“Well hello there Travelers, I have come from the distant lands to share a story of fame and wealth!!!!”




Yeah ok enough of the drama we have enough going on without it, what i am trying to get around to say is yes its that time of year again, YAJEE 200 is in full swing for Knights of Marr guild members.

What is the Yajee 200???

Well Yajee is one of the guild leaders of Knights of Marr on the crushbone server of Everquest 2, and 200 is the number of writs that needs to be completed in order to win the contest, yes 200 writs, first person to reach 200 writs will be rewarded 40 Plat…..woooohooooo.

This contest is great last years winner was Corliss 




The contest is only open to members of KOM only, and the fun has already begun, KOM hit level 81 last night due to the contest, and i can say that Chubby knocked out 29 writs last night alone and 10 the night before, so he is up to 39 writs of the 200.

EQ2_000011 EQ2_000010

EQ2_000012 EQ2_000013 EQ2_000015 EQ2_000014 EQ2_000016 EQ2_000010

Also Chubby has moved in his tradeskill level and is now a level 85 Alchemist, damn  about time i know Cinderbella is in need of some combat arts and potions.


Also in the news of KOM Twixt, Mya or what ever alt she is going by these days is re-decorating the guild hall for KOM with some of the latest additions of the expansions. So lets give her a big warm round of cheer for working hard at making our guild hall look like that home away from home!!

Ahh what the hell, we will just make this Knights of Marr guild post..lol

Also in the exciting news of KOM, i want to send a congrats out to Shadowblades, aka Tastopherie (something like that) he has been promoted to guild leader, this position is shared by Yajee, Healyou, &  Knebiter. Sorry if i missed anyone else i am drawing a blank. but anyways Good luck with the added pressure, stress, and all the enjoyments of decision making when it comes to leadership, i should know i was one of the leaders of Loooney Toons in Eq2 and Heart of the Black Dragon in Eq2 and Eq1. anyways congrats and good luck.

So i finally did battlegrounds the other night, as i had no clue as to what i was doing i was jus running around aimlessly killing anything i saw move, if you were a team-mate…ooooopsie……my bad!!!  🙂


Not a bad concept, taking some of the game features of a First person shooter and develop them into a MMO, like Hold Territory Towers, capture the flag, Hold the Relic and so on. As these idea are not fresh and new, but just redesigned into a different format of gaming. From my understanding you can gain or be rewarded different types of Armor or armor sets, i have yet to see those, except for the ones that Harlow made me for toughness, War-painted armor. but as a reward for participating in the tournaments you gain yet another type of coin to collect and use to purchase new items. Well i have 3 so far as i did 3 of these games, i can see this being a filler when you are bored with the everyday grind of the game or just don’t feel like crafting, lest just see how long SOE will keep it around and what they have in store for this, as we have seen LON looks like its here to stay, so can they do the same with Battlegrounds??? Only time will tell.EQ2_000000

So with the new expansion out and most players have been playing since mid Feb. 2010, tell me what you think of the expansion, the changes, the additions, send your likes and dislikes. This is your chance to express your opinion on the latest SOE EQ2 Expansion.

With all that said and until next time……………………………………………………………….

Happy Hunting in Norrath





Ok so last night we went to Chardock again to help Healyou get his epic, all i can say is that this zone is well hated, i mean for a normal group this zone can be too difficult, I feel bad for Heal, we have can here several times to get his update and we cant get past one of the last parts to get his update.

We had a full group and got half ways in and lost our Necro to LD, either he had enough of the death runs or he actully went LD and just never relogged back in so we tried it with just the 5 we had and could not make it to the red gate, we made it past the 1st named past the blue gate and that was about as far as we made it before calling the group, i was kinda disappointed for Heal, i want to see him get this update, once he gets chardock done, its off to Sebilis and should be smooth sailing for him there. My Update in here was easy only had to kill a few mobs and got the update, for him its like the most difficult part of his epic..poor Gokklok ahh i mean Heal…Sigh

After the group split up Heal, Sinfire, Cece, Chubby, Jonna & Kesala Headed to Mistmyr Manor to get a shard we did fairly well and i also came out with a Painting too. it was a fun zone got to chat with fellow guildmates while we ran the zone.

