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Hello all,

I know its been a while since i have posted anything, my main pc took a turn for the worse and i have finally been able to restore it. So this means that i am back in the gaming community once again, also i will be reporting on FPS instead of MMO’s for a while since i have not been playing any MMO’s but have been playing a few FPS (First Person Shooters).

As you man of seen i have changed the name of the site to reflect the adventures of my main character “Chubbylilbuddy” as he takes a journey thru many different games.

Please stay tuned as we embark not only on new travels, but on heroic deeds, fantastic new locations and as always to conquer the villians of evil that await us as we begin a new chapter in our quest.


Well yesterday marked the day i picked up “The Sims 3”. I have enjoyed other sims games such as SimCity, The Sims 1&2, and not to mention other similar games including Civ I – III, any Tycoon game, and many many more that could make me go on for days.

Regardless i enjoy these types of games and gets me away from the MMO world for a bit so i can relax and not worry about what i need to accomplish to be able to do this event, quest, or raid. I have been having the burned out feeling with MMO’s and though i have had them before, this slump has been different, maybe its the fact that i am now another year older or maybe gaming has started to affect my relationship with my kids and wife, whatever it may be i dont like it, i want to get back to the way it was before, i looked forward to logging in each night and playing till the wee-hours of the morning, but now i can not say this, so i have changed the pace alittle.

Yesterday durning my lunch break i headed to Gamestop, after standing in front of the smallest PC section i have ever seen, then walking over the Xbox 360 sections, i could not make my mind up on what i wanted to buy, i seen they had a pre-owned copy to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for 26.00 bucks , I have wanting to pick this game up since it came out last year but didnt want to pay the 60bucks for the game. So i wandered a little more and ended back in the PC section again, Game in hand i headed to the counter where the Guy just looked at me, i could hear him think your kidding me right Sims 3….Dudeeeeeee, again that just me i love these types of games.

After purchasing the game all day it all i could think of was getting the game home and installing it, this is what i was missing, this was the excitement that was absent in my gaming life, finallyu i could feel the slump i was in fading slowly away.

After installing it and registering the game getting my free 1000 simbuck (same as station cash, or Cryptic points, ect.) and downloading my new free town, i began creating a Sim, there are so many options and details when creating your Sim just as there is in some MMO’s. I feel that all MMO companys should adopt this concept from The Sims when allowing people to create their character, after about 35 minutes of customizing my toon i was finally in the game, i bought a furnished house for 12K and still had a few hundred bucks left over. I was trying to enlarge my bathroom, when i must of dozed off because it was now 3 am and last i looked it was 11pm plus the drool on the keyboard was a giveaway.

Needless to say i am once again passionate about a game, i cant wait to get off work to get home and play. I will provide more information on this wonderful game as i progress.

Well until next time Happy Hunting!


Well this weekend, i really didn’t get that much game time in.

I was still running from my laptop, which the graphics are not the best, However i did get my PC back from my good friend Corliss, and he was able to get the PC working again with out adding a new hard drive, in fact it wasn’t the hard drive at all, he advised that he too was having problems with it, he then moved a few componets around and was able to get into the bio’s and basically had to rest the bio’s cache and then he had to reinstall the bio’s for my motherboard and all was well. He tested it for about a week he said, rebooting it about 30-40 times  as well as leaving it on and running a few programs then rebooting, and he said it never acted up again.

~ Star Trek Online  ~

As i have written before i have been tinkering with STO for the last 2 weeks, and i can say that i absolutely love the game, i do tend to get bored with the same types of missions or similar mission, i.e..goto this sector and defend it from the “fill in the Blank” (Klingon’s, Orion’s, Gorn, ect), then once done beam down to the planet to ensure there are no more assaults taking place.

Other than that its great, i am at Lt. Commander 8 right now, and i start these missions and just keep battling the space battles and next thing i know like 5 hours have passed, its really alot of fun and you can really submerge yourself in to the game.

I give this game 8 out of 10 for games that i would recommend.

~Everquest II ~

Not much game play in here this weekend, i logged in a few times but for some reason i really didnt feel like playing, I really love the game, but i think STO has been distracting me from my normal routine of EQ II and with the whole PC being out of Commission all i really have played was STO.

