Game Update 57 went live today in EverQuest II! To see what changed, what’s new, and what you don’t want to miss, check out the Update Notes.

  • Many quests will now highlight areas on the map to show where updates can be obtained.
  • Quests must be active in the quest helper window for their RoIs to display.
  • Mousing over a quest in the quest helper window will highlight its corresponding RoIs on the map.
  • Mousing over RoIs on the map will display info on the quest they are associated with.
  • Quests in the following zones currently support this feature: Frostfang Sea, Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark, Timorous Deep, Lavastorm, Kylong Plains, Butcherblock, Steamfont, The Barren Sky, The Bonemire, Tenebrous Tangle, and Sinking Sands.

Lavastorm quest ROI highlighted in blue on the map

  • The Default UI now ships with two color options; red and blue. Use the /loadui command to change color schemes.
  • A clock and compass have been integrated into the mini-map window (the old compass and clock UI elements were not removed and can be opened using Alt-N and Alt-C respectively).
  • At the bottom of the screen you will now find the Nav bar, which replaces the old experience bar and includes the EQII button and shortcuts to various UI windows (you can right-click minimize/maximize the NAV bar to hide the various shortcut keys, except for the SC and EQII buttons).
  • New tutorial windows have been created to help ease new players into the game.
  • The Marketplace window has been upgraded for easier browsing. An item preview pane has also been added.
  • The Welcome window layout has been reorganized to make it easier to read.
  • The Inventory and Persona windows were merged to create the Character window (the shortcut key for this new window is C).
  • Z is now the default for crouch.
  • The casting, breath and PvP immunity bars have been updated with a new look.
  • The hotbar has been reworked and is now easier to manipulate.
  • If a new spell is a newer version of an old spell on your hotbar it will replace the older version rather than adding a new button on your hotbar.
  • Spell effects that are not able to crit will say “This effect cannot be critically applied” in the spell description.
  • You can now freely move any UI window when viewing them in F10 mode.
  • You can now disable the confirmation when spending AA points under Options -> UI -> Game Features.

New Character Window

Use /loadui to chage your UI color from red to blue.

The new Marketplace Window with Preview Pane

The new Navigation Bar

Minimap with clock and compass

The new tutorial windows for Character Advancement

The new tutorial windows for Combat

The new Welcome Screen

  • The character creation process has been reorganized for a better flow (models will now default to their SOGA versions during character creation).
  • More classes are now neutral:
  • Neutral: Troubador, Dirge, Ranger, Assassin, Templar, Inquisitor, Fury, Warden, Coercer, Illusionist, Wizard, Warlock, Bruiser, Monk, Guardian, and Berserker
  • Good: Swashbuckler, Mystic, Conjurer, and Paladin
  • Evil: Brigand, Defiler, Necromancer, and Shadowknight

We are updating, optimizing and standardizing every class spell visual in the game. AA and Entertainment spells are next on the list and will be revealed in a later game update.

The purpose for these changes are primarily to optimize and individualize as many spells as possible so there will be more uniqueness to each class. Also we would like for more players to have the ability to keep the spell FX active during group and raid content and still be able to tell what is going on.

We analyzed the text and effects of each spell and made every effort to standardize the type of damage being done or the type of buff, heal, summon, etc. Also since we picked a single name for the spells instead of getting a new name with every spell upgrade, we tried to give the spell a visual that not only matched the damage done, but also the name of the spell.

When you start a new character you will have Apprentice spells. This spell tier along with Journeyman will have a beginner level of FX in both size and quantity. Later when you acquire Adept or Expert versions of the spells the level of FX will increase. Finally when you acquire Master and Grandmaster versions of the spells you will experience the full FX force of that spell.

One of the unique features of spells in EverQuest II is the leveling of spell skills. As you cast destructive spells your skill in Disruption increases. Healing spells increase Ministration. Buff and debuff spells increase Ordination and Crowd Control and Summon spells increase Subjugation (see figure A). Other than the chat window there was no real indication which spells increased which status. Therefore we created the spell wheel. Mages, Bards and Priests will see the spell wheel spin while casting and the corresponding Rune will show up when that skill is used. Casting runes will all emanate from the caster’s feet as part of their traditional casting rings.

Figure A:


Parry                       Wisdom                    Aggression              Intelligence

Focus                      Stamina                  Avoidance                  Strength


Finally we set up icons for the various other buffs in the game to show players when they are getting an increase or decrease to Intelligence, Wisdom, Focus, etc. (See figure B.)

