Well last night there wasnt much going on, we did the top / roof of Crushbone Keep with our Alts, of course i had Cinderbella there at first the 1st mob we pulled i thought for sure that i was a goner, i have really never grouped that much with Cinderbella, has be 59 seasons of solo grinding to get her where she is currently at. So after a breif adjustment of stepping back and trying not to tank but assist, i layed out some massive AOE’s on the mobs adding some diease to help bring them down.

After that we headed to Shard of Love where again we took the zone within 45minutes which was really good. During this time Cinder bealla hit her 60th season. i gained 2 new spells which i had the adpet III (Expert) already made and sitting in my shared bank along with 48 plat.

After making a few more lvls in the trade of Sage, i had to do a ffew things in my own home, but quickly fell asleep on the computer chair the headset i was wearing falling to the floor, and i awoke around 7am and headed to bed. so i really didnt get much done this weekend, friday night was about the same i tradeskilled alot gained 5 levels on friday in Sage , so far this weekend i bumped up 7 levels in tradeskilling, i am also working still on my harvesting, i was able to hit rivervale and harvest about everything so far i am heading back sunday afterenoon when i have some free time.

Other than that there wasnt much going on, with the holidays fast approaching for us, its getting harder and hareder to get some decent time in due to working more, as well as side activities that we have.

So until next time…Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!!!!!