Ok so i must be the worlds most unluckiest guy, as my previous post stated i had a great time on Friday and early saturday gaining shards, the bad part was that later in the day on saturday i was surfing the web and BAM i got nailed by a virus, not sure what i did and or where i went but it hit me and hit me hard.  The Computer started to do some weird stuff but most of all it was hitting programs and then locking me out of them saying i dont have the permission to open it, and of course eq2 was one of them. i spent most of Saturday evening and Sunday morning trying to find a solution, i must of downloaded every known virus removal tool that was on AVG and other sites and none of them worked and what i had feared was going to happen, i had to format, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Luckly i have a copy of Eq2 saved on my \d drive that was not affected, and this is a great idea for anyone who does not have access to a Fast internet connection, every so often maybe once a month i would copy my eq2 folder over to the D drive just overwriting the old one i had already saved, and once i had XP back up in running all i did was goto the Everquest 2 website and download the reinstall eq2 option, which give just the most recent installer and once you log in, that installer will Download eq2 which can be days since there is at least  35.5 GB of Data. Anyways aftermy short DL of just the installer was done i went to my d Drive and found my copy of eq2 copied it and went to the c drive located where eq2 was installed and pasted it into that folder, Now it does take alittle time but after 35 min of my d drive pasting to my c drive i was up and running on Eq2 in no time. If i was to install each expansion disc by disc and then update to current it would of taken at least 3 days for me, i have DSL by ATT.net and it can be slow on DL’s but thats just from past experience.

So last night was the first night i was actully in game, i still had to DL all my widows updates for XP and get my other apps on there and email sent up. I still cant get my MSN Messenger to work but i am getting a workaround for that. ITS ALL YAJEE’S FAULT …LOL

So again last night was the 1st night back and i had a good time, i logged in Chubetta fro a few and then thapharsyde asked me to help and Chubetta is just not ready for that so Cinderbella came in, even though thapharsyde was lvl 29 at the time and Cinderbella is 51, i was still inclined to help my RL buddy and guild mate. So i mentored done to 29 and we his Crypt of Betrayal in Vern Snye, he needed this for his cleric/templar class armor.  at first was like are you kidding me…lol and he was like nope need this ok ok so it was a massacare for the mobs in this zone i was pulling 10 at a time and just hitting everything with AOE and DOT’s since i am a Shadowknight, all i kept hearing was thaphar saying WOW your a monster man, i am gaining so much ex so fast and he was within 10 min in this zone he leveled up to lvl 30 and another 5 min after that he was like Dude i’m at 40% already …lol yeah yeah i know i’m uber even at lvl 51 mentored down to 30 now..lol

Anyways it was good to help a friend and also got to revisit a old zone.

I wonder what tonight has in store, i would like to keep Cinderbella going and try to get her up in levels i really evjoy the damage that she deals. I thought the Berserker class was great till i made a ShadowKnight, all i have to say is “LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR. ”

Until Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!