After we got our shard i mentioned that i was headed to Lavastorm to get my daily solo shard, Sin went along as we both have the access to this shard, we grouped up and killed out 12 shadowmen, Cece asked us how she could get this quest, we mentioned to her that you have to finish a quest line in order to get the Daily solo Shard access and once she completes it she can come back once a day and get the shard, so we started to run her thru the quetline and me and sin helped and also was getting our Unbound Elemental Essence quest finished so we can get more of the essence shards, i have 6 now gained 3 last night, and i feel that they should lower the amount of essence shard on the jewerly 30 is was too much i can see 10 or 15 but 30 is way too many to get the peices that you need. We also finished up another quest in lava last night ” Barred No More (82)” and i went with the “Ring of the Flame Disciple” and Sinfire went with “Fingerhoop of the Flame Disciple” Both are a nice little upgrade for us and was well worth the Efforts, Cece is closer to getting her daily solo shard quest, I left half way thru her run due to having to get up early for work and it was already 330am EST, So i called back to the guild hall and sold my trash and placed my broker items for sale. the little run last night gained me 3 plat, and whatever i get on the broker the next few days. so all and all it was a good run.

Tonight is Raid night for “The Misfits Raid Coalition” and i am not sure that i am going to make it or not, just due to the fact that the Wife and i have no kids tonight and are going out to dinner for some alone time, i will still log into Eq2 but have no idea on what time that will be.

What i woul like to do is get a group or even 2 groups mini raid and go back to chardock and get heals update and then head to get the final two updated for my epic with that same mini raid and gain my fabled epic, hopefully this will come true tonight but if it doesnt i still would like to see Heal get his Chardock update.

Oh yeah i almost forgot, last night i also gained Kuzab up another level he now sits at 47 and i also got him 3 AA points, he is slowly getting up there, again this is my toon that i made at launch of eq2 and have not really played him all that much, i just kinda got boried with the Paladin, but have come to the light that now as he get older he has some really powerfull spells and arts. I look foward to play him a little each nightm untill Chubby is called and needed to some pure chaos being unleased on the foe’s of Norrath.

The Guild is going to be minus 1 member or 2, for the next month, Jonna/Mezzer has Military training and will gone, Hopefully Kasala will still be on while he is out gaining XP on protecting this fine country of ours, My hats off to you bro for all that you give up to server our country and make it a safer place to live in.

Also i would like to give a BIG thank you to all of our police officers in the world, thank you too for all that you sacrifice to ensure the law is upheld and it is a safe place for us and our children to live in, if you are wondering where and why i am bringing this up, its due to the events that unfolded last week in Pittsburgh Pa ,  3 of Pittsburghs police officers were gunned down in the line of duty by one deranged idiot. I have several friends that i grew up with who are police officers and my best friend, who happens to be my neighbor who is a officer, i dont get to tell them enough how i appreicate all that they do to make life better for all of us, and these events last week really makes you think and have an appreacition for our service men, weather they are militart, local police officers or Goverment officers, they still give up more to see that we are safe and the freedom that we have is protected.

Thank you again

So if you see a police officer or any Military personal please remember these words and tell them that you appreicate their trials and tribulations that they do for our country, and if you feel brave enough give them a hug or shake their hand, they will understand and appriecate the kind words and make their everyday job a little easier knowing that they make a difference.

With all that said i must go, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!


Well I started my Zerkers epic quest line last night and got stuck right off the bat, so the quest giver is a real picky fella, i mean ghost..lol anyways he didnt like my answers i gave and blocked me from starting my epic last night. I checked Wikia and all it said was that you must answer the question real polite, which i thought i did. Now Wikia fails to say just how long that this NPC wont talk to you, all it says is” for a long time”. Well i would like to know What the Hell is a Long time considered..lol.

So being blocked i logged Kuzab in and ran around Everfrost doing some quest i was in there for about 10 min when Kuzab gained an AA point and about 3 min later Kuzab reached Level 43…~Gratzzz~

I was sorta getting boried no one was really on and didnt feel much like grinding . I have noticed that kuzab has some really powerful combat arts and spells which i did enjoy, makes killing mobs alot easier when soloing.

Tonight i think i am going to try and get  group together and get kuzab leveled up some and even check back in with the Epic Quest giver Apprentice Neemie ( Something like that) .

As always Happy Hunting in Norrath

Chubby & Kuzab