“Well hello there Travelers, I have come from the distant lands to share a story of fame and wealth!!!!”




Yeah ok enough of the drama we have enough going on without it, what i am trying to get around to say is yes its that time of year again, YAJEE 200 is in full swing for Knights of Marr guild members.

What is the Yajee 200???

Well Yajee is one of the guild leaders of Knights of Marr on the crushbone server of Everquest 2, and 200 is the number of writs that needs to be completed in order to win the contest, yes 200 writs, first person to reach 200 writs will be rewarded 40 Plat…..woooohooooo.

This contest is great last years winner was Corliss 




The contest is only open to members of KOM only, and the fun has already begun, KOM hit level 81 last night due to the contest, and i can say that Chubby knocked out 29 writs last night alone and 10 the night before, so he is up to 39 writs of the 200.

EQ2_000011 EQ2_000010

EQ2_000012 EQ2_000013 EQ2_000015 EQ2_000014 EQ2_000016 EQ2_000010

Also Chubby has moved in his tradeskill level and is now a level 85 Alchemist, damn  about time i know Cinderbella is in need of some combat arts and potions.


Also in the news of KOM Twixt, Mya or what ever alt she is going by these days is re-decorating the guild hall for KOM with some of the latest additions of the expansions. So lets give her a big warm round of cheer for working hard at making our guild hall look like that home away from home!!

Ahh what the hell, we will just make this Knights of Marr guild post..lol

Also in the exciting news of KOM, i want to send a congrats out to Shadowblades, aka Tastopherie (something like that) he has been promoted to guild leader, this position is shared by Yajee, Healyou, &  Knebiter. Sorry if i missed anyone else i am drawing a blank. but anyways Good luck with the added pressure, stress, and all the enjoyments of decision making when it comes to leadership, i should know i was one of the leaders of Loooney Toons in Eq2 and Heart of the Black Dragon in Eq2 and Eq1. anyways congrats and good luck.

So i finally did battlegrounds the other night, as i had no clue as to what i was doing i was jus running around aimlessly killing anything i saw move, if you were a team-mate…ooooopsie……my bad!!!  🙂


Not a bad concept, taking some of the game features of a First person shooter and develop them into a MMO, like Hold Territory Towers, capture the flag, Hold the Relic and so on. As these idea are not fresh and new, but just redesigned into a different format of gaming. From my understanding you can gain or be rewarded different types of Armor or armor sets, i have yet to see those, except for the ones that Harlow made me for toughness, War-painted armor. but as a reward for participating in the tournaments you gain yet another type of coin to collect and use to purchase new items. Well i have 3 so far as i did 3 of these games, i can see this being a filler when you are bored with the everyday grind of the game or just don’t feel like crafting, lest just see how long SOE will keep it around and what they have in store for this, as we have seen LON looks like its here to stay, so can they do the same with Battlegrounds??? Only time will tell.EQ2_000000

So with the new expansion out and most players have been playing since mid Feb. 2010, tell me what you think of the expansion, the changes, the additions, send your likes and dislikes. This is your chance to express your opinion on the latest SOE EQ2 Expansion.

With all that said and until next time……………………………………………………………….

Happy Hunting in Norrath





Last night the DD was Evernight Abbey and i have never been there and when a fellow guildie asked if i wanted to join them i was very interested and very nervous as well since i did know what to expect.

Once i zoned in they shared the daily double and advised that the first quater of the zone was completed already, and we needed to head in to the SUN room,  it was alittle rough at first but after a few minutes everything was falling in place. We ended up killing the Thex guy and received our 2 for the daily and the 1 in the chest woot woot 3 shards.

Also due to chubby earning 3 shards i went back to the GH and created my leggins T2 shard armor, now i am wearing 3 peices of Shard armor and have 3 to go half way there.  After i created my armor we headed to Deep forge for a quick run and gain another shard. we were in the zone for only about 20 min and cleared the whole zone we had some troubles on Doomforger ( i think thats was his name) other than him all the mobs , Names fell with no problems.

tonight i want to do a few more shard runs i need 18 for my helm, 21 for my chest and 27 for my shoulders so there is alot of shards that is in need, i also sent a text out to a few regular guildies and we are going to try and get as many shard this weekend since it is a holiday weekend, i am going to Thapharsyde’s / Corliss’ house for a LAN / EQ2 party and plan on gaming till the wee hours of the morning.  We try and do this at least once a month if we can but havent done so since the begining of Spring, now its the end of Summer and well time to get away from the wife and kids and put the game to the test. Corliss and i have known each other for over 12 years now, seems like yesterday we were working for a telemarketing firm and complaining about it. lol now he works for COMCAST (shameless Plug) and i work for a Medical Software IT Firm..Who would of everthunk it, back then…..

Anyways its 5pm here in PA where i work at and that means one thing…TIME TO GO HOME or in my case TIME TO GOTO THE SOCCER FEILD to watch my kids practice….fun fun

Untill next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath !!!!!!!!!!


Well let me tell you my Friday night and early saturday morning was more than words can describe. Lets just say that i earned 15 Void shards last night 3AA’s and came wilth some nice house items and i purchased a new house in Neriek and became a citizen of this Dark and dismal city.

Well to start off, when it was Friday we did all 3 Befallens, 2 lavastorms and 3 everfrost shard runs for 8 shards. We have worked a system out that we get the shard from the quest, and we dont bother with the chest in the instances we usually spend about 30 min to and hr in each instance and sometimes less to complete the missions and it has been working very well. During those Shard runs we came out with some nice house items:

  1. Maroon Tapestry of the Forsaken
  2. Frost Rimed Chandelier
  3. Tapestry of Flame
  4. Azure Rug of the Forsaken

Tapestry 2009

Plus i made about 4 plat on these as well, Also durning this time i gained 2 AA’s, We did die only 2 times thur the 8 instances so not too bad.

at this time it was about 230am time for a small AFK to get my barrnings , strech my legs, Coffee, lots of Coffee and any bathroom breaks. after about a half hour of being AFK, Yajee and Harlow talked me into creating a Monk, we still had an hour before the new shard quests came out for the new day(saturday) so why not, so i created yet another ALT ..Monkeeman my Monk alt i started to quest him on the isle and then i was informed the new quests were out and the DD we arre doing as well wooohoo.

So We ended up doing 3 more everfrost, 2 more befallen and the DD in Everfrost. so we ended iup with 7 more shard this morning, and i gained another AA making the total up to 3 during this logged session.

It was a blast, we have a few more areas that i want to test and see if we can include them in our shard runs, with this in our sites i should be able to get a full set of T2 possbily T3 by end of month woooot woot.

Just wanted to say thanks to Yajee/Sweetlove, Twixt, Ebonchyld, & Shadowblades for a great evening, with a force like we had last night i feel really sorry for some the mobs in eq2.

Cant wait to see what this evening has instore for us.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well last night started off rough, not ingame but in RL , see we had this hugh storm move in last night and it was bad, to make a long story short, it wipedout 2 of my DVD/VCR players, my Sons Computer, and the Wii system…ahhhh, so yeah it started out bad. After i clamed my nerves from all the fried electronics, i jumped into the game and was looking for something to do. Then arounf 10pm est all the regulars logged in Mezer, Kasala, Yajee, Mya. So after all the greeting came we all decided to do the Daily Dould shard Run which was OOA last night. i really only been in here once and didnt make it past the 1st room. So last night was a challange for me to make it past that point, and we did we were a well oiled machine. we had some problems in the 3rd room where you have to bounce  and gather the orbs and kill the floating guy. Yeah needless to say we wiped alot trying to figure this one, But hey after a repair bot we was ready to go and this time it was balls to the wall, we finally made i past this part and earned some nice loot and on to the final boss of the zone. the final boss was not that hard except for someone stealing aggro from me not mentioning any names yajee but damn it was rough i thought we was going to wipe. We killed the boss gained our shard, and zoned for the turn in. i love the DD due to the face that you can actully earn 3 shards.

We then took a small break and we all headed to the Solo Shard in Lavastorm and was finished with that in about 10 min.

After that we headed to Deep Forge and proceeded to lay the smake down on them in there. Again i have only been to DF once and died at Crum, but this time we was able to control him and killed him.

Over all DF went well i wiped the group 4 times on the final boss trying to figure out the best way to walk backwards while still fighting.

Thanks to all that joined us last night, Witchhh from Looony Toons thanks again for the help and its good to see ya old friend.

It was fun gained some nice loot and plat and i had lots of Fun, Chubby gained another AA durnig all of this and this weekend is double AA exp woohoo cant wait.

Untill Next time  Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well last night, i just could not get in the grove of tings with Chubby, and i have been having so much fun with Cinderbella, i went ahead and logged her in.

I then went to Rivervale and gathered some quest up and began to work on them,i also took a 2 hour Combat potion and made sure i took the right potion this time.

I started to kill everything in site first i started with the rabid pups and worked my way around, in the process i gained some loot that i was able to sell to the merchants / vendors and some other items that i placed on the broker. I ran with Rivervale untill my 4 bags were completely full and called back to the guild. i was earning about 3% per kill, not too bad, still feels slow.

