September 2009

Well this my 100 post since end of Dec 2008, woooot wooot.

I would like to thank the Academy, my manager, and ahhhhhhh sorry Miss Tell.

I would actully like to Thank the loyal readers of this blog, if it wasnt for you no one would read my blogs, no seriously i probablly would of stopped a long time ago. This is something that i really didnt intend on doing but thought it would be kind of neat to write of my gaming exp. and hopefully help others in the process, if they are stuck in a certain area, or wanted to know what was going on in the gaming world. I do post about other games that i play weather it is WOW, or some of the Free to play games out there that i have tried or maybe one of the games that i beta, but for the most part my blogs are EQ2 related, since that is my main game of choice, i started out in eq1 and progressed to Eq2 when it launched and i have had a blast. So thank you all for sticking with me for a wonderful 100 post, i look forward to many more years of post on all the games i play.

Now lets get down to the nitty-gritty of this past weekend.

Well Friday night there was not that much going on, i was basically grinfing on the token quest in Commonlands and buying house items to place in my new home in Neriak, also i have located my additional room that they applied with the latest patch, which was hidden behind some fake walls my interior decorator “Twixt” had placed up. it only took me about a half an hour to locate this room and began to place items in this, i have made a L&L wall for all the trophy’s  i have also i have all the tapestry’s in this room and a grave site of where i will be i’ll have to post some pics when i get home.

Saturday was much like friday, continued to gain tokens for the house items given at the spires for the repeatable quests they have going on in this past update. i also went and visited some zones to complete some of my collections quest,  and collecting shinies to sell on the broker. This has been  very profitable for me i am well over 100 plat just by selling shinies, but the thing you need to make sure is that you continue to check your prices and outbid others or sell them at the same price, as well as adding more shinies to your broker as the old ones sell. if you follow this method you will have the plat to buy the things you need.

Sunday was not much of a gaming day, went to church and then shopping with the wife and kids and came home to watch the steelers play, Once i was in game i created 2 player written books and placed them in the GH for display. I again went shinie hunting, and visited some zones for pages to complete a few more quest.

Monday i played around on my Alts getting their Racial traits back to where they needed to be and gain went shinie hunting.

Tonight i want to revisit shard of Love and maybe Fear & Hate as well, i can asure you that i will be shinie hunting, and maybe looking up where the other pages i need to finish off some collections, I do need a few more shinies for my Kunark Collection quest so i may try to fit that in some how as well.

Well again thanks for reading my last 100 post i look forward to writing more to share with the players of norrath.

Until Next time, Happy hunting in Norrath.



Shard of Love at zone in

Shard of Love at zone in

After we complete the access quest to Shard of Love, we ventured in to see what was going on, when we zones it was beautiful looking zone , but you could feel that something was not right. there are a few mobs in the front of the zone they are for the most part ^^^ or ^^ and at level 80 they con Blue to me. so we took the time just the 3 of us Mya, Corliss and Me (Chubby) wacking away at the mobs, yajee soon logged in and we convinced him to join us, we helped him complete the access quest which only took us 15 min since we knew what to do now, and Once he joined up we had a pretty good small group of guildies exploring the new zone together.

So we cleared out the front of the zone, at the top of the stairs there is a NPC with a quest feather above their head. Talk to Lanielle, to get the quest “Shrouded Memories of Love”. The quest wants you to seek out information and find out what happened to Erollisi Marr.

You will need to make your way thru the zone and locate Arawen & Gwestanna for information, once you have spoken to these 2, go back to Lanielle, and receive your update.

Next Lanielle will ask you to venture in to the Chapel of Love and remove whatever is tainting the sahrd from within. to gain access to the chapel of Love you need to call all the names within the zone to remove the barrier and unlock the door to the Chapel of Love.

In the distance is the Chapel of Love

In the distance is the Chapel of Love

Named Mobs:

All Named mobs will be equal to the average level of the group (white con).

Note: All the named locations are on the latest update of Eq2maps. Also all the Names are ring events, you need to kill all the mobs in that area in order to have the Name spawn. ( be prepared for long battles if there is only 3 or 4 in your group.)

Once you Kill the 1st Named, you will unlock the 4 new Shinies that will be now spawning throughout the zone, those new shinies are the following :

Also there are 2 additional quest in this zone as well :

Once you have killed all the Named mobs in the Zone the door to the chapel of Love with be opened and in the Middle of the room is standing Mithaniel Marr <The Sorrowful> (yellow ^^^) he will be 2 levels above your group.

after a short dialog he will begin to attack you, at this point i had so much energy flowing thru me it was unbelievable me and Corliss & Yajee was laying into this god while Mya was healing us and trying not to die. i think he was down to about 50% when all of a sudden he stopped and snapped back to his origional place, at this point i thought this was bugged, but it was part of the quest, he went into another dialog session and walked to the back of the chapel. I am not going to reveal anthing else from this point, basically there is no more fighing , you will complete the quest but if you want to know what is in the back of the Chapel you will have to complete the quest.

