Ok so i get on last night and a RL buddy sends me a tell that he started a new alt, this is going to be his Raiding Templar………..Yeah ok sure.

So after about 15 minutes of asking him why, that you really havent done all you can with your main, theres so much more that can be done and with the expansion coming out he will be doing double the work.

Then it dawned to me that i had 5 alts, i have done this same thing, why an i downing his gaming or style of play. So i logged in Chubetta, my half-elf Fury and headed to TS, why do you ask i logged my Fury in and not Chubby or Cinderbella, because Chubetta was the same level that Thapharsyde was 28 and this would be a great chance for us both to gain levels and have some fun in the older zones that we dont visit much anymore, unless its a slow night and the Supply depot is getting low.

Over all it was fun i dinged 2 levels on chubetta and gained 1 AA, Thapharsyde gained about 3 AA’s that i saw and 2 levels as well. Its been a really long time since i played my fury and was hard to remember what spell did what and why, so after the first 20 min i worked out the kinks and we were on our way to slaying some Crabs, slugs, zombies, skellys, hawks and the occisional Bear. OH MY.

So once again i ask my self the one question, Why do i always do this, i have tons of alts and little time to play them.

Tonight, i have no clue what alt or if it will be Chubby logging in, I can tell you the answer to the questions, is because it shows me the different styles of the charecters and class in this wonderfull game, to learn the different spells and roles of each class and see how they fit in the big picture is amazing, i started this game at launch, and i still learn something new each time  i play and thats what keeps me in Norrath and not in another distant land. Dont get me wrong i will try the other MMO’s and see what they have to offer and compare them to Eq2, and in the end I always seem to come back to the one that started me into the MMO’s …Eq / Eq2

Well until next time, happy Hunting in Norrath.