Ok so i logged into my email this morning and found a message from SOE explaining that the last Expansion was a hit and that they want to thank their customer base with a special item between may 12 & 14 free on the Station Marketplace.



Just makes me wonder what they really want, did they break something and just haven’t told us just yet?


Anyways I am happy they are providing things for free i to their customers, i have been spending a monthly fee with SOE since the release of Rise of Kunark back in Eq1 and went to EQ2 on Launch day, there for a while i was paying for the station Access pass so i would be able to play Eq1, Eq2 & Star Wars Galaxies. I just wish they gave back tot he community more often, or added some new quest to this latest expansion, i have completed all the quest in the Sentinel’s Fate Expansion except for the the raid and group instances, just haven’t had the motivation to get into a group, let alone the armor that is needed to get thru some of these, don’t get me wrong, my toon is well equipped for solo play and has some nice faction items that boost the HP and other stats, but i like the quest aspect of the game, so i guess you can call me a quest junkie.

Anyways make sure you log in to EQ2 on May 12 –14 and go to the Station Marketplace to pick up your free item, they are no trade and 1 per toon on your account, most likely they will be appearance only with no real stats, but i guess we will have to wait and see.

Until next time, Happy hunting in Norrath!