After unloading my bags i was kinda boried with Rivervale and headed to lavastorm and was killing he drakes on the beach and i forgot i had a quest for them so not only was i gaining more xp since there were around my level i was getting the quest xp at the time of turn in, i was in the process of killing 20 drakes and i think i was on #10 when i dinged and hit level 47 Shadowknight…woohooo.

So Cinderbella is slowly moving on up to the top of her class. i really cant wait till i am able to use her in shard runs, so i can gain more shards per day.

Other than that i still have about 43 minutes left on the timer for the potion that i used and will be logging in to use the remaiing of it tonight.

Untill Next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


Ok so last night we went to Chardock again to help Healyou get his epic, all i can say is that this zone is well hated, i mean for a normal group this zone can be too difficult, I feel bad for Heal, we have can here several times to get his update and we cant get past one of the last parts to get his update.

We had a full group and got half ways in and lost our Necro to LD, either he had enough of the death runs or he actully went LD and just never relogged back in so we tried it with just the 5 we had and could not make it to the red gate, we made it past the 1st named past the blue gate and that was about as far as we made it before calling the group, i was kinda disappointed for Heal, i want to see him get this update, once he gets chardock done, its off to Sebilis and should be smooth sailing for him there. My Update in here was easy only had to kill a few mobs and got the update, for him its like the most difficult part of his epic..poor Gokklok ahh i mean Heal…Sigh

After the group split up Heal, Sinfire, Cece, Chubby, Jonna & Kesala Headed to Mistmyr Manor to get a shard we did fairly well and i also came out with a Painting too. it was a fun zone got to chat with fellow guildmates while we ran the zone.

After we got our shard i mentioned that i was headed to Lavastorm to get my daily solo shard, Sin went along as we both have the access to this shard, we grouped up and killed out 12 shadowmen, Cece asked us how she could get this quest, we mentioned to her that you have to finish a quest line in order to get the Daily solo Shard access and once she completes it she can come back once a day and get the shard, so we started to run her thru the quetline and me and sin helped and also was getting our Unbound Elemental Essence quest finished so we can get more of the essence shards, i have 6 now gained 3 last night, and i feel that they should lower the amount of essence shard on the jewerly 30 is was too much i can see 10 or 15 but 30 is way too many to get the peices that you need. We also finished up another quest in lava last night ” Barred No More (82)” and i went with the “Ring of the Flame Disciple” and Sinfire went with “Fingerhoop of the Flame Disciple” Both are a nice little upgrade for us and was well worth the Efforts, Cece is closer to getting her daily solo shard quest, I left half way thru her run due to having to get up early for work and it was already 330am EST, So i called back to the guild hall and sold my trash and placed my broker items for sale. the little run last night gained me 3 plat, and whatever i get on the broker the next few days. so all and all it was a good run.

Tonight is Raid night for “The Misfits Raid Coalition” and i am not sure that i am going to make it or not, just due to the fact that the Wife and i have no kids tonight and are going out to dinner for some alone time, i will still log into Eq2 but have no idea on what time that will be.

What i woul like to do is get a group or even 2 groups mini raid and go back to chardock and get heals update and then head to get the final two updated for my epic with that same mini raid and gain my fabled epic, hopefully this will come true tonight but if it doesnt i still would like to see Heal get his Chardock update.

Oh yeah i almost forgot, last night i also gained Kuzab up another level he now sits at 47 and i also got him 3 AA points, he is slowly getting up there, again this is my toon that i made at launch of eq2 and have not really played him all that much, i just kinda got boried with the Paladin, but have come to the light that now as he get older he has some really powerfull spells and arts. I look foward to play him a little each nightm untill Chubby is called and needed to some pure chaos being unleased on the foe’s of Norrath.

The Guild is going to be minus 1 member or 2, for the next month, Jonna/Mezzer has Military training and will gone, Hopefully Kasala will still be on while he is out gaining XP on protecting this fine country of ours, My hats off to you bro for all that you give up to server our country and make it a safer place to live in.

Also i would like to give a BIG thank you to all of our police officers in the world, thank you too for all that you sacrifice to ensure the law is upheld and it is a safe place for us and our children to live in, if you are wondering where and why i am bringing this up, its due to the events that unfolded last week in Pittsburgh Pa ,  3 of Pittsburghs police officers were gunned down in the line of duty by one deranged idiot. I have several friends that i grew up with who are police officers and my best friend, who happens to be my neighbor who is a officer, i dont get to tell them enough how i appreicate all that they do to make life better for all of us, and these events last week really makes you think and have an appreacition for our service men, weather they are militart, local police officers or Goverment officers, they still give up more to see that we are safe and the freedom that we have is protected.

