Okso i am back as i mentioned in my last post, but its been a slow start, my main PC went down and been on my laptop which is not the greatest, whats even more amusng is my modem from Comcast went down and been having a hard time getting a tech out to replace the darn thing. Thank god for wireless on a laptop and the guy who left his router unblocked, as i still have some connection.

I have been learning the ropes in Lord of the Rings and Champions Online both i like but something about Champions that is starting to become unappealing to me, gona give it another week or two and decide.

I have also been in and out of Eq2 which is my game of choice but LOTRO is really growing on me with the storyline and graphics. But overall this weekend and week has been slow, work has kept me busy and tired, and of couse other items on my plate this week are hampering my play style and time.

Hopefully with the Holiday break fast approaching i cen get some QT in on my game addiction.

Untill next time, Happy Hunting in all that you do!!