Figure B:

Light :                                                              Dark:






  • Inner zone travel locations now support path linking. This means when travelling via sokokar/horse/balloon you will be able to select any location in the zone that is an available travel point and let the mount do the rest.
  • The KOS cloud pads can now teleport you to any other pad within the same zone.
  • Cloud travel around KOS zones can now be done via the Overrealms Tour Agency. They offer tour route services for Tenebrous, Barren Sky, and Bonemire.
  • Weapon appearance slots are no longer restricted to being the same wield style of your equipped weapons.
  • Appearance slots are no longer restricted to levels 20 and higher.
  • Linkdead timeouts should now occur less frequently.
  • Lucan D’Lere has returned to Freeport! His Lucanic Knights have retaken the streets of from the Dreadnaughts and Thexians.
  • The hooluk collector in the Barren Sky is now in the Windgazer’s Hideout with the banker. The hooluks have also joined the wider trade community of Norrath and installed a broker and mail kiosk.
  • New neutral class trainers have opened for business in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, Kelethin, Gorowyn and New Halas!
  • The book, “The Case of the Lost Lute” is now available for purchase from the Sage NPCs in South Qeynos, North Freeport and New Halas if player is a troubador, level 80+ and does not already have the book.
  • The “Halasian Weapon Rack” now mounts properly in houses.
  • The Vambraces of plated ice have had their stats adjusted to be consistent with similar healer shoulder items in Icy Keep.
  • The Band of the Corrupter’s effect Pure Corruption now also procs agility.
  • The “Bauble of Holidays Past” description has been made a bit more specific, and the particles should be easier to see.
  • The appearance armor sets sold in Erronson’s Fur and Leathers shop in New Halas are now heirloom instead of no trade.
  • It is now much easier to change which holiday-themed effect is triggered by The Bauble of Holidays Past.
  • Swift Claws from the Claws of Jojo will no longer cause stacking issues with Furious Blows.
  • The Seeker’s Disc of Darktruth is now usable by level 80 crafters.
  • The “Guild Hall Kunark Writ Agent” now offers writs to Guild members that are citizens of New Halas.
  • Guild hall harvester hirelings no longer spam you with a list of every item they brought back.
  • Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs and raw vanilla can now be placed in supply depots.
  • “Call of City” spells now properly apply their new reuse and casting speed on PVP Servers.


  • Fighter heals can no longer critically heal.
  • Fighters will no longer automatically receive “Intercept” at level 6.
  • Crusaders will no longer automatically receive “Pledge of Armament” at level 17.


  • Berserkers will no longer automatically receive “Enrage” at level 8.
  • Berserkers will no longer automatically receive Mock and Mock II.
  • Berserkers now receive “Body Check” at level 8.
  • Berserkers now receive “Rupture II” at level 6.
  • Berserkers now receive “Reckless Aide” at level 21.
  • Berserkers now receive “Destructive Rage” at level 18.
  • Berserkers now receive “Abandoned Fury II” at level 16.
  • Berserkers now receive “Raging Blow” at level 3 and “Body Check” at level 2.
  • Berserker “Perseverance” now has a 60 second reuse time.
  • The Berserker ability “Body Check” no longer requires a shield.
  • “Wall of Rage” no longer snares the caster.


  • Bruisers will no longer automatically receive “Slurred Insult” and “Slurred Insult II.”
  • Bruisers will now receive “Pummel II” at level 6.
  • Bruisers will no longer automatically receive “Abuse” at level 8.
  • Bruisers will now receive “Shrug Off” at level 21.
  • Bruisers will now receive “Smoldering Fists II” at level 16.


  • Guardians will no longer automatically receive Provoke and Provoke II.
  • Guardians will no longer automatically receive “Shout” at level 8.
  • Guardians now receive “Bash II” at level 8.
  • Guardians now receive “Overpower II” at level 6.
  • Guardians now receive “Never Surrender” at level 21.
  • Guardians now receive “Battle Tactics” at level 18.
  • Guardians now receive “Forward Charge II” at level 16.
  • The Guardian ability “Shield Bash” is now “Bash” and no longer requires a shield.
  • “Hunker Down” no longer snares the caster.


  • Monks will no longer automatically receive “Silent Threat” and “Silent Threat II.”
  • Monks will no longer automatically receive “Challenge” at level 8.
  • Monks will now receive “Tranquil Vision” at level 21.
  • Monks will now receive “Flow Like Wind II” at level 16.
  • All versions of Will of the Heavens can now be cast while the monk is feared.


  • Paladins will no longer automatically receive “Clarion” and “Clarion II.”
  • Paladins will now receive “Faith Strike II” at level 6.
  • Paladins will now receive “Wrath Stance II” at level 16.
  • Paladins will now receive “Crusade” at level 18.
  • Paladins will now receive “Resolute Faith” at level 21.
  • Paladin “Judgment” is now a Fist for the Heroic Opportunities.
  • “Heroic Dash” no longer requires a shield or symbol to be equipped.


  • Shadowknights will now receive “Painbringer II” at level 6.
  • Shadowknights will now receive “Devious Evasion” at level 21.
  • Shadowknights will now receive “Unholy Strength” at level 18.
  • Shadowknights will now receive “Dark Blade II” at level 16.
  • Shadowknight “Unholy Strength VI” no longer has a casting time.
  • Shadowknight “Malice” is now a Fist for the Heroic Opportunities.
  • “Hateful Slam” no longer requires a shield or symbol to be equipped.


  • Scouts will no longer automatically receive “Evade” at level 6.


  • Assassins will no longer automatically receive “Murderous Design” at level 11.
  • Assassins will now be granted Villainy at level 11.


  • Brigands now receive “Mug” at level 6.


  • Dirges now receive “Tarven’s Crippling Crescendo” at level 6.


  • Rangers will no longer automatically receive “Primal Reflexes” at level 11.
  • Rangers will now be granted “Hunter’s Instinct” at level 11.Assassins and Rangers now gain the new spell “Hilt Strike” at level 6.


  • Swashbucklers now receive “Double-Cross” at level 6.


  • Troubadors now receive “Vexing Verses” at level 6.


  • Mages will no longer gain “Bind Sight” automatically. It is now a fun spell and can be bought from the class trainers.
  • Dispel Magic is now Absorb Magic and now also drains a small amount of power. It no longer has a power cost.
  • Summoners will now receive their first version of Vampire Bats at level 10.
  • Summoners: “Aqueous Stone” is now “Aqueous Soul” and no longer summons an item that grants water breathing. It now simply casts water breathing on the target.


    • Warlocks will no longer automatically get “Nullify” at level 10.
    • Warlocks will now get “Vacuum Field” at level 4.
    • Void Contract now costs less health to cast below level 40.


    • Wizards will no longer automatically get “Cease” at level 10.
    • Wizards will now gain “Ice Spears” at level 4.
    • Vital Transfer now costs less health to cast below level 40.


    • Coercers will no longer automatically receive “Mesmerize” at level 1.
    • “Shift Mana” now has a lower health cost at low levels.


    • Illusionists will no longer automatically receive “Entrance” at level 1.
    • “Extract Mana” now has a lower health cost at low levels.


    • Priests will no longer receive the spell “Summon Food and Water.”
    • Priests will now receive “Wrath” at level 6.
    • Clerics will now receive “Soothe” at level 30.


    • Legionnaire’s Focus now is 2% heal potency rather than 2% heal crit bonus per rank.


    • Allied Prayers now gives 4% heal potency per rank rather than 3% heal potency and 3% critical chance.


    • Coercive Healing now affects Chilling Invigoration.


    • Lifeburn can no longer be dispelled.
    • The quest book “Remembrances – Tel’riia’mil’an’ane’ie” will now update in any zone, not just in the Obelisk of Lost Souls, which should make evil eyes easier to obtain.
    • The named nightbloods required for “The Mysterious Drafling” quest should now spawn automatically if you are on the quest, and will not appear at all if you are not.
    • New Halas writs have been added to the Moors of Ykesha.
    • Writ giver Ankinil Zo’Ro in Butcherblock now offers Gorowyn citizens city writs from level 20.
    • Neriak: Players of any evil alignment can now speak with Zintra for the quest “Eight Legs Are Better Than Two.”
    • The quest “Exile to Neriak – Sun Dazzled Vamps” now allows you to use the sunstones on any of the T’Rethir vampires, not just priests.
    • Players tagging chokidai together for the quest “Keeping Tabs” will now receive updates as a group.
    • It is now easier to obtain quest updates for “Caustic Action”, “A Key To The Past”, and “Far Seas Requisition – TS0703-SCO”
    • A number of quests in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn and the Feerrott now have a greater chance to obtain the quest item when a creature is killed.
    • The quests “The Mystery of the Cursed Tower” and “Watching the Watchman!” should sort properly by current zone in your quest journal.
    • “Battle of Ages Past” should now give you the Jin’tu’s gift ability along with the item. If you already have the item all you need to do is use it to receive the ability in your book.
    • The quest “To Catch The Sky” now directs you to a new, safer location to catch the piece of sky.
    • Mist essences now only drop from cloudmist walkers when you are actually on the quest “The Inhabitants of Cloudmist Isle”.
    • The “Enervated Vel’Arek” guardian weapon can now call upon Vel’Arek to offer the quest “Revitalizing Vel’Arek” or progress it.
    • Halas Citizens with the quest “A Final Froglok Word” will now find they can converse with Lady Erillis.
    • Quartermaster Lewyn in Qeynos Harbor will now converse with New Halas citizens if they have found the patterns she is interested in.
    • Scholars can now make level 10-19 bracelets.
    • Representatives of the Ironforge Exchange and Coalition of Tradesfolke are now stationed in New Halas and may have crafting work to offer to players tradeskill level 10 or higher.
    • The Totem of Escape and Totem of the Great Chameleon are now usable at level 30.
    • Artisans of the 20th rank or higher who are interested in working for the Far Seas Trading Company should seek out trade liaison Cordelia Galeston at the Butcherblock Mountains docks for more information.
    • “Pristine” has been removed from all tradeskill equipment as the name was a holdover from when you used to be able to make multiple qualities of the same item. All tradeskill equipment should be title cased as well.
    • The tinkered weapons Troll Snot Flinger, Gnarmy, and Tinkered Turkey Launcher now have improved visual effects.
    • The names of Vampire Bats, Raging Blow, and Body Check recipes have changed slightly (e.g. Vampire Bats II is now Vampire Bats III) so tradeskillers may wish to double check which level of these spells they are creating for customers.
    • Karalyn Cinderton in the Steamfont Mountains is seeking assistance from tradeskillers level 30 and higher.
    • Academy of Logistics engineers have completed their changes to the layout of the city of Gorowyn. They sincerely hope that the improved city layout will be easier to negotiate for Gorowyn residents, will promote more tourism to Gorowyn, and will reduce the number of completely lost rangers that the guards keep finding in obscure corners of the city.


    • The Nursery in Greater Faydark is under attack! New characters starting in Greater Faydark will have to help save the blooms of the Nursery and thwart the plans of the Grobin clan of goblins. Can you help the Matron and her friends ensure the safety of the unborn fae?

    The Nursery in Greater Faydark

    • Hate’s Envy has come under attack by Sablevein elementals! Adventurers starting there will find themselves quickly enlisted to repel the assault before all of Hate’s Envy is razed!
    • Thexian invaders continue to cause trouble within Darklight Wood. Members of the Dread Guard are seeking the assistance of adventurers at T’Vatar Outpost!
    • Several Nerian citizens have gone missing from Wanderlust Fair. New adventurers emerging from Neriak should speak with Malyl N’Vazin to look into this matter.
    • New Halas City Faction merchant, Mirva Kilgour, is now selling titles!
    • Pilgrims’ Landing is under attack by Ry’Gorr orcs! Adventurers starting there will find themselves being thrust into the fray, very quickly.
    • The zone boss Ka’El Ka’Vrish should do significantly less damage when casting Ravage.
    • “The Idol of Mor’Tael” book can now be obtained within Nektropos Castle.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes characters could get stuck in a battleground.
    • Players who are reviving when a battleground match completes will still get credit for completing the match.

    Please Note:

    The Information above was taken from SOE website for eq2 –




    Stardate: [-28] 02990.00


    Here is the information on the new update for Star Trek online Season 1.1 Update that’s been Released. Information has been taken from the STO Forums.


    Season 1.1 Update – New Features FAQ

    Difficulty Settings

    By popular demand, we have added the ability to scale difficulty in instanced missions so that you can customize the combat challenges to your liking. The difficult you have been playing on is the default which is considered “Normal”. If you would like more of a challenge, you can adjust this via the Options screen or the Episodes tab on your mission journal.
    The available settings are:

    • Normal – The default combat settings prior to this update with no injuries as a result of defeat.
    • Advanced – Increases combat difficulty and introduces injuries as a result of defeat.
    • Elite – Significantly increases combat difficulty with an increased chance of injury as a result of defeat.
    • As an added incentive to the additional risks, there is greater frequency and quality of rewards from defeating enemies on higher difficulty setting. Mission rewards are not impacted by difficulty settings.
      Things to note about difficulty settings:
    • When teamed, the Team Leader’s difficulty setting prior to entering the system determines the difficulty of the mission.
    • Difficulty settings do not apply to Fleet Actions, PVP, Social Maps, or Deepspace Encounters (or any other non-instance map)
    • We have disabled difficulty settings for Special Task Forces temporarily while we adjust the system to work with the increased difficulty of these special missions.
    • You cannot modify difficulty once you have entered a mission map. All settings must be set or modified prior to entering the mission. If you want to change the difficult of a mission you are currently on, all players must exit the mission and wait 15 minutes for the mission to cooldown before your new difficulty settings can be applied.

    Injury System

    In conjunction with the new Difficulty Settings, we are introducing an injury system that adds added risks to playing on higher difficulties. Depending on the type and severity of the injury sustained, you will notice a decrease in related performance until treated. Federation players will receive a mission that sends you a contact on Earth Space Dock which will explain more about injuries.

    Here’s How It Works

    • If your captain, your bridge officers, or your ship is defeated, there is a chance they will receive one injury. This occurs at the time you are defeated, regardless of whether or not you respawn or are resuscitated. Injuries cause various de-buffs depending on the type and severity.
    • If you receive an injury, the severity of that injury is determined by chance, modified by the existence of any untreated injuries already on that character/ship. For example, the chance of receiving a Major or Critical injury is increased if the character/ship has an untreated injury already.
    • Injuries do not occur below level 5 on any difficulty setting and there is a maximum of 50 total injuries each character/ship can sustain at any given time.

    Type of Injuries

    • Minor – The negative effect of minor injuries is small enough that it would take several minor injuries before most players would notice any difference in performance.
    • Major – These injuries feel significant, but the character/ship can continue to function with only slight performance decreases. Sustaining more than one major injury of the same type (which modifies the same stat) will begin to cause noticeable performance impacts.
    • Critical – These injuries will cause noticeable performance impacts. A character/ship may still continue on in a mission (and succeed) with more than one critical injury, but each additional critical injury will prove costly to treat and will put the character/ship below the expected potency curve.

    How to Treat an Injury

    • Visit a medic/engineer in your faction’s major social hub and pay them energy credits to remove the injuries. Use an injury pack to remove the item yourself.
    • Regenerators treat personnel injuries – Components treat ship “injuries” (damage)
    • Each pack comes in 3 versions that correspond to the severity of the injury.
    • Injury packs are not available in replicators, but some packs are available stores.
    • There’s a chance of finding some types of injury packs as a reward drop.
    • Your medical/engineering staff will automatically treat each Minor Injury 30 minutes after each injury was sustained.

    Important Power Updates

    • Several key powers are being updated with this release in order to address concerns and bring their functionality in line with expected design goals.

    Feedback Pulse

    Goal: This ability can be used to augment DPS by reflecting your opponents directed energy attacks, as well as a deterrent in PvP if currently the main target of a group.

    • Now reflects all directed energy types (beams, cannons, turrets)
    • Feedback Pulse is now an energy type, buffed and resisted similar to other damage types
    • Damage reflected by Feedback Pulse hits shields first, but does have 50% shield penetration
    • Overall reflected damage has been reduced for each version. Version 1 damage is about 60%, version 2 about 80%, and version 3 nearly 100%.
    • Countered by: Subnucleonic Beam removes buff; Projectile Weapon or Indirect Damage ignores it.

    Subnucleonic Beam

    Goal: This ability removes buffs and slows performance of targeted enemy. Counters abilities such as Feedback Pulse, Reverse Shield Polarity, Attack Pattern Alpha, by removing the applied buff.

    • This does not put abilities into recharge, but instead slows the recharge time for bridge officer abilities and weapons systems over its duration.
    • Removes currently applied buffs from target at activation time. Buffs can be later applied while subnucleonic beam is active.
    • Countered By: Science Team applied while SNB active removes the debuff; Photonic Officer helps to offset slow recharge

    Viral Matrix

    Goal: Cripples target, but target has the chance to remove debuff or continue to fight at a disadvantage.

    • This is no longer a hold, but instead takes three of a ship’s subsystems offline.
    • Shields subsystems are unaffected, but weapons, engines, and auxiliary will go offline in a random order (each time it is used) over the course of the duration. As the systems go offline in a staggered method, the target has some time to react and does not have all three systems disabled for the entire duration.
    • The best case duration for a subsystem being offline is approx 7.2, 9.6, and 12 seconds for ver 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
    • Countered By: Engineering Team now restores all subsystems; Emergency Power to (system) will restore that particular subsystem.

    Commodity Missions

    • Based on feedback with Federation “Aid the Planet” missions, we’ve made changes so these exploration missions are more viable.
    • Federation players will now receive some basic information about what commodities might be useful in the nearby Star Cluster as well as a few commodities to get you started.
    • Unknown Systems within Star Cluster previously were in need of up to 5 different types of commodities, which meant that if you wanted to be prepared, you had to haul around a cargo hold’s worth of goods. We’ve reduced this to 3 types that could possibly be needed.
    • If you didn’t have the commodities needed on board, you had to exit the system and find a trader who would sell them to you. This is where most players would drop the mission. Now, you have the option to replicate the necessary commodities on the spot. Be warned that the cost of doing this is at a premium.
    • If you are looking for better prices on commodities other than your replicator or via trade ships, you can hover over a commodities tooltip to learn which system sells the commodity at the lowest price.
    • As a reward for taking the time to deliver these commodities, the planet you are aiding will now offer you a gift as an additional reward. These gifts could be anything, so open them up and see what you get!

    Exchange Improvements

    • If you’ve ever used the exchange to look for an item, you’d noticed it was a bit messy. This update introduces changes to help clean the exchange up and makes some general improvements.
    • When searching for an item, results are now returned in a sorted list by either price or item name
    • Items you place on the exchange will now expire after 1 week if no buyer is found. The item will be returned to you via an attachment using in-game mail.
    • Once this update goes live – many (if not all) items on the exchange will be returned as they are long overdue to expire.
    • To aid in comparison price purchasing, you can now drag and drop an item on the search field to look for similar items

    Team Mission Tracker

    • When you are teamed, your mission journal will now show you which missions your team mates are currently working on to aid in team mission planning.

    Space Auto-fire Improvements

    • By popular demand (and to save your fingers) we’ve opened up the ability to set all ship weapons to auto-fire. Simply right click a weapon (notice the green outline) to toggle auto-fire. Weapons auto-fire in the order they are placed in the Weapon’s Tray. Keep in mind that having all weapons on auto-fire can lead to danger if you are frequently switching targets.

    Store Inventory Changes

    • Mark (Valor, Honor, and Exploration) Stores now sell a variety of equipment and weapon damage types. You’re no longer limited to Anti-Proton damage when searching for Rear Admiral Gear.

    Female TOS/Mirror Universe Costume Updates

    • Many of you who received these costumes as part of your purchase bundle were underwhelmed with what you received. While there was some miscommunication as to what was initially available, we are happy to announce that female TOS and Mirror Universe costume updates are now available to those who have them unlocked on their account.

    Playable Joined Trill of the Klingon Faction

    • For those who purchased a bundle pack which offered you the ability to play as a Joined Trill, you may have been bummed that you could not create a Joined Trill that was aligned with the Klingon Faction. Well Jack promised it, and here it is. If you have Joined Trill unlocked on your account, you can now make a Joined Trill of the Klingon Faction.

    Inventory Stacking Improvements

    • We’ve made a first pass at making things stack better in your inventory as well as when purchasing items in bulk. Let us know what you think!

    Fleet Mail

    • Fleet Leaders can now send messages to their entire fleet at once per day

    General Updates

    • Your starship will now look for a clear path and adjust heading prior to warping out so that it doesn’t warp through the center of a planet.
    • Adjusted the stuck message to remove the suggestion use /killme if stuck doesn’t work .
    • Updated the details about what changes with a “short name” rename .
    • Fixed bug that prevented players from continuing to respec once they’d pressed the “Accept” button unless they pressed the “Reset” button.
    • The in-game camera will no longer pass through ship geometry when zooming in all the way.
    • Nearly all Tribble descriptions have been updated.
    • The camera will now attempt to avoid obstacles when playing the beam out cutscene .
    • Updated French and German localized text
    • Klingon Faction players now have their own replicator menu
    • Klingon Faction players can now set ground weapons to auto-fire
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when inviting others to your Fleet
    • Fixed a crash that would occur while trying to take a screenshot in certain circumstances
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when a player attempted to enter a private queue that was full
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when dismissing or training certain bridge officers
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when attempting to mail certain item
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when inviting players from an enemy faction
    • Fixed a bug with renaming that could occur if your captain’s name was the same as any of the other officers in your crew
    • Fixed a bug where some items attached via mail could not be viewed
    • Add a LFG option for teams either at the player’s difficulty level or any difficulty level.


    • Scaling PvP rewards are now in. Players will now be rewarded for the time spend in a pvp match, making longer matches now just as viable as short ones.
    • Added the ability to request to “Join New Game” in the PvP Queue window. The join button is now a drop-down. When clicked, this displays two options: “Join New Game” or “Join Any Game”
    • Updated the look and feel for the PvP Queue
    • Personal scores in the PvP score window are now in columns to take up less space
    • The current team is now indicated with an icon in PvP
    • Personal missions are no longer shown on PvP maps, only Open Missions, so the PvP scoreboard should no longer be hidden by the mission tracker UI
    • Corrected a mistake in the Area Control reporting which was showing incorrect winning conditions
    • Adjusted the “Show Queues” drop down so it now only shows queues
    • Added a join time limit for the various queue types. This prevents players from queuing up for a pvp game and entering a map that is well into the game. Arena Maps: 2 minute time limit, Everything else: 4 minute time limit
    • Fixed a bug which prevented players from seeing their open mission while on a PvP map
    • Fixed the issue where players would spawning inside of geo in PvP area control maps
    • Fixed an issue with the second Federation base in PvP FvF Area control
    • Added defensive turrets to protect player spawn-points on PvP area control maps.
    • The map logic has been updated on PvP KvK Assault for both ground and space versions
    • Abort Mission and Beam to Ship buttons are now disabled on all PvP maps in anticipation of a quitting penalty for PvP
    • PvP Assault Report now shows appropriate team names instead of Red and Blue.
    • Fixed an issue with the Assault Scoreboard score values


    • Restored the missing “Base Defense” (AccuracyMiss) ship stat in the status window
    • Eliminated duplicate instances of combat maneuvers, starship strategy, and starship attack vectors in the ship status window
    • Fixed bug where additional stats were sometimes being displayed on tooltips for weapons linked in chat
    • Players are now able to search Fleet Bank log activity by category
    • Removed unnecessary spacing from item and power tooltip and inspect descriptions
    • Added the pips background to the Klingon Team List and made Klingons use Klingon pips
    • Fixed issue with all trait/power descriptions displaying twice
    • Fixed bug where item stack counts were not being shown for items in the Exchange
    • Updated the Fleet Management Roster button bar
    • Updated the Friends Tab with backgrounds for rank pip icons
    • Tooltips were added to LFG icons and abbreviations
    • The “Friends” tab in the social window has been upgraded:
    • Added an “Accept Request” button
    • Changed the name of the team invite button from “Invite” to “Team Invite” for clarity
    • Moved the “Add Friend” button to the bottom right
    • Added a “Remove Friend” button
    • Now show “Decline Request” instead of “Remove Friend” if the currently selected character sent a friend request
    • Added a confirm dialog when attempting to remove a friend or decline a request
    • Improvements to the “Ignored” tab in the social window
    • Added a “Remove Ignore” button
    • Moved the “Add Ignore” button to the bottom right of the window
    • Added a remove confirm dialog when attempting to remove an ignore
    • Reorganized the buttons in the “Find Team” and “Search” tabs of the social window. Buttons that affect elements in the player list are on the left (“Tell”, “Invite”). Other buttons are on the right (“Set Status”, “LFG”, Visibility”).
    • The Skill Picker and Skill Respec “Accept” button is now disabled if no net change has actually been made. Added a 5 second cooldown on the “Reset” button to prevent server spamming
    • Implemented new UI for privacy options in the social UI. Added a privacy button which replaces the (confusing) visibility button. This opens up a menu with allowed chat members and visibility options.
    • Updated the PVP icons to denote which status you’re in – Queue, Ready, Invited or Snooze for Fed and Klingon
    • Bridge officer status windows will now display correctly while on a ground map
    • Tweaked the mouse filtering default settings to reduce enormous delay at the highest value
    • Fixed some issues with the options screen:
    • Mouse filtering option wasn’t saving properly.
    • Restore defaults wouldn’t properly reset shield FX setting.
    • Moved game-specific settings to the top of the options list.
    • Added a setting to HUD options that will allow the user to enable or disable “critical status” information on reticules. If enabled, this will show indicators when a sub-system goes down or when the entity’s life is low.
    • Rolled fleet invite, team invite, interior invites into a single invite approved list.
    • Added a check so blacklisted players cannot be invited to fleets, teams, or interiors.
    • The UI will now properly display that a free respec is no longer available.
    • If the user cannot afford a stack of items when buying in bulk, there is now UI that tells the player “You do not have enough <energy credits or merits/honor>”.
    • Fixed bug where some skills in the skillpicker would show +0% modifiers.
    • The clear button will now clear all the fields in the player search window
    • Fixed the fisheye text problem in the “Regions” filter.
    • All Buff/Debuff trays now use the new function that combines buffs, debuffs, injuries, status and DoTs into one list
    • Fixed an issue where landmark icons in sector space would go offscreen
    • Fixed a waypoint icon scaling bug
    • Fixed bug where “Expose Attack” or “Exploit Attack” was being displayed multiple times for a single power on the power’s tooltip or inspect description.
    • Added some missing powers to tooltip displays
    • The power transfer rate of your ship will now be displayed as a percentage in your status screen
    • Fore weapons are mapped to keys 1,2,3 and aft 4,5,6. This adjusts based on how many weapon slots you actually have.

    Powers and Skills

    • Special Antiproton ground weapons that have a bonus proc vs. Borg can now be given to your bridge officers.
    • Fixed the Tribble of Borg buff from stacking in certain situations
    • Updated the Borg tactical Cube: They were given more beams, their cannon firing arc is increased to 90 degrees, their recharge timer has been reduced on cannons, and the recharge time on their shield neutralizer has been increased.
    • The reverse shield polarity tooltip now displays the three skills that modify the magnitude/duration. Feedback Pulse has been updated: It now works against all direct energy weapons, not just beams. Reduced reflected damage for each version (Version 1~ 60% , Version 2 ~ 80%, Version 3 ~ 100% ). Reflected damage hits the enemy shield but with 50% penetration to the hull instead of 100%.
    • Viral Matrix has been updated: Instead of a hold, Viral Matrix now takes three subsystems offline in a staggered duration. The best case duration for a subsystem being offline is approx 7.2, 9.6, and 12 seconds for versions I, II,III respectively. The subsystems affected are Weapons, Engines, and Auxiliary. The order that the subsystems go offline is determined randomly upon each use. Engineering Team will repair subsystems that are offline.
    • Subnucleonic Beam has been updated: Instead of adding a recharge to all abilities, subnucleonic beam now removes currently active buffs and slows bridge officer recharge timers. Science Team will remove subnucleonic beam
    • Photonic Officer has been updated: Photonic Officer now accelerates the recharge time of all bridge officer powers over its duration. Best case the speed of the recharge is improved by 30%, 40%, 50% for versions I, II, III respectively. Accuracy and Defense modifiers should now show up as a percentage
    • Power Level Changes: Turn rate improvement has been moved from the auxiliary power level to the engine power level. Updated Evasive Maneuvers to use the engine power level as the modifier to turn rate, instead of auxiliary. Increasing power to shields now increases shield damage resistance to any damage. The formula is shield power level divided by 500, so 100% shield power would impart 20% damage resistance.
    • Plasma Grenade now delivers more damage on impact and is comparable to other grenade attacks
    • The short hold that occasionally procs on Palm Strike and Rifle Butt no longer affects players. It will still affect enemies
    • Fixed a display icon error that would generate a white square rather than the icon for Dampening Field.
    • Increased Donotra’s Scimitar resistances
    • Battleships and Dreadnoughts now have some innate resistance to some control powers – like subsystems offline, or jam sensors or scramble sensors, and viral matrix. The resistance reduces the effective duration of such abilities when used against these targets
    • Fixed an issue in the tooltip for Nadion Inversion. The power is unchanged
    • Confuse debuffs will no longer persist after a map change to prevent griefing and NPC killing
    • Fixed a bug that would allow multiple copies of viral matrix to apply in a single attack. This issue also prevented Engineering Team from cleanly removing Viral Matrix.


    • The Big Dig map ambient audio has been updated.
    • Missing sound FX for the Undine orbital cannon explosion has been added, as well as toning down the loud blast audio from the orbiting cannon arrays.
    • The transwarp to Sol Starbase and transwarp to Qonos sound is no longer cut off by the loading screen

    FX and Animation

    • Players will now see a targeting ring that indicates where a grenade is going to drop.
    • The screens of players affected by stun grenade will go from bright white to normal lighting throughout the duration of the effect.
    • The screens of players affected by smoke grenade will be occluded by smoke while they are in the smoke grenades cloud.
    • Smoke Grenade effect has been thinned out.
    • Removed the tricorder light FX to fix the issue with it not turning off.

