Well ya know its that time of the year, where you can grab a stein of Ale anytime of the day and not feel guilty for not doing any thing !!


When I logged in this evening, i have a letter in my mailbox, when i opened it this is what i found:

From: Mraugl Stonecrusher

Subject: Brewday Festival!


Mraugl Stonecrusher wrote:
Greetings Chubbylilbuddy,

Make this Brewday Festival a memorable one!  Use the portal we’ve opened near yer city to enter the festival’s official brew house, The Bar of Brell.  Whether ya be thirsty or just lookin’ for good times, I invite ya to grab a stein of ale while The Burglars entertain.  Ye’ll find items to craft, as well as adventures and rewards both new and familiar!  And I dare say, keep your eyes peeled for the Avatar of Below has been seen, once again, celebrating Brewday in Antonica!  And if’n ya find yerself crawling through other bars and drinking holes be sure to keep yer eyes peeled for special items of interest to collect! 

Mraugl Stonecrusher
The Bar of Brell’s Head Bartender


Happy Brewday folks, please drink responsibly

Happy Drinking in Norrath!!!