Well the Holidays are finally over and now its time to focus back on the important things in life…EVERQUEST 2!!!!!!!!

I have been tinkering around with my 3 main toons and getting them leveled and tradeskilled up, its been a long and sometimes boring process. I am more of a solo player vs the group aspect of the game, dont get me wrong i love the occasional group or raid to get the blood flowing, but 98% of the time i am solo. I feel that being solo i can work at my own pace, if i want to stare at a mob and work out some strategy before jumping in i can, in a group thats not so easy, espically if you have someone like i use to be they see a mob and RUN straight for it and pull everything in site…hehe (done that one too many time) !!

But since the New Year is here i have taken a break from my older toons and made room for a new toon on the same old server but in a different new but old guild for me, i know that sounds confusing, so i’ll explain.

See i was once part of the Looony Toons guild in Crushbone , one of the founding fathers so to speak, well after sometime i was growing boried with the role of a leader and wanted to be lead, had alot of things going on in my RL that was affecting my EQ2 life, so i made a decision to step down and leave the guild to look for a more raiding guild, at the time all i wanted to do was raid and get the uber gear and become a ledgend.

Yes, i made a new home and fell in love with my guildies who have been the best friends a person could ask for in game and out of game. i still felt like i have had a peice missing from me, so on Monday i made a deciosion to create a new toon and tag him back into the old guild that i came from and work with them for a while. Now for anyone who is in the guild i am in now, dont worry – Chubby, Cinder, Kuzab and the other 2 alts are not leaving the guild, i just needed a change of pace and visit some old friends for a while, i will still be on my older toons and getting them where they need to be but i will also be working on this new toon and guild to help get them to GL 90. Just spreading the love guys !!

I have been very impressed with Looony Toons the last couple nights, last night they had over 20 players on for a majority of the night, it was great i havent seen that in a guild in a long long time and felt proud that i was at one point in my life that i helped create this guild, they have done so much ove the last couple years and have built the guild into a strong force for the citizens of Norrath. Also i didn’t releize this till last night that i created and join this new / old guild on the guilds Anniversay, so ironically one of the Founding Fathers returns on the night that the guild was origionally created serveral years ago!! 🙂

Anyways, alot is going on and i am here to partake in the fun festivities and get a new toon off the ground and into a raiding guild as this is what they have developed into again another ironic thing i have found, i left to goto a raiding guild that fell from raiding to create a new toon to go to my old guild who is now Raiding!! Lost yet!!

So the next post i have with my update progress should not be so confusing, the new toon is a ShadowKnight, since i just love the pure raw abilities of the SK class,and he is sitting at lvl 16 with about 12 AA’s, i am in the process of becoming a citizen of Freeport as i feel that Neirek is just too confusing to be able to raise a new toon. So if your on Crushbone look for Chubbers the Kerra SK, i’m sure you’ll see me around, hit me up for a PUG or just to chat.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath or where ever you call home!!!

~Chubbylilbuddy / Cinderbella / Kuzab / Chubbers / Wonderboyz / Kryptonion / Chubetta~


Well i’ve been very busy recently getting my alts leveled up so i can take them to the lands that their brothers and sisters have been too.

These alts have heard many tales from their kins, and have been eagerly awaiting their time to journey to this distant and past lands to become ledgens of their own time and bask in the forgot hordes of treasure that have been long forgotten.

Kuzab my pally has finally had some QT time from me in the recent weeks.

He is currently sitting at level 62 adventurer and lv 54 tailorer, the goal is to have him maxed out in both before the release of the next expansion, Since tomarrow is christmas Eve and i am off till monday, i will be giving him some long over due attention. Normally i start off with the adventure side of things and move over the artisan side once i become boried. Kuzab was the first toon i created on Launch day of Eq2, actully if you remember back when Eq2 was launched that if you preordered the game you had a few extra days before the retail side launched so you was able to get ahead of the other, and i had at that time taken advantage of this, however i grew boried with my pally as it wasnt what i was looking for at the time and instead of deleting him i just pushed him to the back burner. about after 2 months on Kuzab i created my Zerker Chubbylilbuddy who became my main too for the next 6.5 years.

Chubbylilbuddy is currently sitting at lvl 83 in adventure status and is already maxed out in crafting (Alchemist). I still love logging into Chubby and going out and basjing everything i see, its a great way to releive your stress levels after a long day of working.  I am hoping with these holiday breaks i can get Chubby completely maxed out by end of year, its going to take alot of time and blood (not mine or chubbys) to get him there.

Cinderbella – this was the 3rd toon i created and about a year ago became my main toon – this is my SK and i completely fell in love with her and her ability to create so much damage, just fricking awesome!! She is maxed out in her adventure at 90 and is stilling pretty at 70 for a sage, i would love to have her completely maxed out by end of year, along with her grandmaster crafting acheived as well.

I also have 3 other toons that are still low levels and there is no way i would be able to get them to 90 by launch of the expansion, but i will give it a try, a fury, warlock and a gaurdian walks into a bar….Umm i mean those are what the other 3 toons that are low level are.

