusion was active.


    • Paladins can no longer cancel Divine Favor after it has triggered.


    • Death March: “On The March” will no longer fail to apply when the Shadowknight is stunned, stifled or feared.


    • You can no longer summon a healing grove into a wall.



    • Tortoise Shell no longer requires a buckler.


    • Improved Moderation will now apply properly in PVE combat on PVE servers. It displays both effects at all times.


    • Reaver’s Mania can no longer be modified except by direct means.


    • Shaman now gain Shrink Servant when purchasing Summon Spirit Companion.
    • Spirit Companion: Active AAs will no longer drop when the character dies and resurrects.
    • Dazing Bash no longer requires a buckler.


    • Sonic Interference should no longer reduce the duration of damage spells.
    • Sonic Interference now deals a small amount of damage over time and has a chance to interrupt the target encounter every 6 seconds.


    • Hail Storm now displays on the target.



    • Players wishing to change their citizenship should now find an Ambassador with the purpose tag <Change of Citizenship> within their respective city who can give clearer guidance on exactly how to do this and where to go.


    • Henry Overwater should now offer Qeynos adventure writs to players who have betrayed from evil to good.
    • A Cleansing This Temple Needs: Mobs will now correctly react to the player’s possessed level instead of their actual level.
    • A Cleansing This Temple Needs: The counter on the quest helper should now update correctly.
    • Fury Epic: Restored to Glory: This quest should no longer require you to harvest mantrap roots. You should be able to acquire them by any means and the quest will update. Please note: this will only take affect if you are not currently on that stage of the quest.
    • Troubador Epic: Feeding the Flame of Yore: This quest should no longer require you to harvest Xegonite clusters. You should be able to acquire them by any means and the quest will update. Please note: this will only take affect if you are not currently on that stage of the quest.
    • Wizard Epic: Of Fire and Ice: A Codex in Crisis: Players who delete the pages of the codex prior to completing the third stage of the quest (shame on you) can obtain the pages again.
    • Warlock Epic: The Will of Kyrtoxxulous: Warlocks can now purchase, trade or harvest the harvest items required during the seven stage of their quest. Please note this will only affect those who are not yet on this quest stage.
    • Stonebrunt Highlands: The Erudin Chef: Tasting the stew Chef Bahiyya is creating during and after this quest series should provide players with a temporary benefit!
    • Butcherblock Mountains: Trozusk’s Challenge: Player should receive the Horn of Challenge upon accepting the quest.
    • Jumjum for the Soul: This quest has been slightly simplified, and Shakey scarecrow should now be more accessible.
    • Steamfont: Unearthing the Moon: The Grikbar Crater is less dangerous for those attempting to complete this quest.
    • Everfrost: Girding of Gunuk: This quest has had its number of kills required drastically reduced.
    • The Footsteps of Dartain: Observation: The projected erudite will no longer disappear during conversation.
    • In Search of Lucan: Fyr’remd Lorak should no longer disappear during conversation.
    • Foomby’s Stolen Goods: The directions in “Bellendis Tempestcall’s” dialog for this quest have been changed for accuracy.
    • Dockmaster Waulon at the Butcherblock Mountain Docks now offers his quests to adventurers level 17 or above.
    • Shards of the Eye of Stormhammer: The shards needed for this quest should be significantly easier to find and harvest.
    • The quest rewards for “Footsteps of Dartain: Ascension”, have been upgraded slightly.
    • Stonebrunt Frontier: Sundered Simulacrum and Visual Obfuscation should now function correctly.
    • The Willow Wood: Ayr’Dal who don the illusionary form of other races can no longer fool Daelyn Twinstar! He’s on to you!
    • It is now possible to do both the tradeskill and the adventuring versions of the sokokar quest lines (from Borbin Happens and Assistant Jones at the dock in Kylong Plains).
    • Neriak: Divimar G’Zule now offers her quest “The Dreadguard’s Extracurricular Activities” to those level 50+ and have completed one of her city writs, even if they have completed the quest “Acts of Heresy.”
    • Added purpose tags to the NPCs that give out The Hole quests in Paineel.
    • Players can no longer turn in the daily mark quests to Jael in The Hole: Contested.
    • Players that exit the The Vigilant: Rescue while on Stage 3 (the escort) of The Captain’s Crystal can now speak to Jithir and re-start the escort.
    • Players doing the Collect Elemental Cores quest will now be able too properly loot the items with group looting options set to need before greed on legendary+ items.
    • Miragul’s Pylactery: Anathema:
      • The following quests have had their quest category corrected:
        • Reminders of Miragul
        • Making Sense of Miragul, Part 2
        • Necromantic Neverwhere
        • Watching the Nasins Further
        • A Sorcerous Tune