Thank you again

So if you see a police officer or any Military personal please remember these words and tell them that you appreicate their trials and tribulations that they do for our country, and if you feel brave enough give them a hug or shake their hand, they will understand and appriecate the kind words and make their everyday job a little easier knowing that they make a difference.

With all that said i must go, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


This past weekend seemed to fly by, i did get about 24 hours of gaming in over the weekend and during that time, i mainly ventured in Lavastorm gaining faction with the order of flame and Sootfoot. I have finished just about all of the Order of Flames quest i think i have 2 more to go, i have the daily solo shard quest access now and have been trying to complete that once a day either solo or with a few guildies to make it go faster.

last night i went to the Faction merchant on the Docks and was looking over the items and saw the lava carpet and was debating on weather i should buy this and if it was worth 6 plat. Now this carpet gives you 90 out of combat regen on health & power and 55% run speed. My current run speed on my Dire Bear mount was 45% so that was a upgrade and most of my armor give power and health regen, also i have a few totems for this as well. So i went ahead and forked over the 6plat and have been running on my carpet ever since, I always wanted a carpet and didnt feel like completeing the quest in SS for it, i was not at that level range when everyone was doing that quest line for their carpets, so i went with the easier route gaining faction and coughing up the plat.hehe. Now i also want to get the flaming Cow from the sootfoot faction but it only has 45% run and 60 regen on pwr and health, and is only 1 plat so i may get that later down the road just for show or collection.

I then decided to run around for a while in lavastorm and gather shinies so i can get the collections finished and make some money on broker, i flew around for about what seemed like 45 minutes but was actully 2 hours, guess time really does Fly..hehe on a carpet. so i completed a few sootfoot factions and then i got the call to goto sebilis to help out raid alliance member get updates for her epic, it then clicked that hey i’m on that same stage for my epic, i totally forgot about it, i asked where in Seb and they said past th lower jail area to kill the reet frogs she had to kill 40+ frogs to get her update, i asked weather they minded when in the lower jail area we clear it so i can get my epic update too, they were more than glad to help, and if we can get 2 updates then it was a really productive night. i got us wiped  a few times, which was totally my fault, 1 i was knocked back into more mobs and pulled them into group, and the other 2 times i  gained more aggro than we could handle. But we made it to the jail area and proceeded to kill all the sath. Legionaires that we saw after only 3 kills i got my “Greenmist essences orb” for my update, it was fairly easy. so we moved to the next room and there were our froggys..”Ummm da frogies loook tastieee”

So we proceed to kill Frogs for the next 2.5 hours it seemed like forever but we finished and got her update, we was going to kill the last named for her but she went LD and never came back, we found out that she was having router problems and called it the night. We called back to guild and our group departed and most guildies logged for the night i needed 4 more updates to complete my fabled Epic, so proceeded to Barren Sky “Isle of Desolation” to harverst the “Statue of the Ancient One”, this was not a prob everything was greyed out to me and i got my next update only 3 more to go woohoo, so then i headed to JW so i could speak to Izzle Din by all the ghosts at the ruins, i was kinda nervous because i saw where he was on the map but couldnt figure if he was in the middle or on the outside of the ruin, so i went invis with a totem and proceed on the outer rim of the ruins untill i ws completely behind it and continued to scout out the terran, i made it to the corner of the back side and saw my iskar i had to talk to , i then got my Update and zoned back to guild, so i gathered up 3 updates last night alone and only have 2 more to go, which i am going to need the assistance of the guild or raid alliance, i have to stay in JW and kill eldrig the young & old and then head back to Nek and take a group in to the instance and protect my apprentice from the void portals and the creatures that come from them. Sounds pretty easy right, nope i heard Eldrig alone is very hard, i will be doing soe research on this durning my lunch today and hopefull we can get a group and take him down on the first try. if i get this tonight i am going to be so pumped i doubt i get sleep, i have to figure out how i a going to get my mythical next and that is going to require a raid force from what i have gathered.

So this weekend was filled with alot of content, from the raid on Friday and Saturday that i didnt goto, just wanted to take a weekend off for raid, to a promotion in guild, to getting my Faction in Lavastorm and getting closer to my epic. It was indeed a wonderful 24 hours of gaming.

I have just finished downloading AOC for the free trail, i am going to give that a try to see what all the hype is all about and so i can say “Age of Conan, Yeah i played that for a while!” lol also i am still dabbling with Spellborn and Runes of magi, will have more on those once i get a chance to get more time in, planning on playing Wizard101 and a few other free MMO’s that have caught my eye, so we’ll see where that leads us too.

Happy Hunting in Norrath,