Well I have taken a break from Eq2 and have been leveling a toon in World of Warcraft (WoW), I have played the game before and really enjoyed it but Eq2 called me and had me hooked. I’ve had a 60 day card sitting on the shelf for the last 2 years and about a month and half ago, I entered the key for the card and began playing.

Now I have up to Wraith of the Lich King exp, so I now into the newer content for some time, but I made my dwarf Warrior “Chubbybuddy”. It seems that it takes a little long to gain levels in WOW compared to EQ2, at the lower levels it does get kind of annoying, but a little more challenging.

Currently, I am level 16 and moving along quite fine, I have a few RL friends that play the game, and we have been grouping up and hitting the areas that provide the most XP. Mainly I do solo a lot of the content so far and I am really enjoying moving the toon along, I am diffenetly thinking of getting another card come April 15, we’ll see how far along I am at that time and go from there.

Also, my main pc went down power supply went out and trying to put some $$ back to get a newer power supply. I have my laptop for now, its not that powerful but still provides me the ability to play. hopefully within the next few pays I will have a fix, I do have a 600w in my car, I might try and see if that works the one I have is 750w, so crossing my fingers gona mess with it on Sunday eve.

Anyways that’s the quick update on what I have been up too, always working on something, currently gona try Champions again since its free and Lord of the Rings Online currently updating those 2 and will be back in soon.

Until then, Happy Hunting where you call home!!