I will tell you that you will receive 2 things as you reward to this quest.

  • Rewards: Lover’s setee (house item)
  • Achievement Title: Love’s Champion

It is a wonderful story and i love forward to visiting this zone again to complete the other 2 quest in here. I think with the Sahrd of Love the Devs did a great job explaining the Story behind the goddess of Love and her disappearance. Good JOB SOE.

you will have a lockout once you have completed this Min is 18 hrs max is 1 day 11hrs.

Once i complete the other quest i will post them here as well.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


Well last night i had no update which was great, due to the night before i had a 2 hr update because of my internet connection being DSL (ATT) and the area where i live i am not getting the full speed that i am suppose to due to the telephone lines, I am too cheap to fork out money to comcast and their rates, so those are my only 2 options unless i want Dailup which would be pointless.

Also as a side note with the new patch there has been many problems being happening to players on all the servers, wheather this is something that is wrong in the coding of the patch or just so many players logging back in to see what the patch had to give. SOE is still looking into the matter and working to correct the issues at hand. According to & Rothgar at SOE, please see the following message posted at ZAM:

“According to Rothgar, there’s a fix for the memory errors that have plagued many people since GU53 launched.  Simply close your client and rerun your patcher to get the latest EXE.

Rothgar is also actively monitoring servers for performance issues, and in some cases temporarily turning off the Spire event and even locking the servers until their database recovers. “

So last night once i was in the game, a few of my guildies were on and looking over what was added in the update, and of course fixing the racial traits and seeing what armor was nerfed. Well after a few minutes adjusting these and checking my broker and the 6 bags of shinines i have for sale. I made an additional 14 plat last night when i logged in upto 113plat right now, trying not to spend anything except repair bills. We decided to finish the access quest to Shard of Love and see what the zone looked like.

Note: If you are a Evil player the access quest is called Through The Gates of Bliss for Hate.

If you are a Good player then your access quest is called: Through the Gates of Bliss for Love.

Also Note that this is a Spoiler and a step by step instructions on the Access Quest, do not read on if you do not want to know how to complete the quest.

The first step for us, since we were evil was to seek out of Disipline of Hate rep just outside the West Freeport gate in the commonlands,( Also within Neriak, City of Hate, or within Gorowyn.) After speaking to him he sent us to Antonica to speak to the sisterhood- Priestess Annalisa Swornlove just outside the druid ring, after speaking to her she sent us back to the commonlands to seek out some valorian bloom which are blue blooms from a flower around where the Avatar of Valor spawns. After we collected 1 Valorian bloom each we headed back to Priestess Annalisa Swornlove to give her the blooms.

After you give the Priestess Annalisa Swornlove the blooms, she is going to send you to Greater Faydark & Everfrost to seek out “Lady Shae’s Arrow” & “the Weakest point between Shard of Love and N orrath.

So now you are going to journey to Greater Faydark and goto Tunare’s Sapling at -57,11,-48 and click on the giant arrow in the ground to obtain the update. At this time you are going to have a disciple of Hate spawn and attack you, kill it and have someone in the group to open a portal and take Everfrost.

Now that you are in Everfrost you are going to need to find the weakest point between Shard of Love and Norrath. Goto the main dock and goto the northend of the dock, you should see a bunch of rocks / rubble laying on the docks click on it to get your update and then have someone open a portal back to Antonica and goto the Priestess Annalisa Swornlove by the Druid ring.

Now she will tell you that she will meet you in Everfrost to complete the ritual, again open a portal to everfrost goback to the docks where you clicked on the rubble and speak to the Priestess to get the portal to open. Now that you have completed this part of the quest you will have access to the Shard of Love.  For our group we zoned back to Commonlads and went and spoke to the Disciple to complete our quest and receive our reward which was a tapestry of the Sisterhood (same as the cloak from last Erroliss Day quest) and Lady Shae’s Arrow – Both are house items.

Now you can Zone back into Everfrost and Access the Shard of Love: A Moment of Valor.

BTW we completed the Access quest with only 3 toons, we had a Tank, Healer and DPS.

Well we all jumped back in with energy flowing thru our viens but i will save the details of  SOL for another post.

