Well here we are again, another weekend has come and gone just like that, i think our weekends should be longer maybe Thursday can be our new Friday and have a four day work week and a 3 day weekend. Hmmmmmm wonder who i can…….anyways on to the weekend in Review.


Friday April 17th, 2010 –

Well this night there was really no gaming to be done, i had a guys night out and went partying on the town and paid for it on Saturday.


Saturday April 18th, 2010 –


Well this day started off rough, was wondering if i was going to keep my breakfast down or not, but after say about 1pm i was starting to feel better and logged into STAR TREK ONLINE…. I really like this game, it is so much fun, killing Klingons, orions and Gorns and what ever else may attack my vessel, this day i was promoted from Lt. to Lt. Commander 1,


i was given a new ship class, it looks like the original enterprise from the original series. I played until about 2Am before calling it quits and went to bed. Oh yeah i go to to visit the new bridge on my new ship Wooot Wooot!!



Sunday April 19, 2010 –


Everquest 2, i spent a majority of the day in Eq2, my first love that has been neglected as of late, not sure why i haven’t wanted to play, or log in but i just haven’t, don’t know if its been the change in medication and diet that i am one or just the blahhhhs of the last 5-6 years within the same game, not sure i will have to ponder this in more details at a later date.



But I grinded Cinderbella to Level 86 and have finally gained faction with the pandas in Stonebrunt, they have a little island and they have tons of Quest which i think i completed tonight (All of them but 2 which i need help from guildies)

Long story short, i had a great time in both games and didn’t want to put either down for the evening but morning seems to come earlier and earlier each day.



Also i have found this really cool radio station i use winamp but they are called               “AFK Radio” check them out on Facebook

or their website


Well that’s all i have for this weekend, until next time,

Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!