Chubbylilbuddy "The Destroyer" Darklotuspod

Chubbylilbuddy "The Destroyer" Darklotuspod


Ok well we started the holiday gaming weekend a little late didnt get a chance to log in till around 11pm on friday night and was just roaming around, when i was asked to head to Scion of Ice for a shard run with some guildies, of course i wasnt going to pass up some shards and wanted to get more, so i headed off to everfrost, with Healyou, Cecelia, Sinfire, Twixt, Myself (Chubby), and Croakin’s Alt (Lymburger).

We went inside and got buffed up and started to lay the smack down on the mobs, Healyou would sooth the most of the mobb and twixt would mezz or root the others, was going very well untill we had someone knocked into aggro zone and pulled another mob. Death # 1 happened, so we regroupewd at the entrence and headed on, we did the side Zaza & Arkhen were on 1st and made it all the way to them without dying again, great job all on that. So i explained that we need to Mezz Arkhen at the time i pull Zaza and keep them apart or we will not be able to kill them if they join. So Twixt mezzed Arkhen and i was laying hate on Zaza for the 100th time this

But something happened, i was losing my aggro fast and next thing i knew we had Wiped. Death # 2 occured at this point, ok so back at the entrence we were and i explaine that i need to keep the aggro and that people need to stop using items that aggro or add hate to them or we will die again. So round 2 at Zaza, we handled them perfecrtly this time and cleared the room and gained our Chest. Next stop was the other side to reap our reward, but we would 1st need to clear the other side, and we did with no problems we cleared this side and received our Key and headed to the chest, Also there is the “Frost rimmed chair” if all partys clicked on this at the same time them all that clicked would receive the house item. I sat out on this because i have like 4 already i only have 1 in my house and have sold the others on the broker for about 20 gold. game out of Scion with 2 shards and nearly 2plat and about 16 gold in repairs, So not bad for a hour xone.

We then headed to mistmyre Manor for another shard and we were here for about 45 min , Yajee was showing Harlow ( one of Mya’s/twixt’s alts how to run this zone) and she did a very good job for only running it 2 times.

At this point the group split apart and me and Yajee headed to Lavastorm to gain another shard for the solo shard run. we have been getting this solo done in about and hour if not less, i then went through Lavastorm,maidens Gulch & Sol Eye to get most of the transports, cant remember if i got them all or not but fairly close.

At this point i was getting boried i made a spell for Sinfire and then headed to finish some over due quest, after gandering at my quest journal, i choose to complete my senior Crafters quest, i had to harvest a few items in Tenbous tangle (something like that Barren sky area) and turn in to a alchemist and then give the potion to the fallen harvesters near the waterfall that you jumped down, at this point i received a update and was required to have at least 25 Hanging roots and go back to Freeport and see the Grandmaster. Spoke to the Grandmaster and Ding Senior Crafters quest complete. Woohoo.

Next step is to look up my Master Alchemist quest’s and get them under way.

Not bad for a Friday night, at this point it was 6am time to head to bed.

Woke up saturday morning and took Son to cub scouts and then came home did a few things around the house and logged into Eq2 about 1pm Decied to work on harversters cloak and completed T2 in Nek forest and Thundering Steps, at thsi point i ran into sinfires alt helped him kill a few mobs and get him some XP, around 430pm i had to log to get my daughter to Baseball practice, which she did awsome, she is only in tball but it is coach pitch for the 1st 8 balls and then if you dont hit you get to smack it off the Tee. I have been working with her in the back yard on hitting and she has been really getting the eye for the ball. this is her 2nd year in tee-ball and is one of the tallest players on the team, during practice on saturday she hit 13 out of 15 coach pitches into the outfield and infield, she’s only 6years old, omg i have a natural here, lol i was so proud of her on this accomplishment.

So practice was over headed to dinner at Mcdonalds ( wife was at a All-Day Scrapbooking event and we had free rain).

Got home around 630pm got kids nestled to the home routine and logged into eq2 i worked on various quest and was the only one on, i maily worked on Transmutting and got my skill up to 100/400. Woot woot.

Went afk for about 2hrs spent time with kids then it was bed time for them, Came back to Eq2 and woow we had about 7 members on. they were getting ready for our saturday raid. Bownzer sent me a tell advising that i would be MT tonight and to get ready for it. Time came and we headed to Shard of Hate. we did a pretty good job in this zone and we were only killing trash mobs for loot, died a few times due to mistakes but not bad over all.

Raid ended around midnight and i asked if anyone was wanting to help with my last 2 steps of my Fabled epic, Eldrig in JW and then into Nek for the final fight. so we got our group Bownzer came along to help, our party was Chubby, Bownzer, Healyou, Cecelia, Twixt, & Sinfire. We made it to Eldridge and proceeded to kill him, the young was really easy, theni had to take his bones and combined them with the anicent bones from the old to have him Respawn as Eldrige the Old. Now at this point i was Scared , i have been told that “the old” was a nasty mob and hit hard and had knockbacks, we startd the fight and it really went well killed him in less that 3 minutes. So now we had to goto Nek and protect my apprentice, at ths time bownzer had to split, so i looked around for another DPS’r preferable High DPS, None in the alliance could go they were helping sweetee on her epic, so i called out to Channel 80 where Zodic replied and said he has ran this quest line several times and knew what to do, Bada bing he was in the group and we headed to the instance, he explained where we need to be and what to expect. So we started to kill the void creatures and was wiped after 2 minutes, And again and again and again i felt as if i was in Chardock allover again. Zodic mentioned his wife was a healer with her mythical and would really help us and Cecelia choose to drop but stay in voice chat for support. Athenea came and joined our group, after speaking with her and introducing everyone and gathering all of our life stories we continued to kill and protect. We wiped again. Ok so this time i was getting the feeling that it wasnt happening tonight , Zodic and athenea said that they had to run to their GH and get a few items and reapir and would be back, we all decided to take a quick AFK.   I headed to get the Jack daniels for a little drink to knock the edge off and work on this last step of the quest. We all meet up at the entrence, this time Zodic said lets try something different and we set oup game plan, i started the ring event that you have to last for 5 min and them click on the NPC to get the Epic, but the mobs still continue to pop from the portal. So we started to kill these mobs and sinfire was grabbing the adds and pulling them to me to gain the aggro and Zodic was finishing the remaining mobs that we had burned down, nice system it was working this time, awsome, Zodic had his timer up and was giving updates and Anthenea was shouting in voice when the adds poped. Zodic said 10 sec get to NPC , 4..3..2..1. Click fingers were clicking as fast as they could nothing nothing was happening, ahh i was in Combat still, clicked out of combat clicked the NPC Dialogue appeared no time to read click click click bam there it was the update, Woooohooooo i was the proud father of the New Chubbys Epic Fabled weapon, and then Bam the message poped “you have Failed” Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! what happened, i asked Zodic , he said look in inventory, looked and BAM it wsa still was a glitch, the guidelines on the quest is for you to kill untill the portal closes or you get the update, well i got the update and portal was still opened and mob AoE’d the no prob i got what i came for.

Thank you Healyou, Twixt, Sinfire, Cecelia, Zodic, & Athenea for all the help and knowledge that you provided durning this fight and for not giving up. Thanks again.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me on my way to get this epic, its been a long Journey and the rest has only begun. KOM look out your tank is getting Uber, and taking cant wait to return the favor to other guildies who have helped me. Time for Mythical……..(To be Continued)

Chubby's Epic Weapon

Chubby's Epic Weapon

Guild Event Screen (Proof)

Guild Event Screen (Proof)


Happy Hunting in Norrath