What is Transmuting ???


Well  Transmuting is a harvesting ability that allows a player to transmute Treasured, Legendary, Mastercrafted, and Fabled items down into components which are primarily used to make Adornments. All players receive the Transmuting skill at level 1.

Now the components that are created by Transmutes are used by players with the Adorning ability to make Adornments which we will cover at another time.

When you are transmuting items you will be breaking down the components of that item to gain new items used in other tradeskills. When you are breaking down these items then you will be receiving either Fragments, Powders, Infusions & Manas to be used to create adornments.   

Just so you know the general idea of what these new items are:

Fragments – These are the ‘lowest’ component, used as a secondary component in all of the adornment recipes.

Powders – The medium-grade component, used as a primary component for Treasured adornments and as a secondary component for all others

Infusions – The upper-grade component, used as a primary component of Legendary adornments and a secondary component for Fabled adornments.

Manas – The highest-grade component, used only as a primary component of Fabled adornments.


Just as we discussed in Tinkering, Transmuting levels up in the same way, you break down items that are Treasured, Mastercrafted, Legendary, or Fabled in order to raise in levels.

Also you must follow some simple rules when  you are selecting items to be transmuted, here are just a few of those rules:

  1. Must be of Treasured, Mastercrafted, Legendary, or Fabled quality!!
  2. excludes all Handcrafted items as well as equipment of uncommon or common quality.
  3. Although marked as Treasured, Journeyman spells can not be transmuted (because they are of the same actual rarity as Handcrafted items).
  4. Must not be marked as NO-VALUE or ORNATE!
  5. Must not be a stackable or consumable item (i.e., not be food, ammunition, etc.)
  6. Must have a level indicated on the item.
  7. items such as furniture are not transmutable!!

Now while you are in your lower levels, you will be able to make most of what you need to Transmute. go to a workbench, forge, sewing machine what ever you like select all the books that are advanced in the criteria, and start making and transmuting.

You will begin  to see you level raise, this is a very slow process and can be very expensive if you tend to purchase you items from the broker.

In part 2 of this series we will discuss how the leveling is sorted out since there are 425 possible levels in Transmuting and what they break down into as a 1-90 level range.

Until Next time, Hoppy Transmuting to everyone!!