I did happen to log into my Main “Cinderbella” say hi to a few guildies and check the broker made a whooping 2plat in the 2 weeks i was out, which is not good at all, i normally make that in about 1-2 hours of game play, this however is what is going to motivate me to get back into the swing of things and get more EQ II time in. I am going to have to make a schedule and split it from STO & EQII, M-W-F will be Eq2 & T-TH-Sat will be STO, with Sunday’s as a toss up or play both equally amount of time.

~Dirt 2 (X-box 360, PC) ~

Now i did have a chance to check this game out this weekend when i was over at my buddy’s house, picking my PC up he wanted to show me the PC version and the Direct X 11 Graphics from his vid card, i have to admit i was blown away by the quality of the graphics of this game, it was like i was actually driving the car in the different environments (locations), i could not get over the fact it was like watching a movie, very realistic. My buddy told me that the multiplayer feature on PC and Xbox were interlinked, i have not confirmed this yet but if so i know i could get the xbox version and play against or team up with my buddy on his PC, which is pretty sweet if i say so myself. I will bring more on this game as i find more out about it.

Well untill next time Happy hunting in whatever game you find yourself in!!







  • Unflinching Defiance can no longer trigger when not in PVP combat.
  • Mutilation can no longer trigger when not in PVP combat.
  • Fanaticism now persists through death.


  • Hail Storm should now stack when applied by two wizards.
  • Time Warp Immunity can no longer have its duration extended
  • Infusion now persists through death and can no longer hit targets that are not in combat.
  • Fiery Blast and Rhythmic Overture should now stack properly when used by two different people at the same time.


  • Annihilate the Opposition should update correctly now.
  • The six pets obtained in the Outer Vault can no longer be summoned if not within the correct zone.
  • Players can now move more freely during pregame of the Gears of Klakanon and Smuggler’s Den matches.
  • Taking the relic into a respawn area in the Gears of Klakanon battleground will cause the relic to auto reset to the middle of the battleground.
  • In the Battlefield of Ganak, taking the flag to a respawn area will cause the flag to auto reset to its home position.
  • When a pet kills a player in a battleground the owner will get credit for the kill.
  • Fix for bug that was causing players to sometimes not get experience for completing a battleground.
  • You can no longer deploy a training dummy in a battleground.


  • Balanced Ayr Stones are now Adornments of Avoidance (Superior). They grant Riposte Chance and can only be applied on Neck slot items.
  • Rare drops from the Sentinel’s Fate instances received resists.
  • The Battleground Emerald-studded Brutallic Bracelet now has Soulsteal II to match the Open PVP version.
  • Focused and Specialist’s Reprieve potions can no longer be auto-consumed.
  • Lots of Sentinel’s Fate raid weapons and shields have had updated appearances added.
  • Stats on the Di’Zok Bow of Flame, Riliss Chicken Foot, and Danak Wishbone have been adjusted to be more useful to all the classes that can use these items.
  • Changed the appearances on many brawler fists so they have a different appearance other than the standard spike bronze pot!


  • In Her Majesty’s Service for the Qeynos Claymore quest in Tenebrous Tangle should now allow those over 80 to get the quest.
  • Necromantic Research – Turbulent Knots, no longer shows Tubulent Knots.


  • Tartan’s Jaws of Death has had the damage drastically reduced.
  • The Sense of Urgency achievement is now 90 minutes.


Ok so my inner geek is coming out, I have been a long time Star Trek fan, ever since watching the original series when  i was a child. I also remember when the 1st Star Trek: The Movie came out, me and a buddy of mine went to see it at the old American Theater, which is now a parking lot. But i have been a fan of the entire sage, series that defines Star Trek.

Now it is my turn to take the helms and to boldly go where…ahhh no one everyone has gone before!!  Yes that’s right i purchased STO on Saturday and have not been able to stop playing the damn thing. I remember i had that feeling once before when i was hooked on EQ and then Eq2 and then WOW and now STO.


So far i am enjoying the game, there are some things that i do  not like but i am still learning and getting use to the controls, the game does run pretty well on my laptop, unlike Eq2 which i have placed on the back burner until my Desktop PC is fixed.