Untill Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!


Well i have checked a few different sites and it looks as if GU53 is live and all servers are back up and running as of 2pm est according to Eq2Wire. it was suppose to be a 4 hr patch / game update but only took about 1hr 45min not too shabby SOE now lets see if you did it right when i log in tonight.

Also for you folks that use Profit UI, there is a update for that too which will cover Quest/Achievements window as well as the AA/Racial Traits window.

Now for the fun part of the post….drum roll pleazzzzzze ………………..




  • The new achievement system gives players a fun new way to track their accomplishments! Most achievements will award players with achievement points that can be used to compare their progress against other players. Some harder to complete achievements will offer non-stat item rewards. The basic categories are General, Dungeons, Exploration, Player vs. Player, Quests, Raids, Tradeskills and Triumphs. Triumphs are large scale achievements that combine multiple achievements into one large one. An example of this would be to do all of the combat, quest, and exploration achievements in a specific area.


  • A number of mysterious erudites have set up in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, Gorowyn, and Kelethin. Any player level 20 or higher can speak to them and for a small fee temporarily lower their adventuring level.
  • This works similarly to mentoring except:
    • You do not need a mentoring target.
    • You can only choose levels in increments of 5 (10, 15, 20, etc).
    • You do not receive the bonuses granted from mentoring other players (currently you receive a very large bonus to AA gain while mentoring another player, this is not granted by the Chronomagic system).
  • The chronomagic will last until cancelled (right-click on your nameplate or /unmentor). Once cancelled, you must return to any Timeless Chronomage to reactivate the effect Additionally, 37 new missions have been added that work similar to The Shadow Odyssey’s daily doubles. They task players with slaying various bosses within zones of all levels throughout Norrath And, of course, these missions reward players with an array of exciting new items!

Chronomagic works the same on PvP servers as it does on PvE servers. However, it also has all the same restrictions as mentoring—namely that you cannot engage in PvP combat while the chronomagic effect is on your character. This makes it quite a bit more dangerous on PvP servers, so good luck and be careful!

Bosses and Events

  • As part of the chronomagic initiative, a pass was made through old-world overland and contested dungeons to greatly increase the frequency with which bosses and events spawned or occurred. Many placeholders and placeholder ring events were either removed or weighted much more heavily toward actual bosses spawning. Some of the notable highlights include placeholders being removed from: (Note: These are all from forum feedback)
    • Crypt of Betrayal – Specter of Ire
    • Enchanted Lands – Chomper
    • Everfrost – Chieftain Iceburn
    • Feerrott – Screaming Mace HQ targets Agony, Hukulan, Kaxor, Xilarga, and Tzugaax. Also Bouncers Prud, Hurd, Fug, and Flerb who were also changed to no longer despawn
    • Greater Faydark – Crushbone Expedition Leader, Chef, Weaponsmith, and Planner
    • Lavastorm – Fire Toad, Magolemus
    • Nektulos – Dannian Blackleaf – removed respawn time and despawn time, should always be up now
    • Obelisk of Lost Souls – Mediums of Dyrt, Cron, Iza, Odris, Norrath, and Lysys, Soul Harvesters Kul, Na, Gron, and Zej, Avulsor
    • Old Telescopic Lens (quest starter for The Staff of Observers) drops much more frequently
    • Zek – the Orchish Wastes – Sentry Goorlux
    • Palace of the Awakened – Skylord Stormclaw, Advisor Soliddar
    • Rivervale – Willowmaw the Rotting
    • Ruins of Varsoon – Weavemaster Esh’rax, Tome of Life, Tome of Death, The Creator
    • Solusek’s Eye – Enforcer Maj’Fahd, Soulslaver Djar’veh, The Speaker of Fates, The Castigator, Lord Crana, Onyxlam
    • Steamfont – Bulka Bloodhorn, Digmaster Pechpooka, Slave Pechmooka, Scout Pechyooka
    • Steppes – Stiletto, Bloodtalon
    • Stormhold – a caveroot horror, Battlepriest Alexandria
    • Stormhold – The Scions – Archiovianix, Hephinntari, Qelinatias, Tumarinan
    • The Vestibule – The Medium of Hykor
    • Tombs of Night – The Leucous Maw
  • There are a large number of ring events that work similarly in these zones: Antonica, Commonlands, Everfrost, Sinking Sands, Enchanted Lands, Feerrott, Nektulos, Zek – the Orcish Wastes, and Thundering Steppes. They had a very high chance to spawn a placeholder, a small chance to spawn a boss, a small chance to spawn a shrine that buffs the player, and a small chance to spawn a number of different merchants. The chance to spawn a placeholder was greatly reduced and there is now a very high chance for one of the ‘events’ to occur. The merchants were all combined into the ‘rare’ merchant, who will now always spawn for that event. They also have a much larger merchantlist, and will buy, sell, and repair your gear! Contested Epic spawns in lower level zones were lowered to spawn every three days (with a large variation) instead of once a week.
  • A number of x2 and x3 contested mobs were downtiered because they had a 0% chance to drop fabled gear. They were lowered to triple-ups and their spawn times were adjusted accordingly. The contested epic mobs who did have fabled loot were given a 100% chance to drop at least one fabled item each time they are slain. Some of the mobs changed include:
    • Allidax the Ancient
    • Alrendi Thoughtsong
    • Broog the Banished
    • Commander Nagrat
    • Cragshell
    • Cyenadros, Lord of the Sanctum
    • Doomsquall
    • Equestrielle
    • Grimfeather
    • Haraghur the Deathless
    • Haywire Opticron (lowered to one-up and added loot)
    • Lavin Dusk
    • Mangler
    • Meathooks
    • Scytheclaw
    • Spiregazer
    • Ssilth Rageclaw
    • The Unseelie JumJum Thief
    • Vox
  • In general, most named mobs (with some exceptions) changed by this pass have a very high chance to drop treasured. Those with rare fabled items had their chances to drop raised significantly as well.
  • Named mobs in New Tunaria should have a 100% chance to drop legendary gear, and a much higher chance to drop Cloak of Flames pages now!
  • A new boss has found his way into Sebilis.
  • Bosses in Sebilis and Chardok should match Karnor’s Castle and spawn every 45 minutes + variation.
  • The despawn timers from all of Kylong Plains’ rare mobs have been removed.
  • The Fiery Apparition in Lavastorm should spawn once again

