February 2009


eq2_000047Well this weekend was a blast, Knights of Marr recently became in alliance with Stealth for Raiding.

We completed 3 raids this weekend, we did 2 on Friday night and 1 on saturday night and it was great. We Started off at the top of Halls of Fate for the Raid zone of The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm and i was backing up Brownzer who was MT ( Main Tank). Ok so this is my 1st raid since Eq1 and i am a little rusty and died a few time but other than that we had a great time we had 4 full groups folks from Stealth and KOM and we proceeded in we were working thru them like a hot knife thru butter we took down every mob in the zone it took us about 3 hours to completely clear the whole zone.


It was still early and we decided to head to Lycume and give it a try.
after about half an hour of getting the groups in order we went in and it was just like that last raid SMOOOOTH. we again clear the whole zone and had a great time.

Saturday night we had another raid planned and we met up with stealth in bonemire again this time for Deathtoll and it was fun we cleared all mobs again and i was part of the main group i learned from my mistakes on friday and was out to redeem myself and we cleard the zone, it was awsome seeing the Dragon “Tarinax the Destroyer”
and we had a close call most of the grp wiped on the 1st try on him but we were rezed and back at it Brownzer had a different plan and repositioned us and BAM the Dragon became a pile of bones.
We ended up taking out all the names here in this zone and really had a great time. I like that KOM is gaining partnership with Stealth and doing raids, yes we are doing lower raids T7 and ect but that is to get KOM the knowledge and practice as well as armor for the T8 raids.

I Managed to Pick up 2 relic plate parts for chubby, his spaulders and Chest piece and i already went to Lavastorm and gained my relic armor and saving it for the right time. hehe.

Anyways i am really enjoying the raiding part of Eq2 seeing a lot more of the game and Gaining tons of Disco between the 3 raids we did this weekend i gained 7 AA , some armor and alot of EXP, Chubby is now sitting at 85% into level 79, I am so close i can taste it wooohoo.

Well thats it for now as always Happy Hunting in Norrath





Well Me, Healyou, Corliss and Cecee went to Jasthar Waste to help Heal with his Epic he needed some updates in this area. I was all game for it since i really never been in the all of the zone so we started our journey.

Heal made it a point to get Corliss and I all of our Soskar towers on the way which is awsome now i have the bird post and can journey in the zones, he was able to get us all the Fens post which i had most already and all of the Jasthar Waste post that i know of so it was great.

as we made our way thru Corliss was almost ready to ding, so Heal again ran us around the zone getting disco’s so corliss could ding and after a few mob kills DING he hit level 74…Gratz lilbro grats

But we finally made it to the Skyfire Mountains man this place hasn’t changed much at all from EQ1, I can remember helping Corliss (Damondar) in EQ1 here for days getting his Epic. yeah this place brings back tons of memorys good and bad..haha

Our group wondered around the zone killing everything in site with ease, no deaths no worries…it was awsome, i really had a great time in this part of the zone and cant wait to come back.

As we were wondering we came across several sites, one was the cave from EQ1 where the Named Dragon was, well that Cave or Tunnel is still there didnt see any Dragons but there were loads of Wurms..Fun fun.

Also off in the distance we say this shimmering palace and couldn’t make out what it was so we decided to take a closer look. Once we arrived we saw that it was the Tower of the White Lady or something like that we were really excited, so we proceed into the Ice lair, we killed everything  in the general opening and took the floating platform over to the island, however we werent able to zone in ,either due to not having the quest or now high enough in levels not sure, Hea was going to research this.


Overall this was a great night we started our group around 8pm EST and when we ended, it was just after 2am EST man didnt even seem like it we saw alot of new places, received tons of Disco’s and EXP not to mention Corliss and i got to level, yeah i forgot to metion that Chubby Dinged to 79 wooohoo.

Thanks goes out to Healyou, Cecee, & Corliss for making my evening a spectacular one i had a blast guys.

Happy Hunting in Norrath

Chubby / Kuzab

Yajee 200 Writ Contest in KOM guild

Yajee 200 Writ Contest in KOM guild


Well the last few weeks Knights of Marr on the crushbone server has had a contest going on first person to reach 200 writs starting on Jan 30th 2009, would receive a large sum of plat. (Cant think og the amount at this time will update once i get home and log in to check game mail to see ). So this was a great idea A.) to get folks doing things as a guild and B.)help level the guild up quickly when this contest started we sat at Guild level 78 so 2 levels away from 80. So after 2 weeks of people grinding and grinding on writs mainly traeskill writs the guild hit level 80 , now since the guild hit 80 there was a clause in the contest clause “if the guild hits lv 80 during this contest we will basically double the amount of plat) so this was an added incentive i personally tried my best to do as many writs as i could, this was alot of fun plus from the tradeskill writs i made some good loot in just bonuses they add up. i was copmpleting about 12-13 writs an hour on a good night. but it wasnt enough, Sunday Corliss had reached 200 writs and he mainly did all tradeskill writs, i was happy and saddened at the same time as for i would not bve receiving my plat, Cecilia came in 2nd and i think i came in 3 or 4th not too sure at this point have to look .



2009 Winner of Yajee's 200 Writ Contest ~CORLISS~

But over all i want to say Congrats to Corliss for a well done job he also leveld in tradeskill by completing these writs and gained a few levels in adventure when he took a break.lol also wasnt to say thank you to Yajee and other guild leaders who helped make this a wonderful event. keep it up we love things like this and we are looking forward to the next comtest that i am going to win..hehe.

Happy Hunting

Kuzab & Chubby