Welcome to the Tier 5 & 6 of Tinkering in Norrath, as you may know Tinkering uses a lot of loams for all the tiers, plus quite a lot of ore, soft metals and gems. The exact number of each varies with the item that you are creating, but loam is generally what you will be most short of the time, if you don’t have access to a guild supply depot. The harvest amounts will get increasingly greater as you progress thru each tier. All tinkered items are made on a jewelry workbench, using coal of the appropriate tier that you are creating.





Now these are just some of the items that can be created while you are Tinkering. Of course there are few more Tiers of items, that we can discuss in a later issue. The Main importance to remember here is these items can help you out in a tight jam, example Raid has been wiped 9 times most everyone’s gear is broken, you gather some pieces of the machines, mobs that you have been trying to slay and create a clockwork menderbot letting everyone repair their equipment, you have came to the rescue of the raid, you are their hero…This is just one facet that Tinkering can make you become a legend  with in Norrath!

Until next time Happy Tinkering in Norrath!!