Well I have taken a break from Eq2 and have been leveling a toon in World of Warcraft (WoW), I have played the game before and really enjoyed it but Eq2 called me and had me hooked. I’ve had a 60 day card sitting on the shelf for the last 2 years and about a month and half ago, I entered the key for the card and began playing.

Now I have up to Wraith of the Lich King exp, so I now into the newer content for some time, but I made my dwarf Warrior “Chubbybuddy”. It seems that it takes a little long to gain levels in WOW compared to EQ2, at the lower levels it does get kind of annoying, but a little more challenging.

Currently, I am level 16 and moving along quite fine, I have a few RL friends that play the game, and we have been grouping up and hitting the areas that provide the most XP. Mainly I do solo a lot of the content so far and I am really enjoying moving the toon along, I am diffenetly thinking of getting another card come April 15, we’ll see how far along I am at that time and go from there.

Also, my main pc went down power supply went out and trying to put some $$ back to get a newer power supply. I have my laptop for now, its not that powerful but still provides me the ability to play. hopefully within the next few pays I will have a fix, I do have a 600w in my car, I might try and see if that works the one I have is 750w, so crossing my fingers gona mess with it on Sunday eve.

Anyways that’s the quick update on what I have been up too, always working on something, currently gona try Champions again since its free and Lord of the Rings Online currently updating those 2 and will be back in soon.

Until then, Happy Hunting where you call home!!




Well looks like Rift announced their plans for a 5th beta, if they hit 75K likes on FB they are releasing 500keys on FB..Hmmm help spread the word to all your MMO friends that want to try a new experience in a game, I am not sure if i will pick it up at first, may want to give my norm waiting periop of 6months to a year to see if anything changes or if it goes to F2P. Below is the message on Facebook this week regarding the 5th Beta!!

“Want to get into Beta 5? Help us hit 75,000 fans by Monday and we will give away 500 keys, here on Facebook, for the next Beta event starting on Jan 25th. Spread the word! ^Zann “

Well i received my beta invite for Rift this afternoon, currently downloading so i will be ready for fridays beta launch, other than that i really cant say more than this.

Welcome to the first Beta event for Rift!

Beta servers are scheduled to be available for play from Friday 12/3/2010 at 10AM PST until Monday 12/6/2010 at 10AM PST.

Beta #1: Rise of the Defiant
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the survivors from the desolate future of Telara have resurrected you, their champion, and sent you to present-day Telara to prevent the destruction caused by the Blood Storm and the blindly faithful Guardians. Join the techno-magical Defiant in their fight to change the course of history!