• Unflinching Defiance can no longer trigger when not in PVP combat.
  • Mutilation can no longer trigger when not in PVP combat.
  • Fanaticism now persists through death.


  • Hail Storm should now stack when applied by two wizards.
  • Time Warp Immunity can no longer have its duration extended
  • Infusion now persists through death and can no longer hit targets that are not in combat.
  • Fiery Blast and Rhythmic Overture should now stack properly when used by two different people at the same time.


  • Annihilate the Opposition should update correctly now.
  • The six pets obtained in the Outer Vault can no longer be summoned if not within the correct zone.
  • Players can now move more freely during pregame of the Gears of Klakanon and Smuggler’s Den matches.
  • Taking the relic into a respawn area in the Gears of Klakanon battleground will cause the relic to auto reset to the middle of the battleground.
  • In the Battlefield of Ganak, taking the flag to a respawn area will cause the flag to auto reset to its home position.
  • When a pet kills a player in a battleground the owner will get credit for the kill.
  • Fix for bug that was causing players to sometimes not get experience for completing a battleground.
  • You can no longer deploy a training dummy in a battleground.


  • Balanced Ayr Stones are now Adornments of Avoidance (Superior). They grant Riposte Chance and can only be applied on Neck slot items.
  • Rare drops from the Sentinel’s Fate instances received resists.
  • The Battleground Emerald-studded Brutallic Bracelet now has Soulsteal II to match the Open PVP version.
  • Focused and Specialist’s Reprieve potions can no longer be auto-consumed.
  • Lots of Sentinel’s Fate raid weapons and shields have had updated appearances added.
  • Stats on the Di’Zok Bow of Flame, Riliss Chicken Foot, and Danak Wishbone have been adjusted to be more useful to all the classes that can use these items.
  • Changed the appearances on many brawler fists so they have a different appearance other than the standard spike bronze pot!


  • In Her Majesty’s Service for the Qeynos Claymore quest in Tenebrous Tangle should now allow those over 80 to get the quest.
  • Necromantic Research – Turbulent Knots, no longer shows Tubulent Knots.


  • Tartan’s Jaws of Death has had the damage drastically reduced.
  • The Sense of Urgency achievement is now 90 minutes.