Well i am slowly making it back into Norrath, I have been playing a few hours each night just to get abck into things. i have been just finishishing up some of the higher level quests 87-89 in Stonebrunt part of the SF exp. i had thought i finished them all before but i must of missed some of these, or they werent available when i was lower level.

But i am helping the Kerran felines out in SBF, the ones thru the tunnel up by the lost Keejan city. i have been running back and forth to this village doing various quest from them earning some nice exp and coin. i have also been collecting every shinie i see and placing them on the broker i have made some decent plat the last few nights, last night when i logged in i was at 9plat 80 gold 72 silver and 32 copper, not bad for 12 hours sitting on the broker, i added more last night so hopefully i can earn as much again if not more i added 32 items to the broker.

Over all i think i am finally over the funk i was in, i once again , look forward to getting home and getting what needs to be done so i can log in once i’ve finished, Also the Sims 3 has helped me so much getting over this as well. What i mean by this is that for the last 3-4 years i have been mainly playing Eq2, every now and then i play a different MMO to see if it catches my eye or draws me in but i have always gone back to Eq2. The Sims 3 is not a MMO, so i get the chance to relax and just play and not worry if i am lagging and what i can do to bring the lag done, and the other stress factors of MMO’s mainly the other people in the game that can eith make or break it for you.

I recently received World Adventures for Sims3 havent really played it yet but it is installed and updated, waiting for play time. I will continue to play Sims 3 as i really enjoy watching my little Virtual me’s growing up and having fun and to see what will happen next.

Well until next time, Happy hunting in Norrath!!!!!!!!!!!