Ok so there was a update today, here are the patch notes as they appear from the SOE Forums.  Thanks for the info Kiria


  • Guild status has been added for Heroic zone boss kills and raid boss kills.
  • Personal Supply Depots can no longer be “returned to owner”.
  • New Mounts are available for purchase in North Odus (Scions of the Deepwater Knights), South Odus (City of Paineel) and from horse merchants in the cities of Kelethin, Freeport, Neriak and Qeynos for 90 level guilds.  In addition, a chance to obtain a mount is available in both the group and raid portion of Erudin Palace.


  • You will now automatically unmentor when a battleground match ends.
  • Going to a battleground and returning should not change the setting of roleplay or anon on your home server.


  • Red Adornments are now Heirloom.
  • Yellow adornments are now flagged heirloom.
  • The Erollisi Day crafted masks, Face of Love and Mask of Passion, are no longer Lore, or No-Trade.
  • The Runed Victim’s Skull has had its resists lowered.
  • The minimum block chance on the Brawler Enervated weapons has been moved to the mythical spell.
  • The Venomous Chain Legs of the Plague now have Torrent II rather than Fatal Lifetap II.
  • Rune of Blasting can no longer critically hit.
  • Many raid dropped bows have been changed from short bows to longbows.
  • Two new bows have been added to drops for hardmode raid encounters.
  • Resists added to many accessories.
  • A small number of accessories had a higher-than-intended amount of spell reuse. The amounts have been lowered to be in line with non-BG items
  • The resists and physical mitigation on the Indomitable jewelry set from Battlegrounds now only applies in PVP Combat.
  • Merchant of Discord and Sisters of Battle items have been updated to match their Battleground or Open PVP counterparts.


  • Berserker "Whirlwind" now persists through death.
  • Monk "Dragon Rage" should function in PVP combat as a target lock.
  • Torrent and Pestilential Rain effects should no longer break Mesmerize.
  • Brawler’s Tenacity has a slightly longer duration.
  • Deathward can now crit and can now be cast on the Defiler.


  • The final encounter in the Heritage quest, “A Source of Malediction” will now reward AA experience.
  • Players are no longer required to be inside the Necrotic Asylum when reading Dread Exarch Mordek’s journal to progress the quest.


  • Gonga barrels cause much less damage now, an appropriate amount for the dungeon.


  • When a player summons Sherra everyone in the zone should now get a message telling you who summoned her.


  • The disc associated with Gloom Chevalier Faris should no longer occasionally stop working if players leave the instance and return later.


  • Demitrik should no longer get stuck with his heal buff on if players spam click the machine before he teleports. This was also causing him to call his buffs at the incorrect times.
  • The trash mobs in the zone have had their hitpoints reduced slightly. This does not include the specters in the first area although they have been made easier to pull without having to clear the first area.


  • Nortlav the Scalekeeper should no longer possess players quite so many times and should have slightly more hitpoints so players fighting him can work on lowering his health while the possessed player worries about the books.
  • Nortlav the Scalekeeper should no longer set his class to the same class as the person who he copied. This is to avoid some potential damage loops causing the fight to bug out.
  • The Possessing Spirit of Kyrenna should no longer resurrect her minions or herself more than twice. Her health has also been adjusted.
  • Players doing the quest “Entomologist Ally” can no longer target the Gargantuan Graveyard Stinkbug so the key can be looted.


  • The zone to Vasty Deep is now a clickable zone portal and no longer a zone line. You will need to click it to enter!