Your Hotfix notes for March 18th include tweaks to Tier 3 (raid armor).

NOTE: Make sure your EQ2 client patches before trying to log into EQ2. Due to an oversight, EQ2 servers are allowing out-of-date clients to login, resulting in bugs with the Broker, Group window, etc.

Hotfix Notes for March 18th


•Brawler Focus: Stances red adornments have been restored to their original values.


•Fixed an issue that would cause some players to become stuck when returning home from a battlegrounds match.
•It should no longer be possible to cause your character to become stuck by spam-clicking the cloud mounts in Smuggler’s Den.


•Many of the Tier 3 Raid Boss Armor drops have been improved to be more in line with the challenge.
•Tier 3 Priest sets had some spell reuse added and some casting haste removed.
•Chainmail of Worshipped Will should now have the proper critical mitigation.
•Chainmail of Worshipped Will should now have a red raid adornment slot.
•Greaves of Recollected Vengeance have had their critical bonus returned to their original value of 12.6.
•A few more high-end accessories and armor pieces have been found that did not accept new tradeskill adornments. These have been fixed.
•Frothy Tankard can no longer be transmuted.
•The Soot Covered Illusionary Robe should no longer share appearances with the Academy Junior Apprentice Robes.


•Warden Root spells should now follow the 8 second duration rule in PVP.


•“Premonitions of Doom” should now update correctly when you consume the mutagenic potion.
•Eva will now correctly update “The Footsteps of Dartain: Ascension” for followers of Tunare.
•An Organic Matter of Fact – The blur effect observed when using the Glomalin Divining Rod has been reduced.
•An Organic Matter of Fact – Certain glomalin deposits that were appearing underground should now be accessible.


•Blaze of Ro should now increase the overtime portion of the spell with each update.


•“Essence of Peel” and “Essence of Peel II” recipes are now correctly named in Alchemists’ recipe books.


•Several gathering quests in Greater Faydark have been repaired.


•Improved the drop tables for 1- and 2-rune Roehn Theer kills
•The Roehn Theer add Approaching Equilibrium changed:
◦Spawns with a more consistent timer
◦Now only immune to mez
◦Have fewer HP