I currently have a Light Cruiser starship called the U.S.S. Pyramid, trust me i racked my brain for hours trying to figure a name out for a ship, but it came down to the generic cigarettes i smoke called Pyramids….they put a whole new meaning to cowboy killers..lol

To all my family in Eq2 that reads this blog, don’t worry I’ll be back, i cant do much right now in game with this laptop so i am making the best of my time. STO runs really smooth and I’ve been wanting to play this since it launched.


So the Character creation tool is really vast on the selection that you can choose from, i mean at first is looks so basic but if you hit this button called “advanced” then you get a lot and do i mean a lot more options to chose from. I really like the idea of ST:TNG uniforms being available its awesome, i have my whole crew right now wearing them.

Well with that said, you probably can tell i am getting impatient and want to get logged in to play, last night was great for 4 hours i was in a group trying to take down the Klingons…"until we meet again my friends until we meet again!”


Star Maps


Live long and Prosper,

Captain Kuzab T. Darklotus of the U.S.S. Pyramid

Well Gaming this weekend was on track, i was getting my tinkering built up i made it to 54 in tinkering when all of a sudden i was frozen, knowing that my PC has been giving me problems, i rebooted anyways and knew the work around hit F8 go to boot settings select the drive that has window on it and it will load, well it the gremlins in the pc figured out that i figured out how to get to work so they figured it out to make it not work, confused yet..lol


Long story short my PC will not boot, it does have 2 hard drives but only one had the boot drives so i need to wait till my IT guy (Corliss) calls me in the morning to see what’s going on, until then i have the game loaded on my laptop and trying to get all the patches to run, without the streaming version.

i will have a better post once i can make sure i can get it up and running .


Until next time happy hunting in Norrath!!!!



Ok well i finally got my first custom built pc over this weekend, we ordered all the parts last sunday and they came in on Friday, not bad at all.

So i have a great machine now thanks to Corliss, who helped me pick what i needed and ordered and built the PC for me.

I have a Nforce Nvidia Motherboard, AMD 5600+  2.81Ghz processor,           4 Gigs of Watercooled RAM, Nvidia 9800GT 512mb GDDR3 vid card, 160GB SATA Hard drive with a 200GB hard drive as back up, all and all its a great machine, its fast compared to my other one and i didnt know EQ2 had graphics like i am seeing..lol…I’m very happy and cant wait to try other games on it too, it my very own gaming Machine.

Anyways back to Eq2…

Last night i didnt get on till after 9am due to the wife wanting to goto Akron ohio to a scrapbooking store to get some mch needed supplies. See we both have our addictions mine being Video games and eq2 and her’s is scrapbooking, so after spending the whole day there, and having 2 cranky kids along for the trip, we headed home thru a Hugh SNOW STORM and all i can say is that a 1hour and 30 min trip home turned out to be 3 hours of “Man where did the road go..Ohhhh its not here Craaaaaapp there it is” kind of drive, Luckly eeryone in the car was alseep including me at one point..lol just joking, but we made it, took the kids in got them ready for bed, did a few things and i was ready to play. No it really amazes me that even though you have headphones and a mic on your head other people in the room try to talk to you and wonder why you dont answer them.. not naming any names, but in case anyone is reading….”I CANT HEAR YOU WITH THEM ON”. ok now that’s out of the way.

I settled in for a medium night of gaming, logged on and couldn’t think of anything to do, so Soloed in kunzar jungle for a while, ventured to TT and went thru SOS then went back to Kunzar jungle and got boried so i said why not Moors, Yes even though when i solo there it seems that i keep getting killed, so i finished up some quest and DING level 77 woot woot, 3 levels away from 80 man i cant believe i have a toon this far along, so yes Chubby hit 77 and at that point Moors the beginning part got alittle easy no more of “Oh crap how did i die” questions to myself.  but actully i did alot of the killing, but yes i did have a few in game glitches of a spider attackingme but there was no spider in site kind of things but all-n-all it was a good night i finished 8 quest that i have had for some time and gained another 5 quest in moors.

I am looking for a log pharser that will help track some quest and mobs so if anyone knows of a good free on let me know, so i can post some of the quest here i do so many that they all blur together, but want to write about them..hehe and want to make sure i have an accurate account of what and how i did it.

anyways plan on going back to moors tonight and maybe going back to some other areas depending whats going on in the guild tonight.

untill Next time Happy Hunting


Kuzab Darklotus


Chubbylilbuddy Darklotus of Crushbone Server

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