Well last night was a really fun night, after prying myself from the TV while i sat at my computer desk, (the only bad part of having the Computer in the living room) I was asked i if i wanted to tank Chelsith to help Kasala on her last past of her Fabled Epic, OF COURSE I DO…hehe

So we headed to Chelsith and started to kill the Fishmen, it was really fun we had a great and strong group i only lost aggro a few times but managed to recover within 2 seconds. Of course we went the wrong way and came to a barricade / force field so we had to clear just about the entire zone or at least most of the named bosses in order to lower the force field. This was really fun, we gained alot of AA XP, i know i started this zone with 6% AA and when it was over i was at 98% and was hoping for 10 more kills to get the AA point but hey thats what tonight is for, Hehe.

i think i am going to start and forming groups and doing the zones that we have not been to yet, i know there is alot of them and we are missing out on alot and some good loot.

Over all this zone went smooth and we only time a few hundred times because of the floating bubbles…Curse you damn bubbles.lol Again i really liked this zone and was able to really see what chubby was able to handle, i have to check my ACT Pharse and see what the DPS in the Zone was on average , this is something i have been wanting to track due to alot of the Brigrades in CRA ask what you average DPS is and honestly i have no clue what Chubbys or any of my alts are i really never had or wanted to track it to find out.

Tonight i want to try and get a shard run in if possible, i know i am going to have a hard time getting on tonight due to the wife having stuff for me to do, she has her own business on the side, doing graphic designs and this big job she has is now done printing and needs me to help her put it together manually, Ahhhhhhh All i know is i need to get her done by Saturday afternoon, because thats when i head to Corliss / Thapharsydes houde for our LAN party…..Wooohooooo. We have already discussed it with the guild we are going to run shard runs all day starting at 4pm EST and untill 6am EST or untill we pass out i just know alot of caffine and nicotine will be in the air and i gota stock up on 5hr energy shots for saturday lol.

Well if any one is around on crushbone, shoot me a tell to chat or even grp up i think it would be fun.

Oh Yeah i almost forgot Kasala completed her Fabled Epic Weapon quest..Contrats Kasala it was a pleasure being a part of that journey for you.

Until Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!