Shard of Love Info

Hello all,

I know its been a while since i have posted anything, my main pc took a turn for the worse and i have finally been able to restore it. So this means that i am back in the gaming community once again, also i will be reporting on FPS instead of MMO’s for a while since i have not been playing any MMO’s but have been playing a few FPS (First Person Shooters).

As you man of seen i have changed the name of the site to reflect the adventures of my main character “Chubbylilbuddy” as he takes a journey thru many different games.

Please stay tuned as we embark not only on new travels, but on heroic deeds, fantastic new locations and as always to conquer the villians of evil that await us as we begin a new chapter in our quest.


Well this weekend was alot of fun, i had Cinderbella logged in most of the weekend and was working on getting her geared and her AAA’s whatever they are called now AA, AAA, AAAAA or Ehh??

So Friday night i logged in Cinderbella and was looking over her L&L quest and other quest that she had and where would be a good area to go and grind, i have already disabled her combat exp by moving the slider to 100% on AA because i want to get her AA up before i move to the next area, Also i missed a lot of content on Chubby and want to revisit the zones and work thru each timeline, i figured i can go back and start and work thru each zone. Right now a few others needed to goto Kla’kan on their alts and i was going to join them.

There was only 4 of us in the zone, grabbing all the shinies and finishing up collections as we went along the zone, i also finished up a couple L&L quest i had as well. but we moved thru the zone like it was nothing, we did all the names and was receiving Ornate chest all night long, after 4 hours our foursome from lvl 50-54 clear the entire zone including the final boss. Man was i proud, first time i have ever completed this zone, we came out with Mad Loot and coin to boot. Good job to all that was with us,(Yajee, Mya, Croakin, and myself) grat job gentelmen @ lady.

After our group disbanded i headed back to GH to dispose of my rewards placed items in my house and sold trash to broke, I then logged chubby on and made all of Cinders expert spells / combat arts. after spending about 10 plat on rares she had all her adept III / Expert spells and needed to work on getting her masters , i have a request into the research assistantto start obtaining my masters.

Saturday night, Cinderbella completed the access quest to Shard of Love. The quest is so easy that it didt week like it was muc fun. After she received her access, i logged in chubby and our newly formed group 4 was now 6 memebers a full group but they wanted to do it as a lvl 80 zone, so i logged in Chubby for main event.

Shard of Love seemed very easy once you know what to do and i was giving direction the whole way, i only managed to wipe the group just once.

This time around i was able to gain the 2 quest that i was not able to get before, and we was able to complete all 3 quest, our group consisted of Chubby, Corliss, Twixt, Cecelia, Healyou and Yajee a full grp in Shard of Love and the mobs still took some time but we had agreat hand on things.

After we ended our run of SoL i headed to bed after all i stayed up all night the night before and was kind of tired.

Sunday held the promise of New adventures, but not so much was done, I logged Cinderbella in again and i began searching for items that i will need to make her a

I asked my if i bought the rares if she could make my current lvl jewerly, i need to look into the mastercrafted 52 armor since she is supporting lvl 54 for a while. I also begain working on her Tinkering skills and was able to reach her up to 25 out of 270 in tinkering. i my focus more on the tinkering tonight to be able to get her up in that secondary tradeskill.

Also last night saw me grabbing the parts of L&L quest. With the new update we no longer have to go wandering around looking for the books, all you need is a peice of the L&L, and right click and it will dsisplay the started quest. I went thru the entire guild bank grabing as many as i can.

I also searched the Broker for the cheap ones so i could get as many as i could  and complete once i entered those areas.

Also last night i knocked off about 7 different steamfont Mts quest gain a few house items asn L&L updates, these i did solo currently i am working the steamfont timeline and will be untill all quest arecompleted, then i may venture backwards and get as many grey quest done till i am caught up to my current lvl. This will also give me the chance to use the new feature of solo mentoring to the level of the zone, i just need to find those NPC that will lower  your levels by 5’s.

Well Cinderbella is coming along just fine, i am enjoying the game more with the slider feature and catching up on lost and added content. havent farmed shines in a while and the 150 plat that i did have is down to 65.

Tonight i am working on my Tinkering to get it up to at least 75 or 100 then i am heading back to my normal farming areas for about 2 hours of farming.

I have also made a few player-written books, but they are mainly for the guild. One is a guest book for members and visitors to sign, basically they need to email me and i update the book that sits in the guild hall and the other is the History of our guild. i am viewing other books and adding them to my library, once i see what others have done, and get a few ideas i will throw somethings together and get them out there.

