Runes of Magic

Hello all,

I know its been a while since i have posted anything, my main pc took a turn for the worse and i have finally been able to restore it. So this means that i am back in the gaming community once again, also i will be reporting on FPS instead of MMO’s for a while since i have not been playing any MMO’s but have been playing a few FPS (First Person Shooters).

As you man of seen i have changed the name of the site to reflect the adventures of my main character “Chubbylilbuddy” as he takes a journey thru many different games.

Please stay tuned as we embark not only on new travels, but on heroic deeds, fantastic new locations and as always to conquer the villians of evil that await us as we begin a new chapter in our quest.


Ok so i was searching for something new, and came across a few games i have heard about and wanted to give a try. Runes of Magic was on my list so i Downloaded it and installed.

This Game has just came out of Beta and was released on March 19, 2009.

Character Creation:

to start off the character creation tools are some what neat & Confusing all in one. you can change the size of your toons body to be very large and still have a small head which looks really funny or you can make the head big too but it still seems small for the body. so i went with creating chubbylilbuddy in another realm of course i made all feature as big as i could get them, Hence the Name Chubbylilbuddy. You honestly have several different combos with the creation tools to where your toon will be completely different from others. I was really impressed with this aspect of the game so far.


The character classes that they have right now are Warrior, Scout, Knight, Rouge, Mage & Priest – 6 Classes in all with a wide range of fighting styles. I have always been a tank or a fighting class, the one who is put first in battle, the person who is on the frontlines of warfare, the Ultimate Warrior.

So i created my warrior and launched myself  into the game, they do have a nice little tutortial area for you to get you fimilar with the controls and commands. however i do not like the way the controls are. I mean i am use to the controls on eq2 and i can do my movement via the mouse, and it seems like te controls are still somewhat buggy, you can also click an area on the ground and it will automatically move your toon there, ok so old school point and click. so i figured that i would struggle with the mouse and click the butttons several times to move a few inches, i also figured the more i play the more i will get use to it. so only time will tell on this.

Standard movement controls W,S,A,D or the arrows  or the mouse control.


Ok now heres the fun part of my review, i liked the graphics to a certain degree, it does seem like a clone of WoW in some sorts but the actual spell and lighting features that are displayed in game are really great i actully watched a sunset and felt like i was on my back porch, the sky grew a bright orange as it normally would during a sunset and slowly dimmed away providing different colors through the changing sky. Night time came and oh wow theres stars in the skys ewwwwww ahhhhh. I was really amazed by this feature of the game good job Devs good job. so the graphics are kinda mixed from a WoW ( World of Warcaft) & and CGI or at least it was too me.

The in game settings seemed like there was alot of them to deal with and know what they all are or remember what they are. I’ll add some screenshots once  i get home toady or tonight.

Over all so far from what i have seen its a decent game, well put together, it is something that i would play again, and would like to see more of, I hope that it remains free to play. it is alot like WoW, with the auction house, some of the items and the coloring that they use but other than that its a great game for being Free.

the more i play of this game the more i will wright about it right now i got my toon to lvl 5, and will continue to play this in my free time away from Eq2. So keep a look out for new articles on this game in the future.