Well last night started off rough, not ingame but in RL , see we had this hugh storm move in last night and it was bad, to make a long story short, it wipedout 2 of my DVD/VCR players, my Sons Computer, and the Wii system…ahhhh, so yeah it started out bad. After i clamed my nerves from all the fried electronics, i jumped into the game and was looking for something to do. Then arounf 10pm est all the regulars logged in Mezer, Kasala, Yajee, Mya. So after all the greeting came we all decided to do the Daily Dould shard Run which was OOA last night. i really only been in here once and didnt make it past the 1st room. So last night was a challange for me to make it past that point, and we did we were a well oiled machine. we had some problems in the 3rd room where you have to bounce  and gather the orbs and kill the floating guy. Yeah needless to say we wiped alot trying to figure this one, But hey after a repair bot we was ready to go and this time it was balls to the wall, we finally made i past this part and earned some nice loot and on to the final boss of the zone. the final boss was not that hard except for someone stealing aggro from me not mentioning any names yajee but damn it was rough i thought we was going to wipe. We killed the boss gained our shard, and zoned for the turn in. i love the DD due to the face that you can actully earn 3 shards.

We then took a small break and we all headed to the Solo Shard in Lavastorm and was finished with that in about 10 min.

After that we headed to Deep Forge and proceeded to lay the smake down on them in there. Again i have only been to DF once and died at Crum, but this time we was able to control him and killed him.

Over all DF went well i wiped the group 4 times on the final boss trying to figure out the best way to walk backwards while still fighting.

Thanks to all that joined us last night, Witchhh from Looony Toons thanks again for the help and its good to see ya old friend.

It was fun gained some nice loot and plat and i had lots of Fun, Chubby gained another AA durnig all of this and this weekend is double AA exp woohoo cant wait.

Untill Next time  Happy Hunting in Norrath