Miragul’s Planar Shard

  • Has Miragul himself returned to Norrath? Perhaps the answer can be found within in Miragul’s Planar Shard, a new raid zone connected to Everfrost. The zone features a variety of encounters, some of which can be completed in regular mode, or for those seeking additional challenge and rewards, a more challenging mode.

Shard of Love

  • The Sisterhood of Erollisi has returned to Antonica with grave concerns! Adventurers interested in helping them should seek out a Disciple of Love in Antonica, Kelethin or Gorowyn. Those with more devious intentions should seek out Disciples of Hate within The Commonlands, Neriak or Gorowyn.

Teleportation Spires Event

  • The Quellithulians are hard at work reactivating the Ulteran Teleportation Spires across Norrath! They may be found in Antonica, Commonlands, the Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, the Enchanted Lands, Zek, the Orcish Wastes, the Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm and Loping Plains. A wide variety of rewards is available for players who assist their project.


  • Illusions cast from petamorph wands will now last for two hours or until your pet dies, and will persist through zoning.
  • Melee, defense and casting skills should now be easier and more straightforward to level up.
  • Swimming will now skill up faster.
  • You can now buy the Translocate and Druid Portal spells from the trainers.
  • Racial choices have changed. As a result, your character development choices have been reset.
  • Adventure writs are now offered to a player’s effective level, so that mentored players can complete adventure writs at any level!
  • You can now put adventure experience into the achievement pool from level 10 and higher by adjusting the slider in the achievement window.
  • Examining a ranged combat art will now display the ranged critical bonus properly.
  • Fixed an issue where items might trigger when they are restricted to a certain damage type.
  • The /auction channel is now server wide!
  • You will now receive chat feedback for dispels and cures.
  • Scouts will automatically disarm chests now when attempting to open them. As a result, the disarm verb will no longer display.
  • Pets will no longer be hit by aoe autoattack unless they are considered in front of the attacker. This should in turn make it easier to position pets to avoid it since the avoidance range for them is now flanking or behind instead of just behind.
  • Beneficial Poolburn effects will now display to the chat log.
  • Target locking abilities will now terminate if the locker is no longer a valid target.
  • Triggered Spell based effect tooltips will now update appropriately if your intelligence or strength change.
  • Player-written books will now be editable when transferring to another server.
  • Fixed a bug where when sometimes editing a very large player written book some text would be lost when closing and reopening the book.
  • Zoning into a new raid instance will no longer clear your raid looters.
  • Turning the avatar autoface option ON and the camera autoface option OFF will keep your character facing the target regardless of what direction your character is moving while autoattack is turned off. Toggle autoattack off to toggle off autoface if you just need to turn and run and toggle it back on again to make a final stand.
  • You can now right click individual house items and place them into a moving crate one at a time. Excellent for storing your holiday decorations!
  • A mysterious new merchant has appeared in the Moors of Ykesha with a stash of powerful items!
  • Runic Deflection should proc slightly more reliably.
  • You may now fly from Dreg’s Landing to The Highton!
  • Shooter Shamia should give AA now.
  • Enforcer Maj’Fahd and Soulslaver Djar’veh in Solusek’s Eye now require far fewer kills to spawn.
  • A number of bosses in Antonica and the Enchanted Lands flagged to now give AA.
  • Added AA and better loot drops and removed placeholders from Thing of Shattered Iron, Runnyeye Chef, and Gorehorn Butcher
  • Collector Rattalis is visiting the Legends of Norrath Museum and is interested in making an offer you cannot refuse!