    • Londiar is seeking assistance from adorners in the tradeskill societies of all major cities.
    • Iced Pomegranate Ambrosia and Halasian Ice Brew now have stats useful to all archetypes.
    • The Harvesting Supply Depot and Tinkered Personal Harvest Depot now store live event tradeskill components.
    • Spirit-blessed arrows now have a slightly different icon.
    • Void-warped Wood now stacks in piles of up to 200.
    • Tinkering recipes of all levels now have events to counter.
    • Difficulty levels of greater and superior adorning recipes have been raised slightly, to give a slightly greater chance of a skill up.
    • Crafters wearing their Earring of the Solstice may find some more shiny red collectibles around the world.
    • Mastercrafted items have received an upgrade to put them more correctly inline between treasured and legendary items.
    • Spotted Whips now require Spotted Leather Pelts to make, as you would expect.
    • A new introductory crafting quest is available for new players in all 6 home cities or nearby regions (Hate’s Envy in Darklight Wood, the Nursery in Greater Faydark, The Ruins in Freeport, Oakmyst Forest in Qeynos, Gorowyn Island, and on Pilgrims’ Isle outside New Halas.)


    • Research Assistants will now mention which spell levels can be upgraded.
    • Research times at lower levels have been decreased.  You should be able to research something before out-leveling it now!


    • Layout files now have 8 decimal places of accuracy rather than just 2.
    • Fix for some items with identical names becoming jumbled when using /load_layout (like guild hall teleporters).
      • NOTE: This fix upped the version number of house layout files from 4 to 5. So old layout files will not be able to be loaded.


    • Each tower in Smuggler’s Den now has a unique icon on the map.
    • Player locations will now be randomized at the beginning of a match (to help prevent players from stacking up on each other).
    • Joust will cause the flag and murderball to be dropped (like other teleport related abilities).
    • Players who attempt to pick up the relic while inside a respawn area will cause the relic to reset.
    • Players on the flying disk in Smuggler’s Den will be returned to the starting spot at the end of the match.
    • Your group or raid can no longer queue for a battleground if any member is not permitted to queue for battlegrounds.
    • There will no longer be a message “Player has dropped the flag” when Player captures the flag in the Battlefield of Ganak battleground.
    • If two teams achieve or exceed the target score for a battleground the match will result in a tie with a tied score.
    • Battleground icons (flags, relics etc…) will only show on the current zone and will not show when browsing maps other than the current zone.
    • Setting anon or roleplay on your home server to on will no longer get set to off when returning from a battleground.
    • Wards now add properly into battleground stats.
    • Healing credit for wards will only be awarded for damage prevented by wards not for regenerating of wards.
    • When accepting a battleground match while in combat the accept window should re-appear correctly.
    • You should now be able to move more freely during pregame of a battleground.
    • The battleground score window will show when you enter a battleground even if you have moved the window.
    • Pets will now have the team colors of their owners in a battleground.
    • You can no longer open the battleground leaderboard window unless there is data to show in that window.
    • You will now get credit for cliff jumpers in battleground PVP, assuming you are close enough when they die for credit.
    • The following items have been disabled in BGs:
      • Bot Made Ice Cream Cart
      • Mechanized Platinum Repository of Reconstruction
      • Vhalen’s Tribute Band
      • Gigglegibber Giggle Giver
      • Heat Guided Message in a Bottle
    • Gears of Klakanon, Smuggler’s Den, and Battlefield of Ganak are now available in 10-level increments to all players level 30 or higher!
      • All participating players will be auto-mentored down to 30 or 40 or whichever ‘base’ level range matches their character.
      • New battleground armor sets and accessories are also available for purchase every 10 levels to all players level 30 through 80
      • Additionally, level 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 mastercrafted armor has had limited amounts of toughness added, and should serve as excellent ‘starter’ sets for the battlegrounds. The sets remain otherwise unchanged
      • Battlegrounds that end in a tie will now reward both teams as though they won
    • Gears of Klakanon – the relic now resets as soon as it is dropped
    • 1st Campaign armor sets are now available from the Scion of Belamorte! This glimmering golden armor is some of the most powerful yet, and comes with the ability to be adorned with brand new PVP-only Blue adornments!
    • There are 20+ brand new blue adornments available for purchase with battlegrounds tokens and usable on the new 1st Campaign armor set!
    • Level 30 -> 80 fabled accessories are now available for purchase from the Scion of Belamorte!
      • These items for sale include many of the level 80 accessories that previously had their procs disabled in BGs. The procs have had a proc limiter added, and been re-enabled for use!
    • There are a number of brand new level 90 fabled accessories for sale from the Scion of Belamorte!
    • Force of Mind and Force of Will now trigger an interrupt + 3s daze.
    • Capturing points in battlegrounds will now give proper credit for the Usurper achievements.
    • Slightly lowered the price of existing battlegrounds armor pieces. The new 1st Campaign armor prices remain unchanged
    • Quests that require specific world events will no longer be removed when going into a battlegrounds match if those events are not active.


