Well i know haven’t posted in sometime, i have been very busy with real life and haven’t been with in my Virutal home that much.

As most everyone by this point knows that SOE Everquest 2 has released their lastest update “Halas Reborn”, I too was able to log in very breifly and was able to create a new toon starting in this area, i made a Barbarian Guardian names Oleaxu, so far the quest are just like any starting area, go kill X amount of “CREATURE ADDED HERE” and come back for your reward, Even though they are the standard quest i still find it thrilling that there is a new area as well as new content, the storyteller mode is a bit confusing and i am still trying to figure this out myself, and the i also logged in and obtained my little frost kitty, too bad we cant use the little fur ball for combat.

Speaking of Kittys, i entered a contest over at Ten Ton Hammers website on “Loading….”, the contest was to win a free Prowler mount yest thats right the New Prowler Mounts that are currently on sale on the Marketplace for $25.00 real dollars…i could not pass the contest up after all all you had to do was send a email to a specific Ten Ton Hammer email that they listed with the subject line “Gimme me a Prowlerrrrrr!! and they would draw the winners on Memorial day, well i submitted my email on the Thursday before, and i totally forgot about entering this contest, so i logged into my email on Tuesday because i was camping all weekend for the holiday because thats what we do at this time of the year..lol

But to make a long story even longer, i logged into the email and there was a email from Ten Ton Hammer…CONGRATULATION YOU WON A PROWLER….I thought i was going to fall out of my chair at that point. So i was one of the 5 winners of the contest i was provided a code to redeem which i did already and i am now the proud father of a Prowler Mount which costed me nothing but a email….woot woot

I am still fine tuning my newest toon in the Halas area, i will be reporting more on their adventures as we progress.

So far from what i have seen of this new content it is great, the area looks great, the house items are fabolus, the City festival is currently in New Halas on my server and i have picked up some great items for my house, however i am now going to buy a bigger home.

Well thats all i have to report on for this time,  i will be adding some photos to this post this evening.

Until next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!