Also in a non-eq2 related subject i have been playing an older game that i use to love “Roller Coaster Tycoon 3” i have all the expansions and simply love building parks and giant coasters. I highly recommend this game to break the monotony of things in the MMO world.

Well this my 100 post since end of Dec 2008, woooot wooot.

I would like to thank the Academy, my manager, and ahhhhhhh sorry Miss Tell.

I would actully like to Thank the loyal readers of this blog, if it wasnt for you no one would read my blogs, no seriously i probablly would of stopped a long time ago. This is something that i really didnt intend on doing but thought it would be kind of neat to write of my gaming exp. and hopefully help others in the process, if they are stuck in a certain area, or wanted to know what was going on in the gaming world. I do post about other games that i play weather it is WOW, or some of the Free to play games out there that i have tried or maybe one of the games that i beta, but for the most part my blogs are EQ2 related, since that is my main game of choice, i started out in eq1 and progressed to Eq2 when it launched and i have had a blast. So thank you all for sticking with me for a wonderful 100 post, i look forward to many more years of post on all the games i play.

Now lets get down to the nitty-gritty of this past weekend.

Well Friday night there was not that much going on, i was basically grinfing on the token quest in Commonlands and buying house items to place in my new home in Neriak, also i have located my additional room that they applied with the latest patch, which was hidden behind some fake walls my interior decorator “Twixt” had placed up. it only took me about a half an hour to locate this room and began to place items in this, i have made a L&L wall for all the trophy’s  i have also i have all the tapestry’s in this room and a grave site of where i will be i’ll have to post some pics when i get home.

Saturday was much like friday, continued to gain tokens for the house items given at the spires for the repeatable quests they have going on in this past update. i also went and visited some zones to complete some of my collections quest,  and collecting shinies to sell on the broker. This has been  very profitable for me i am well over 100 plat just by selling shinies, but the thing you need to make sure is that you continue to check your prices and outbid others or sell them at the same price, as well as adding more shinies to your broker as the old ones sell. if you follow this method you will have the plat to buy the things you need.

Sunday was not much of a gaming day, went to church and then shopping with the wife and kids and came home to watch the steelers play, Once i was in game i created 2 player written books and placed them in the GH for display. I again went shinie hunting, and visited some zones for pages to complete a few more quest.

Monday i played around on my Alts getting their Racial traits back to where they needed to be and gain went shinie hunting.

Tonight i want to revisit shard of Love and maybe Fear & Hate as well, i can asure you that i will be shinie hunting, and maybe looking up where the other pages i need to finish off some collections, I do need a few more shinies for my Kunark Collection quest so i may try to fit that in some how as well.

Well again thanks for reading my last 100 post i look forward to writing more to share with the players of norrath.

Until Next time, Happy hunting in Norrath.


Shard of Love at zone in

Shard of Love at zone in

After we complete the access quest to Shard of Love, we ventured in to see what was going on, when we zones it was beautiful looking zone , but you could feel that something was not right. there are a few mobs in the front of the zone they are for the most part ^^^ or ^^ and at level 80 they con Blue to me. so we took the time just the 3 of us Mya, Corliss and Me (Chubby) wacking away at the mobs, yajee soon logged in and we convinced him to join us, we helped him complete the access quest which only took us 15 min since we knew what to do now, and Once he joined up we had a pretty good small group of guildies exploring the new zone together.

So we cleared out the front of the zone, at the top of the stairs there is a NPC with a quest feather above their head. Talk to Lanielle, to get the quest “Shrouded Memories of Love”. The quest wants you to seek out information and find out what happened to Erollisi Marr.

You will need to make your way thru the zone and locate Arawen & Gwestanna for information, once you have spoken to these 2, go back to Lanielle, and receive your update.

Next Lanielle will ask you to venture in to the Chapel of Love and remove whatever is tainting the sahrd from within. to gain access to the chapel of Love you need to call all the names within the zone to remove the barrier and unlock the door to the Chapel of Love.

In the distance is the Chapel of Love

In the distance is the Chapel of Love

Named Mobs:

All Named mobs will be equal to the average level of the group (white con).

Note: All the named locations are on the latest update of Eq2maps. Also all the Names are ring events, you need to kill all the mobs in that area in order to have the Name spawn. ( be prepared for long battles if there is only 3 or 4 in your group.)

