Well just as the title stated, Cinderbella hit adventure level 90 last night, i was just grinding some quest out in Stonebrunt  when i hit.

Its amazing that i havent been playing Cinderbella all that long 31 days played, compared to kuzab and Chubby and she was the first to hit level 90, as you may know she is a Shadowknight and i have fallen in love with playing her, she can handle the mobs alot easier than Chubby or Kuzab does and it seems as she was just easier to play in general, i still need to work on her Tradeskill as she is sitting at lvl 62 as a sage.

After all the warm wishes and congratulations from my guildies, i decided to log Chubby in for a while and work on getting him to 90, as he is sitting at lvl 82 at the moment. I grinded and worked some quest on him for about an hour before calling it the night.

I am so excited to have a toon at the level cap, with all the quest with the SF expansion it was very easy to hit level, it did seem as if 87-89 took forever but i am finally there, cant wait to get chubby up there, i also need to work on obtaining some armor for both of these toons as i am wearing basically ledgendary armor, some fabled pieces but not many. Its just going to take alot of time and plat to get them bother where they need to be.

Well until next time,

Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!!