  • Players who leave Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep and return later will no longer find their progression blocked.


  • Players will find that Gorowyn has become a good deal easier to navigate.


  • Ilenee’s Despair and Betrayal have fewer HP now.


  • Umzok and Ozyk now drop the less specialized cloaks and charms more reliably.
  • Certain items in Munzok’s Material Bastion have become slightly more desirable.


  • The Nerius pirates camping along Nektulos beach are now armed (and still) dangerous.


  • Turgen Bremhurst now offers a more interesting way for you to earn the key to the gates of Bridge Keep.


(formerly Achievements)

  • Ooze Crawler will now benefit from Wrath of the Undead Servant


  • Spirit of the Ancients will apply properly to Ancestral Sentry when another player is targeted.


  • Pet Achievement Spells now have a higher priority when casting.


  • Fixed Shattered Infections to cure the correct person.


  • Cry of the Warrior will be resisted less often now.


  • The Heirloom flag has been added to a large number of items in the game with the exception of quest items, heritage items, PvP items, and items gained from patterns (but the patterns themselves were flagged as Heirloom). This will allow players to join groups with the character that can help the group the most without the worry of not being able to gear up the character of their choice! As a side effect, items affected by this change will unattune and be sent to overflow initially upon first login.
  • Fixed a case where some item based triggered effects would begin to critical.
  • The Brethren of Night quartermaster by Soul Eater Falls in Nektulos Forest has improved the appearance of the armor and robe he sells. (Existing armor purchased from him previously will not be affected.) The Hand of Marr quartermaster in the nearby camp has also begun stocking a robe.
  • The Cudgel of Obviation’s Spirit Tap Effect is now unresistable.
  • Old Telescopic Lens (quest starter for The Staff of Observers) drops much more frequently
  • Volcanic Knight’s Tempered Helm now has spell and heal crit chance to match its melee crit.
  • The ‘Deception’ effect on the Bracelet of the Trickster no longer affects fighters.
  • Unbound Elemental Essences from Lavastorm are now heirloom and the items that are purchased with them are now easier to obtain.
  • Balanced Ayr Stones may now be applied to fist weapons of any damage type.
  • Saita’s Glowing Gem will automatically cast on the user when activated. Amazing Presence now shows up in the Maintained Spells window.
  • The Bangle of the Spiteful now slightly increases spell crit bonus.
  • Anashti Sul and Ykesha now have a chance to drop new items for Mages.
  • The descriptions on petamorph wands and their spells now declare that they will only affect combat pets and not cosmetic pets.
  • Rare Dungeon Drop Tradeskilled items have been flagged as Lore-Equip Attuneable Heirloom.
  • A large number of the Station Cash and LoN items are now Heirloom.
  • House items placed in moving crates will now stay in those moving crates, even when you are not looking!
  • The Earring of the Void Transfer is no longer sold by the Black Market Shard Merchant.
  • Stats and effects on many avatar items have been modified.
  • Robe of the Undying now uses the same appearance as the robe Varsoon himself wears. Owners that wish to revert it to the former void appearance may exchange it at the merchant Umbral in the Moors of Ykesha.
  • The Belt of the Desolate One from Anashti Sul has been replaced by a choker with the same stats. Players who have already acquired the belt may exchange it for the necklace at Umbral.
  • Many items dropped in Shadow Odyssey raids have received a boost to their critical mitigation.
  • Shadow Odyssey raid bosses that drop armor patterns other than chest and legs now have a high chance to use smart loot.
  • The Shield of Rainbow Hues from Shard of Fear is now a buckler. Its healer stats have been increased to make up for the lost protection.
  • The set bonuses to Prismatic Chaos V on the TSO and RoK illusionist raid armor no longer stack.


