Well this past weekend was a great Eq2 weekend, with the extra day added into to the mix for the Labor Day Holiday, i was able to get my plat level somewhat back up to where it was before Cinderbella spent it.

Friday Night i did not get into game untill real late, i just didnt feel like gaming at the time and was doing other things with family. After everyone went to bed i was up for just a few hours tring to get some stuff done nothing of importance.

Saturday i was in game around 6pm, however i was set up at my buddys house, we really didnt get too much done, we were too busy chatting like 2 old women, and trying to make a plan of attack while drinking energy drinks and alchol….Mmmmmm bad mix.

But we did have the chance to get a few quest done that we each needed, we also ran a few shard zones and picked up about 6 shards over all, and looted alot of shinnies.

Sunday came early as we were up till 6am at Corliss’ house, and was woke by 9 packed things up and headed home. I was able to do some gaming on suday afternoon and was just killing mobs for the loot drops and trash, some of the trash items sell to the merchants for a good price and if you have multiples then the cash adds up. Sunday Evening was another all night gaming night i was up till 5am grinding some shard runs with guildies and then went back to farming shinnies for some quick cash.

Monday i was again able to log in in the afternoon, and get a few Moors quest knocked out and gain a few AA points, i think Chubby is now sitting at 166 AA, not 100% on that i need to check when i log in tonight and then provide a Diffent answer on that. I did get to do the Hot zone in the afternoon portion of my Gaming on monday.

Monday Evening i continued on with the Moors quest and grabbing as many as i could and completting them for the coin and loot. I also Ventured into Kunzar Jungle, Kylong plains & Fens and Jasthar Waste.

Also as a Side note Harlow is working hard on Chubbys new house in Neriak getting the decor established. So thank you Harlow / Mya  for all the hardwork you are putting into my house..woooohoooo.

So over all it was a great hoilday weekend once again.

So until Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath,