Welcome back to the web blog series of Transmuting in Norrath, today we will be talking about the way the leveling system is for Transmuting.

In order to increase Transmuting skill before skill level 20, you must find several items that are appropriate for adventure level 1 to 5 and break them down using the Transmute skill. You usually can break items down that are 5 levels higher than your Transmuting skill divided by 5. That is, if you have a Transmute skill of 60, you can break a level 17 item

The closer an item level is the the maximum level you can transmute, the higher your chance of getting a skill up.

Also having the Harvesters cloak equipped provides and extra +25 in Transmuting.

image image

To save you from doing the math i am going to place a chart out here so you can see the breakdown between transmuting skill level and the actual item level that coincides  with it. 


First Colum is your Transmuting Lever and the 2nd is the level of the item you can transmute, pretty simple.


image  image


 image image





Until next time, Happy Transmuting in Norrath!!!!!!!