Last night didnt bring much of an adventure in the eyes of Cinderbella, she mainly ran around Steamfont Mts harvesting anything she could find to help raise her harvesting levels so she can goto the next tier. She was able to find some nice rares that was placed on the broker and is counting on a hefty ROI ( return on Profit) for those items. Also Cinderbella was able to locate some shinies in the area and kept them close for safe keeping.

So not much going on in my Norrath, tonight i think i am going to head back to Lavastorm or Kingdom of Sky zones and get some much needed levels. Cinderbella is coming along really well and i am really liking the Shadowknight class, she has all her masters except for maybe 3 and i am currently working on that.

So if you happen to be on Crushbone and want to group up just send me a tell most likly i will be on Cinderbella or Chubbylilbuddy.

Untill next time happy hunting in Norrath!