Once you Kill the 1st Named, you will unlock the 4 new Shinies that will be now spawning throughout the zone, those new shinies are the following :

Also there are 2 additional quest in this zone as well :

Once you have killed all the Named mobs in the Zone the door to the chapel of Love with be opened and in the Middle of the room is standing Mithaniel Marr <The Sorrowful> (yellow ^^^) he will be 2 levels above your group.

after a short dialog he will begin to attack you, at this point i had so much energy flowing thru me it was unbelievable me and Corliss & Yajee was laying into this god while Mya was healing us and trying not to die. i think he was down to about 50% when all of a sudden he stopped and snapped back to his origional place, at this point i thought this was bugged, but it was part of the quest, he went into another dialog session and walked to the back of the chapel. I am not going to reveal anthing else from this point, basically there is no more fighing , you will complete the quest but if you want to know what is in the back of the Chapel you will have to complete the quest.

I will tell you that you will receive 2 things as you reward to this quest.

  • Rewards: Lover’s setee (house item)
  • Achievement Title: Love’s Champion

It is a wonderful story and i love forward to visiting this zone again to complete the other 2 quest in here. I think with the Sahrd of Love the Devs did a great job explaining the Story behind the goddess of Love and her disappearance. Good JOB SOE.

you will have a lockout once you have completed this Min is 18 hrs max is 1 day 11hrs.

Once i complete the other quest i will post them here as well.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


Well last night i had no update which was great, due to the night before i had a 2 hr update because of my internet connection being DSL (ATT) and the area where i live i am not getting the full speed that i am suppose to due to the telephone lines, I am too cheap to fork out money to comcast and their rates, so those are my only 2 options unless i want Dailup which would be pointless.

Also as a side note with the new patch there has been many problems being happening to players on all the servers, wheather this is something that is wrong in the coding of the patch or just so many players logging back in to see what the patch had to give. SOE is still looking into the matter and working to correct the issues at hand. According to & Rothgar at SOE, please see the following message posted at ZAM:

“According to Rothgar, there’s a fix for the memory errors that have plagued many people since GU53 launched.  Simply close your client and rerun your patcher to get the latest EXE.

Rothgar is also actively monitoring servers for performance issues, and in some cases temporarily turning off the Spire event and even locking the servers until their database recovers. “

So last night once i was in the game, a few of my guildies were on and looking over what was added in the update, and of course fixing the racial traits and seeing what armor was nerfed. Well after a few minutes adjusting these and checking my broker and the 6 bags of shinines i have for sale. I made an additional 14 plat last night when i logged in upto 113plat right now, trying not to spend anything except repair bills. We decided to finish the access quest to Shard of Love and see what the zone looked like.

Note: If you are a Evil player the access quest is called Through The Gates of Bliss for Hate.

If you are a Good player then your access quest is called: Through the Gates of Bliss for Love.

Also Note that this is a Spoiler and a step by step instructions on the Access Quest, do not read on if you do not want to know how to complete the quest.

The first step for us, since we were evil was to seek out of Disipline of Hate rep just outside the West Freeport gate in the commonlands,( Also within Neriak, City of Hate, or within Gorowyn.) After speaking to him he sent us to Antonica to speak to the sisterhood- Priestess Annalisa Swornlove just outside the druid ring, after speaking to her she sent us back to the commonlands to seek out some valorian bloom which are blue blooms from a flower around where the Avatar of Valor spawns. After we collected 1 Valorian bloom each we headed back to Priestess Annalisa Swornlove to give her the blooms.

After you give the Priestess Annalisa Swornlove the blooms, she is going to send you to Greater Faydark & Everfrost to seek out “Lady Shae’s Arrow” & “the Weakest point between Shard of Love and N orrath.

So now you are going to journey to Greater Faydark and goto Tunare’s Sapling at -57,11,-48 and click on the giant arrow in the ground to obtain the update. At this time you are going to have a disciple of Hate spawn and attack you, kill it and have someone in the group to open a portal and take Everfrost.

Now that you are in Everfrost you are going to need to find the weakest point between Shard of Love and Norrath. Goto the main dock and goto the northend of the dock, you should see a bunch of rocks / rubble laying on the docks click on it to get your update and then have someone open a portal back to Antonica and goto the Priestess Annalisa Swornlove by the Druid ring.

Now she will tell you that she will meet you in Everfrost to complete the ritual, again open a portal to everfrost goback to the docks where you clicked on the rubble and speak to the Priestess to get the portal to open. Now that you have completed this part of the quest you will have access to the Shard of Love.  For our group we zoned back to Commonlads and went and spoke to the Disciple to complete our quest and receive our reward which was a tapestry of the Sisterhood (same as the cloak from last Erroliss Day quest) and Lady Shae’s Arrow – Both are house items.

Now you can Zone back into Everfrost and Access the Shard of Love: A Moment of Valor.

BTW we completed the Access quest with only 3 toons, we had a Tank, Healer and DPS.

Well we all jumped back in with energy flowing thru our viens but i will save the details of  SOL for another post.

Untill Next time Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!