    • Mithaniel Marr should now drop the Bow of Valor.


    • Lockout times for these zones have been lowered to match other raid zones in their level range.


    • Toxxulia will now drop a staff of calling as part of her treasure table.


    • The Acidic Slime should once again drop loot appropriate for its level.


    • Killing “Researcher Jal’Dea’s Restless Spirit” will now automatically spawn “Magicmelter the Summoned” in the graveyard knows as “The Saturnine of Hollows”.


    • Arkatanthis’ will cast curse of destruction no more than 6 times per min during his fight, regardless of conditions.


    • A good amount of polish has been applied to the Roehn Theer fight:
    • The Rune of Paixao event has been changed slightly –
      • Theer only debuffs 4 players now instead of 6 so that there are an even # of matches
      • Instead of players needing to find a target of the opposite charge, they must search for group members with the identical charge
        • Doing so successfully now grants a temporary dps buff
        • Balanced Judgment, the failure to do so, is no longer resistable
      • Awe’s damage is now slightly more resistable, it was not intended to nearly insta-gib players
      • Theer should no longer occasionally drop loot on a platform that immediately drops down below the killplane
      • The killplane in his room should no longer occasionally NOT kill players
      • The Runes of Order and Chaos (white/red) should no longer occasionally switch to the other’s previous location
      • The Runes of Order and Chaos should also no longer occasionally switch then immediately drop down below the platform
      • Approaching Equilibrium now returns to its rune of Origin (where it spawned) if it happens to fall below Roehn Theer’s platform
    •  Additional drops have been added to the three rune Roehn Theer tables.
    • The various spells and buffs and debuffs associated with Roehn Theer’s encounter have had their damage types consolidated in order to make it easier to identify specific events / debuffs.
      • For example, all of the rune-square buffs are now trauma effects.
    • Increased Roehn Theer’s hitbox slightly so that melee classes do not have to stand quite as close in order to melee him.
    • Polar Repulsion’s damage is now mitigate-able.
    • The fires that spawn on the corner platforms during Roehn Theer’s encounter are no longer targetable to help prevent occasional issues with tab-targeting during the battle.
    • Sage Encounter – The AOE spells for the sages have had their radius reduced.  You now have 10 seconds rather than 5 to complete the HO to remove their prismatic spheres.  Sages will now wait 80 secs from the time their prismatic spheres are removed before recasting the next one.  In hard mode the 3 sages now have lower maximum health.