Ok so my inner geek is coming out, I have been a long time Star Trek fan, ever since watching the original series when  i was a child. I also remember when the 1st Star Trek: The Movie came out, me and a buddy of mine went to see it at the old American Theater, which is now a parking lot. But i have been a fan of the entire sage, series that defines Star Trek.

Now it is my turn to take the helms and to boldly go where…ahhh no one everyone has gone before!!  Yes that’s right i purchased STO on Saturday and have not been able to stop playing the damn thing. I remember i had that feeling once before when i was hooked on EQ and then Eq2 and then WOW and now STO.


So far i am enjoying the game, there are some things that i do  not like but i am still learning and getting use to the controls, the game does run pretty well on my laptop, unlike Eq2 which i have placed on the back burner until my Desktop PC is fixed.

I currently have a Light Cruiser starship called the U.S.S. Pyramid, trust me i racked my brain for hours trying to figure a name out for a ship, but it came down to the generic cigarettes i smoke called Pyramids….they put a whole new meaning to cowboy

To all my family in Eq2 that reads this blog, don’t worry I’ll be back, i cant do much right now in game with this laptop so i am making the best of my time. STO runs really smooth and I’ve been wanting to play this since it launched.


So the Character creation tool is really vast on the selection that you can choose from, i mean at first is looks so basic but if you hit this button called “advanced” then you get a lot and do i mean a lot more options to chose from. I really like the idea of ST:TNG uniforms being available its awesome, i have my whole crew right now wearing them.

Well with that said, you probably can tell i am getting impatient and want to get logged in to play, last night was great for 4 hours i was in a group trying to take down the Klingons…"until we meet again my friends until we meet again!”


Star Maps


Live long and Prosper,

Captain Kuzab T. Darklotus of the U.S.S. Pyramid