Well i havent posted anything in a while and prob lost my loyal readers, but hey lets see who is still out there.

Anyways not too much has been going on in my EQ2 world just working on Cinderbella she is finally lvl 70 and 58 sage, so i have been grinding her out. I have said this all to much but i love the shadowknight class and cant wait to work on her some more.

Also on my Origional toon Kuzab, me and a few Real life friends have created a New Guild and this guild dates back to the day of Eq1, “Heart of the Black Dragon” we had this guild in eq1 for the longest time and we accomplished so many differernt things before Eq2 was launched, we ran into each other in game a month ago and started the idea of bringing the guild back and see where it takes us. I am still part of my other guild i only took 1 toon out, i will always be part of my Knights i do not want to leave them.

However the new guild is going well we have 10 members and are working on getting the guild leveled up as of last night we are at lvl 9 or 10 i cant remember but is going well, of course no guild hall as of yet, just alot of Heritage quest and tradeskill writs are being done as well as collecting as many status items as i can. i must of spent 30plat on status items so far. the guild last i checked has 15Plat saved in the bank and we are working on saving for a GH and some basic aminities.
I feel the nastolgia from the past living again in this new day and age and enjoying the paladin class with Kuzab.

The guild is more or less a east coast guild looking for players that want to enjoy the game and proceed through it different challanges, we are Freeport based at this point and that makes it difficult for Kuzab to enter being only lvl 55 and KOS. But these are some of the challanges that we must face to make our mark on Norrath once again.
Sooner or later the Name “Heart of the Black Dragon” will strike fear in the eyes of Norrath once again.

Also i wanted to wish my readers a Happy Holidays at this time of the year what ever ritual your family may celebrate i hope it is the best one yet and remember to kiss and not kick a gnome during this time of the year, gnomes need love too.

untill next time, Happy Hunting in Norrath.