Well Gaming this weekend was on track, i was getting my tinkering built up i made it to 54 in tinkering when all of a sudden i was frozen, knowing that my PC has been giving me problems, i rebooted anyways and knew the work around hit F8 go to boot settings select the drive that has window on it and it will load, well it the gremlins in the pc figured out that i figured out how to get to work so they figured it out to make it not work, confused yet..lol


Long story short my PC will not boot, it does have 2 hard drives but only one had the boot drives so i need to wait till my IT guy (Corliss) calls me in the morning to see what’s going on, until then i have the game loaded on my laptop and trying to get all the patches to run, without the streaming version.

i will have a better post once i can make sure i can get it up and running .


Until next time happy hunting in Norrath!!!!