  • Going linkdead while accessing your mailbox will no longer cause your mail to be inaccessible if you log back in before your character leaves the world.
  • After sending a guild mail or ranks mail the “to” text box will no longer have a random guild member name in it.


  • The Priests of Discord have returned. Reports state that they are currently teaching young adventurers the path of discord.
  • New Shattered Lands, Faydark, Kunark and Void Discord tokens have been created. The Discord tokens will now replace all previously used currency.
  • Faction merchants have agreed to reduce their status and faction costs! In return, their items have been enhanced to be more desirable to prospective buyers.
  • EoF, RoK and TSO Faction items have been enhanced to be more desirable by prospective buyers. All previously purchased items have gained the attributes as well.
  • Writ givers are eager to see more adventurers in battle and are willing to ignore previous requirements for their job completion.
  • Spawn location near Dreg’s Landing and Teren’s Grasp have been moved to be favorable for all factions.
  • The Kylong Plains writ giver has moved to Teren’s Grasp from Dreg’s Landing.
  • The dirge epic triggered effect (Intrepid Strike) will no longer force an attack to inflict maximum damage while in PvP combat.
  • Hate will now age faster while you are on a server controlled mount.
  • You will no longer gain immunity while on balloon platforms.
  • Reactive should no longer trigger incorrectly.


  • Player houses have been given an extra room!
  • Players can now save and restore their house item layouts. Use the commands save_layout <filename> and load_layout <filename>. Loading a house layout works on the type of item, so some items that are unique but share the same type, like player-written books and guild hall teleporters, might be restored in different locations.
  • House layout files can only be loaded in houses of the same type. This also works in guild halls!


  • Adventure writs for all cities now check a player’s effective level instead of actual level. This means that you can now mentor or chronolock and do lower level writs!
  • Creature mastery quests now use a system of progressively increasing luck that eventually guarantees an update.
  • The third scout for “Connect the Dots” in Kylong Plains is now easier to find.
  • The quest “A Strange Gem” Has been re-introduced into Antonica.
  • The quest “The Final Report” From the Qeynos Claymore progression in Kingdom of Sky should now allow citizens of all evil and good aligned cities to obtain the quest.
  • The quest “Aelia and the Butcher” can now be completed properly in North Freeport.
  • The respawn time on a named needed for the Screaming Mace quest within Temple of Cazic Thule has been shortened.
  • The difficulty of the waves of orcs that spawn at the beginning of Bloodskull Valley has been lowered to be more in line with the difficulty intended for Return of the Light Heritage quest.


  • Cheap Shot will now last the full four seconds on single up arrow NPCs. Higher difficulty NPCs will remain at two seconds since they are not typically used for solo encounters.
  • Group and self targeted buffs which do not expire will persist through death. This does not apply to pet spells.
  • Deity Spells now have a two second casting time.
  • Ranges have been adjusted to many spells to more consistent.
  • Maintained spell descriptions from cast items will now look like if you examined the item directly.
  • Spells that are hostile and beneficial will now apply their beneficial effects to anyone in the group with an AOE avoidance spell on them.


  • The Earthen Avatar line will now break invisibility spells when cast.
  • Communion should inherit the proper names from Fiery Magician now and use the appropriate Hydromancer appearance.


  • Druid Portal spells have been consolidated into one spell and now work similarly to the druid guild hall amenity.


  • Inquisition will now overwrite existing copies of the spell properly on a target.


  • Amends 3 has been removed from the Paladin Training choices like it was prior to GU51.


  • Miss your old skeleton pet? Then visit your local Shadowknight trainer and get your new skeleton pet today! Scrolls are going fast so hurry up and get yours today!


  • Sorcerer translocate spells have been consolidated into a single spell that works similarly to the druid guild hall amenity.


  • Faerie Ally will no longer attempt to save dead people.
  • Tunare’s Watch will now scale by level since it is not upgraded at higher levels.


  • Rays of Disintegration will no longer interrupt the group and is now only cast by the wizard. The casting time is slightly less while doing a bit more damage now.


  • The tradeskill society tutorial books now have an improved appearance. If you do not have a copy and would like one, visit your local tradeskill society merchant.
  • The recipe for the Flame Tapestry found in Najena’s Forge is no longer limited in uses.
  • Carpenters can now provide a few essentials for those stabling their mounts in their homes.
  • Byproducts from tradeskilling will no longer have the crafter’s name on them.
  • Tradeskill level will now count for purchasing racial traditions.