Now i have been looking to maybe delete one of these toon when the expansion comes out so i can try the new vampire race but i am still unsure, i may also just purchase another toon slot thru the Station Store but as i mentioned not 100% sure at this time.

So this is what i have been up to since last update, and will or should have another update in a day or two.  If you ever find yourself on Crushbone, please look any of my toons up that i have mentioned, get a group going and embark on an epic journey of fame and fortune, this is how ledgens are born, this is where the stories of or lore are made from, this is how we become the new hero’s of out time, and to have other generations speak of our ventures, this is how we save Norrath and bring it back to its once Glorious time.

Until then, Happy Hunting throught Norrath or where ever you call home!!


Happy Holiday to you and have a Happy New Year as well.

Well this past Thanksgiving Holiday weekend use to be my weekend of nothing but gaming and gaming hours upon hours and have alot of things accomplished, for some reason this didnt happen this year!!

I did however get logged in a few days of the 4 day weekend, I got to venture to Chelsith once again with KOM to help a few folks with some updates for their epic, i did get some nice loot that was able to place on the broker and earn some phat plat.

I also was able to get some solo time in as well, working  on getting Chubby up to lvl 90, i was working the questline in Sundering Frontier as well as collecting Shines and harvesting for Rares. I know i should really be hording my rares on the harvesting side and saving for some armor my toons may be needing, however i placed them on the broker and made some nice plat, i placed 4 rares and with in 1 hr i had made over 20 plat, love it. So i started to go harvest crazy hoping to get more rares to place on the broker..lol

After about 2hrs of Harvesting and only 1 Rare dropped i switched back to killing everything and anything in site to gain some XP, i was getting 200% XP for my Valitaly and and additional 20% for max toons  but it still seemed as if it was dragging, normally when receiving this amount of XP bonus i would of dinged at least 2-3 lvls during my play time and i did not, i was working the areas that was well beyond my current level but still no dingage occured.

Tonight i am still going to work on Chubby and try to get him to 90 by the end of this week, i also have Kuzab my pally that i have been ignoring as of late and need to get him back into the mist of things as well. so hopefully by the end of the year i will have 3 lvl 90 toons and on my way to a 4th and 5th if i am lucky..lol

Until next time , happy hunting across Norrath or where ever you may call home!!


“Well hello there Travelers, I have come from the distant lands to share a story of fame and wealth!!!!”




Yeah ok enough of the drama we have enough going on without it, what i am trying to get around to say is yes its that time of year again, YAJEE 200 is in full swing for Knights of Marr guild members.

What is the Yajee 200???

Well Yajee is one of the guild leaders of Knights of Marr on the crushbone server of Everquest 2, and 200 is the number of writs that needs to be completed in order to win the contest, yes 200 writs, first person to reach 200 writs will be rewarded 40 Plat…..woooohooooo.

This contest is great last years winner was Corliss 




The contest is only open to members of KOM only, and the fun has already begun, KOM hit level 81 last night due to the contest, and i can say that Chubby knocked out 29 writs last night alone and 10 the night before, so he is up to 39 writs of the 200.

EQ2_000011 EQ2_000010

EQ2_000012 EQ2_000013 EQ2_000015 EQ2_000014 EQ2_000016 EQ2_000010

Also Chubby has moved in his tradeskill level and is now a level 85 Alchemist, damn  about time i know Cinderbella is in need of some combat arts and potions.


Also in the news of KOM Twixt, Mya or what ever alt she is going by these days is re-decorating the guild hall for KOM with some of the latest additions of the expansions. So lets give her a big warm round of cheer for working hard at making our guild hall look like that home away from home!!

Ahh what the hell, we will just make this Knights of Marr guild post..lol

Also in the exciting news of KOM, i want to send a congrats out to Shadowblades, aka Tastopherie (something like that) he has been promoted to guild leader, this position is shared by Yajee, Healyou, &  Knebiter. Sorry if i missed anyone else i am drawing a blank. but anyways Good luck with the added pressure, stress, and all the enjoyments of decision making when it comes to leadership, i should know i was one of the leaders of Loooney Toons in Eq2 and Heart of the Black Dragon in Eq2 and Eq1. anyways congrats and good luck.

So i finally did battlegrounds the other night, as i had no clue as to what i was doing i was jus running around aimlessly killing anything i saw move, if you were a team-mate…ooooopsie……my bad!!!  🙂


Not a bad concept, taking some of the game features of a First person shooter and develop them into a MMO, like Hold Territory Towers, capture the flag, Hold the Relic and so on. As these idea are not fresh and new, but just redesigned into a different format of gaming. From my understanding you can gain or be rewarded different types of Armor or armor sets, i have yet to see those, except for the ones that Harlow made me for toughness, War-painted armor. but as a reward for participating in the tournaments you gain yet another type of coin to collect and use to purchase new items. Well i have 3 so far as i did 3 of these games, i can see this being a filler when you are bored with the everyday grind of the game or just don’t feel like crafting, lest just see how long SOE will keep it around and what they have in store for this, as we have seen LON looks like its here to stay, so can they do the same with Battlegrounds??? Only time will tell.EQ2_000000

So with the new expansion out and most players have been playing since mid Feb. 2010, tell me what you think of the expansion, the changes, the additions, send your likes and dislikes. This is your chance to express your opinion on the latest SOE EQ2 Expansion.

