Well yesterday marked the day i picked up “The Sims 3”. I have enjoyed other sims games such as SimCity, The Sims 1&2, and not to mention other similar games including Civ I – III, any Tycoon game, and many many more that could make me go on for days.

Regardless i enjoy these types of games and gets me away from the MMO world for a bit so i can relax and not worry about what i need to accomplish to be able to do this event, quest, or raid. I have been having the burned out feeling with MMO’s and though i have had them before, this slump has been different, maybe its the fact that i am now another year older or maybe gaming has started to affect my relationship with my kids and wife, whatever it may be i dont like it, i want to get back to the way it was before, i looked forward to logging in each night and playing till the wee-hours of the morning, but now i can not say this, so i have changed the pace alittle.

Yesterday durning my lunch break i headed to Gamestop, after standing in front of the smallest PC section i have ever seen, then walking over the Xbox 360 sections, i could not make my mind up on what i wanted to buy, i seen they had a pre-owned copy to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for 26.00 bucks , I have wanting to pick this game up since it came out last year but didnt want to pay the 60bucks for the game. So i wandered a little more and ended back in the PC section again, Game in hand i headed to the counter where the Guy just looked at me, i could hear him think your kidding me right Sims 3….Dudeeeeeee, again that just me i love these types of games.

After purchasing the game all day it all i could think of was getting the game home and installing it, this is what i was missing, this was the excitement that was absent in my gaming life, finallyu i could feel the slump i was in fading slowly away.

After installing it and registering the game getting my free 1000 simbuck (same as station cash, or Cryptic points, ect.) and downloading my new free town, i began creating a Sim, there are so many options and details when creating your Sim just as there is in some MMO’s. I feel that all MMO companys should adopt this concept from The Sims when allowing people to create their character, after about 35 minutes of customizing my toon i was finally in the game, i bought a furnished house for 12K and still had a few hundred bucks left over. I was trying to enlarge my bathroom, when i must of dozed off because it was now 3 am and last i looked it was 11pm plus the drool on the keyboard was a giveaway.

Needless to say i am once again passionate about a game, i cant wait to get off work to get home and play. I will provide more information on this wonderful game as i progress.

Well until next time Happy Hunting!