  • The recipe window now auto adjusts to fit very long recipe names.
  • The claim window has been revamped and now functions similar to the marketplace window.
  • Title lists on the Details tab of the Persona window are now sorted.
  • A new user-interface has been wrapped around the mentoring system.
  • Type /mentor to display the mentoring window.
  • You can also use the /unmentor command to cancel mentoring.
  • The mentoring window will be displayed when you join a group if your level is too high to allow all players to earn XP.
  • The welcome screen now shows the number of unopened LoN booster packs you have.
  • The examine recipe window will now use multiple lines for very large recipe names.
  • The threat window now has an improved tooltip and will only show when it is relevant.
  • Timers on quests in the group quest window will now have correct times.
  • Double clicking an item in the marketplace section of the welcome window will now open the marketplace window with that item pre-selected.
  • You can now alter the hotkey for the zone reuse timer window in the options window.
  • The confirmation box for destroying a player written book with special characters in the title will no longer display gibberish.
  • Tooltips for books inside of packing crates will now look correct.
  • The threat window now resizes properly.
  • The welcome screen now displays the name and zone of the daily mission.
  • Hotbar windows no longer have as much empty spacing around them making it easier to stack them close without overlapping.
  • There are now save layout and load layout buttons on the /house window to help make it easier to manage your house layout setups!
  • The raid window has been put on a diet and is now slightly more compact.
  • The raid window progress bars are slightly larger and more readable.
  • There are now placeholder icons for the detrimental icons on the raid window.
  • The quest journal details text and quest helper will be clear if you have no quests or complete the last quest in your journal.


  • Critical damage will once again be tracked properly.

Preview Features:

Again all the above information is taken from SOE’s website (

i am just passing the information along to others that read my post.

Hope everyone is having a great Patch day and good luck

Happy Hunting in Norrath


Well last night was a bust, i headed to Faydar again to collect shinies for the Guild Members, I hit  Butchblock, Kaladim, Greater Fay, Lesser fay, New Tunira, & i went to everfrost and did the whole zone one time collecting the shinies and pages that were laying around.

Other than that i Drop them off to the GB and then went and made another pass for my personal benifit. I cant believe how easy it is just to wonder aimlessly around a zone (greyed out) and collect the shinines and pages that you see, i wish that the shinies were actully on the map when they pop to give you a better idea of where there are and not just a generalized POI on the map. Ehh i doubt they will ever consider something like that.

Over all it was a good night, i made a total of 17plat from the night before and waiting to see what tonight brings, i want to do something other than shinie hunt i may log in Cinderbella and see what she can find to do, also i have noticed that there really is not many folks on in the guild latly it seems that i am the only one there in the evenings from 8pm -2am, again we are winding down on the summer time and keep telling myself that it will pick up and folks will be back, but damn people hurry back i’m getting boried!!!!

Also i think that there was a patch today adding alot of the features from the test server, i need to check this out if the patch did go thru i will be adding another post here soon with more details. Stay tuned

Well untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


Well this weekend really flew by, Friday night i spent most of the night, revisiting old zones searching for shinies to complete some collection quest, also i finished up a few page collections with the help of Wikia to look for the clickable locations i needed to get those pages, i think over all Friday night i completed about 15 collections, i finially received my goggles for finishing the Faydar collections and can now see Blue Shinies…wooohooo. I have also been selling the rares on the broker making a good amount of coin. I have been doing this for so long now it is a everynight routine and i find myself loosing intrest in looking for the shinies, after all i want to explore the newer regions and find those shinies without being killed..yeah a 7 foot orge trying to sneak past mobs not going to happen all that much. Also i have other guildies who are doing the same thing and it seems as if we are fighting on the broker over prices, Greed is never a good thing.

Also on Friday i logged in Wonderboyz  and noticed he didnt have a crafting profession, Twixt was on and told me i should make him a carpetner and help her redecorate the guild hall…Hmmm sounds like

So i have him now sitting at lvl 20 in his tradeskill i added a few Ale Barrells  and a candle to the GH. So i have alot more to go and i may focus on him for a while just to get his tradeskill up and work on the alts, if i really feel energietic i could have chubby go and get tons of shinies of all colors blue, purple,red and normal and pass then out to all the alts .  This will boost my lvls very quickly and possible so AA for those toons and my increase my motivation for play these alts and get them lvl’d.