    Missions and Environments

    • Fixed the race condition that sometimes kept the Borg Tactical Cube from spawning by the gate in Infected.
    • Fixed an environment issue with the Boarding Party side-action that allowed players to get stuck in the warp core.
    • Removed some bad spawn point maps in the Federation and Klingon star clusters.
    • NPC ships fighting outside of the U.S.S. Saratoga in the “State of Q” mission are now more era appropriate.
    • Updated hostiles in Sector Space so they have no collision once they turn into Deep Space Encounters.
    • Star Cluster missions are no longer showing their logical names in the mission text.
    • Updated the “Suspect” mission reward to contain new Science console choices.
    • Commodities have become more exclusive to different social hubs, with different prices at different places.
    • Updated the On Ship Replicator to include all the commodities, albeit expensive versions of them.
    • Rator III mission is now more clear on how to progress. This should help make it less likely that the mission appears stuck or confusing.
    • Updated mission logic for the Big Dig to fix issues with stages stalling at 19/20.
    • The Cerin’s Fire mission is no longer gated.
    • The Borg geometry has been returned to “The Cure” ground.
    • Fixed a problem during the Khitomer Accord STF where players would not be able to drop shields on the power nodes, thereby halting progress.
    • Fixed a bad mission location of the War Games episode.
    • Fixed DS9 Fleet Action from restarting in a broken condition that would sometimes make it get stuck at 7/8 force fields.
    • Fixed an LOD issue with Epsilon Satellites


    • Added a new set of pylons to DSSV Science ship called “N Modified” to allow the player to straighten out the nacelles like in the C-Store Picture. This new set is available to all players and when used on other hull types will allow nacelles to be angled up.
    • All window types should now show up on C-Store Federation Ships

    Characters and Costumes

    • Players can now create Fleet Uniforms from a saved costume file
    • Fixed several bugs with Cardassian textures in Alien creation
    • Fixed several bugs with Trill spots not always showing correctly
    • Updated combadges to work on more costumes
    • Anyone with a skirt can now choose to have a stockings material applied over the legs. Trill spots now go all the way down.
    • TOS Female costume has been updated:
    • Upper – Starfleet, the original series – loose neck variation
    • Lower: Skirt TOS Split
    • Feet: Boots – High TOS style
    • Head Attach Tech: Earpiece
    • Mirror Universe Female Option is now available to those who have it unlocked.
    • Upper: Terran TOS Mirror Universe tanktop
    • Badge: Mirror universe badge
    • Belt: Sash with cloth
    • Lower: Skirt Short Angled
    • Feet: Boots – Knee High
    • Head Attach Tech: Earpiece

    Known Issues:

    • The “learn about commodities” mission will not complete properly if your inventory is full at the time you receive your free commodities. Make sure you have at least one space available to prevent this issue.
    • Tooltips for high end ground shields and weapons have vastly incorrect values for some attributes (while the actual items are themselves correct) and state that they are bind on pickup when they are bind one equip.

    Fixes for both of the above known issues are being tested internally and will make it into the next game update.


    Ok so wow what an update, i can only imagine how long this is going to take me to download, since i am on DSL, currently I’m at work so i can’t take advantage of clicking on the game client.

    Good luck to all that are in playing the new features, C-Store items, and all that is Star Trek Online.

    Live Long & Prosper my friends!!

    ~Lt. Cmdr Kuzab Darklotus~






    • Unflinching Defiance can no longer trigger when not in PVP combat.
    • Mutilation can no longer trigger when not in PVP combat.
    • Fanaticism now persists through death.


    • Hail Storm should now stack when applied by two wizards.
    • Time Warp Immunity can no longer have its duration extended
    • Infusion now persists through death and can no longer hit targets that are not in combat.
    • Fiery Blast and Rhythmic Overture should now stack properly when used by two different people at the same time.


    • Annihilate the Opposition should update correctly now.
    • The six pets obtained in the Outer Vault can no longer be summoned if not within the correct zone.
    • Players can now move more freely during pregame of the Gears of Klakanon and Smuggler’s Den matches.
    • Taking the relic into a respawn area in the Gears of Klakanon battleground will cause the relic to auto reset to the middle of the battleground.
    • In the Battlefield of Ganak, taking the flag to a respawn area will cause the flag to auto reset to its home position.
    • When a pet kills a player in a battleground the owner will get credit for the kill.
    • Fix for bug that was causing players to sometimes not get experience for completing a battleground.
    • You can no longer deploy a training dummy in a battleground.


    • Balanced Ayr Stones are now Adornments of Avoidance (Superior). They grant Riposte Chance and can only be applied on Neck slot items.
    • Rare drops from the Sentinel’s Fate instances received resists.
    • The Battleground Emerald-studded Brutallic Bracelet now has Soulsteal II to match the Open PVP version.
    • Focused and Specialist’s Reprieve potions can no longer be auto-consumed.
    • Lots of Sentinel’s Fate raid weapons and shields have had updated appearances added.
    • Stats on the Di’Zok Bow of Flame, Riliss Chicken Foot, and Danak Wishbone have been adjusted to be more useful to all the classes that can use these items.
    • Changed the appearances on many brawler fists so they have a different appearance other than the standard spike bronze pot!


    • In Her Majesty’s Service for the Qeynos Claymore quest in Tenebrous Tangle should now allow those over 80 to get the quest.
    • Necromantic Research – Turbulent Knots, no longer shows Tubulent Knots.


    • Tartan’s Jaws of Death has had the damage drastically reduced.
    • The Sense of Urgency achievement is now 90 minutes.