With all that said and until next time……………………………………………………………….

Happy Hunting in Norrath




Well i havent posted anything in a while and prob lost my loyal readers, but hey lets see who is still out there.

Anyways not too much has been going on in my EQ2 world just working on Cinderbella she is finally lvl 70 and 58 sage, so i have been grinding her out. I have said this all to much but i love the shadowknight class and cant wait to work on her some more.

Also on my Origional toon Kuzab, me and a few Real life friends have created a New Guild and this guild dates back to the day of Eq1, “Heart of the Black Dragon” we had this guild in eq1 for the longest time and we accomplished so many differernt things before Eq2 was launched, we ran into each other in game a month ago and started the idea of bringing the guild back and see where it takes us. I am still part of my other guild i only took 1 toon out, i will always be part of my Knights i do not want to leave them.

However the new guild is going well we have 10 members and are working on getting the guild leveled up as of last night we are at lvl 9 or 10 i cant remember but is going well, of course no guild hall as of yet, just alot of Heritage quest and tradeskill writs are being done as well as collecting as many status items as i can. i must of spent 30plat on status items so far. the guild last i checked has 15Plat saved in the bank and we are working on saving for a GH and some basic aminities.
I feel the nastolgia from the past living again in this new day and age and enjoying the paladin class with Kuzab.

The guild is more or less a east coast guild looking for players that want to enjoy the game and proceed through it different challanges, we are Freeport based at this point and that makes it difficult for Kuzab to enter being only lvl 55 and KOS. But these are some of the challanges that we must face to make our mark on Norrath once again.
Sooner or later the Name “Heart of the Black Dragon” will strike fear in the eyes of Norrath once again.

Also i wanted to wish my readers a Happy Holidays at this time of the year what ever ritual your family may celebrate i hope it is the best one yet and remember to kiss and not kick a gnome during this time of the year, gnomes need love too.

untill next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath.


Ok so i get on last night and a RL buddy sends me a tell that he started a new alt, this is going to be his Raiding Templar………..Yeah ok sure.

So after about 15 minutes of asking him why, that you really havent done all you can with your main, theres so much more that can be done and with the expansion coming out he will be doing double the work.

Then it dawned to me that i had 5 alts, i have done this same thing, why an i downing his gaming or style of play. So i logged in Chubetta, my half-elf Fury and headed to TS, why do you ask i logged my Fury in and not Chubby or Cinderbella, because Chubetta was the same level that Thapharsyde was 28 and this would be a great chance for us both to gain levels and have some fun in the older zones that we dont visit much anymore, unless its a slow night and the Supply depot is getting low.

Over all it was fun i dinged 2 levels on chubetta and gained 1 AA, Thapharsyde gained about 3 AA’s that i saw and 2 levels as well. Its been a really long time since i played my fury and was hard to remember what spell did what and why, so after the first 20 min i worked out the kinks and we were on our way to slaying some Crabs, slugs, zombies, skellys, hawks and the occisional Bear. OH MY.

So once again i ask my self the one question, Why do i always do this, i have tons of alts and little time to play them.

Tonight, i have no clue what alt or if it will be Chubby logging in, I can tell you the answer to the questions, is because it shows me the different styles of the charecters and class in this wonderfull game, to learn the different spells and roles of each class and see how they fit in the big picture is amazing, i started this game at launch, and i still learn something new each time  i play and thats what keeps me in Norrath and not in another distant land. Dont get me wrong i will try the other MMO’s and see what they have to offer and compare them to Eq2, and in the end I always seem to come back to the one that started me into the MMO’s …Eq / Eq2

Well until next time, happy Hunting in Norrath.


Loot off 1st Named

Loot off 1st Named


Well we raided Emerald Halls again this weekend, this time we picked up where we left off, 2nd floor we had a good turn out and just proceeded to lay into these mobs like they were nothing. We cleared our way to the Unicorn and Faydrakes and thats where it all happened, we could not get past the Unicorn. Sure we had a few deaths on the way to this point but nothing like this unicorn and her drakes both mobs place a stun on the group or certain members as an AOE and if you are in range then you are not going to be able to help untill the stun wears off. I had the drakes and i wa keeping the aggro but my healers were getting stunned and i was going down fast. so we changed it up and i had the Unicorn and Bownzer had the Drakes, we were doing this part good untill the stun happened again, we are going to figure a way to get around the stuns and get her cleared. I think the next run at this zone we have to start back at the 1st floor and do it from the begining.

All in we had a great turn out and had tons of Fun from  the pic in the begining of this blog is some of the loot tat droped during our raid, Chubby picked up the scitimar and is now using it to duel weild and he is not doing too bad at it either.


Untill Next time

Happy Hunting in Norrath