Saturdayevening was suppose to be another night of gaming, no wife, no daughter, just me and my son ( who loves video games as much as i do), so it started off great, got all my work around the house for that day done, got a shower, wished the wife and daughter happy trails, and fed my son and told him he could play games, watch tv anything he wanted within reason for a 9.5year old and only get me if needed. The look in his eyes was priceless, he had Geez dad your the best or the Christmas Morning look. Anyways i logged in and played for a few hours took a break turned the TV on to catch the news and BAM it was 5am….ahh where did the night go i stopped at 930 waiting on the 10pm news and now its 5am What the ….. Hurried to check on son and he was asleep in his bed with his DS still in his hands so who knows what time he fell asleep. Dragged my sore neck and back upstairs to my bed and fell back to sleep to be awaken by my daughter jumping on me it was now 1030am.. Ahhh where’d my Night of funfilled gaming go because i want it back…lol

Well Sunday i worked out in the yard again, finishing the grass and painting the foundation of my house, weeding the flower-beds, and just basic things done this time of year to prepare for the onslaught of bad weather in the winter months of eastern Ohio. I was done by 5pm watched the 2nd half  of the Steelers and ate dinner, helped the kids with their homework from school and it was GAME TIME..i was getting rdy to log in to Eq2 when my phone went off and i received a text from Twixt, “hey chubbys heading to DDO for a while join me if u want” hmmmmm i have it downloaded and only played less than an hour so far.. sure why not. So here i am on the beginnig island cranking out the quest solo because i do know the area that she is in, lol so after playing for 3 hours and not even making it to lvl 2 but i am leaving the begining area, finally get to leave the village after being locked and thats where i stopped last night and headed back to a fimialar land NORRATH!!

Dont get me wrong the game is a good game for the free aspect of a MMO, graphics and storyline are very detailed, but i still need to work with the controls, i guess i am too use to Eq2, but i really do like the play of the game and it keeps me pondering why did they goto a free-2- play game, was the subscription base just not there? Who knows but inquiring minds do want to know!!!!

I logged in checked broker, and made 15plat for the love of Rallos Shinies are awsome, with that being said i am up to 70plat because i like to shop and spendie the platie.

So after a few hours of running Greater Fay, Lesser Fay, Looping plaines, Steamfont , Kaladam, butcherblock and Klank’anon

Deposited my shinies all 5 bags full and set my prices an off to bed i went after all it was 230am and i needed my sleep i do have top be at work at 8am ya

Over all it was a good weekend for my gaming obsession, except for Saturday night which i feel stinks. lol

Until Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath !!!!


Last night i wasnt sure what i wanted to do,  i was getting rdy to go shiny hunting when i received a tell from mya on the test server, she was trying to send a message cross servers and finally was able to get it to work, after about 15 minutes of talking to her i decided to log over to the test server and see what was going on, i already had a character created over there and was only at lvl 3, so i logged my little Ratonga “Ratking” in and started to see what was going on.

The first thing i noticed was that my profit was not working due to the new enhancements that are live on the test server and not on the regular servers. so after a breif swapping of UI back to default i was on my way. I Ventured around the isle of Refugee’s and got boried with the dinkly beginners quest that gave exp and beginners equipment. so at lvl 7 i headed to Freedport.  There i was quickly asked to do a couple of quick quest for my new home city of Temple street.

Once i completed the quest there i headed to the sunken City where i was still getting boried, so i headed to commonlands to see what there was, after running across a few mobs that really didnt like me, i then zoned to Nek and Antonica where again i was still over my head, i killed beetle like creature by the south Ant gate untill i was lvl 10 and then headed back to Commonlands. Currently i am sitting at lvl 11 and waiting to get hight so i can take advnatage of the new content thats coming out.  After i hit lvl 10 i did mess with the slide feature for the AA and yes it works pretty well, i put my self at 75% AA and gained 3 AA within now time.

I really enjoy this game, and dont mind creating a new toon on a test server even it means that one day he’ll be wiped and will have to recreate him again.

So after playing a Necro i feel that i may be rdy to start a new toon on the Crushbone server and play a necro there are some nice benifits but thats only up to lvl 11 so far, then theres the side of me that says “hey you have 6 toons now that dot get enough time in” so i am at a cross roads on weather i should or should not make another alt on the live servers.

Also i have been playing DDO: Free to play (forgot the name) and from what i done so far with it, i really like it, i dont like the fact that if you wasnt to advance to certain zones that you have to pay, like in station cash with certain items, they made it that was for zones, area weapons, toons races, armor, ect and feel that in the long run you are paying more for the game then you would on a monthly Subscription. But my main love is EQ2 and will never leave unless they goto this concept full time. Also on a side note i still have a 90day card for WOW thats not been used and when the new expansion comes out i am thinking of getting it and adding the time, just to see what has happened.

Well thats enough of my rants for one day. hope to see you all in game.

untill next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


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