Well this week is the short week for most folks in the US, This Thursday is out Thanksgiving..AKA TURKEY DAY.

As most we have a 3 day work week and are off on thurdays and Friday and paid for both days, so Wednesday i will be doing my normal all nighter and hopefully getting alot done on Cinderbella, right now she is stilling at lvl 60 and at someting like 54 in sage, not 100% sure on that buyt i know she is at least 60 in adventure. So i am hoping that we have our normal folks back on, also around this time of the year is when we starting getting out player base back from the summer months, so far we have seen Heal and Cece come back and have been playing here and there.

The other night we all grouped up and did shard of Love, and the roof of crushbone, it was realy fun. so i am hoping that we start doing our shard runs again and getting some good content and gearing up our toons, i am happy with the development of Cinderbella and the path that she has taken, chubby is just sitting back waiting on the expansion and Cinder is gearing up to the expansion, sometimes when i switch between the 2 i forgot who i have on and tryh someting that will not work out,lol.
Also i have had to learn to sit back with cinder and let others be the tank and i’ll assist them or be the OT.

So after 5+ years i am still learning and hoefully i will keep learning.

Until next time happy Hunting in Norrath