Hello All, Long time no hear from me.
Sorry for the lack of post here, i have been kinda busy and not getting that much gaming time in.

As of late, i still havent been doing much, i have had cinderbella on alot and i am at lvl 58 with her and her AA is up close to 80aa points. i have just been mainly farming when i can get on to make some extra coin, and i have been working on Cinderbellas (Harvesters Quest) Gathering Obssession i think i am on IV but cant remember now which ever Ferrot and Rivervale is thats the one i am on.

Also i havent had chubby on that much either,He has been reduced at this time to merely making combat art upgrades for guildies and alt toons as well as folks that want to spend some coin. I have been mainly playing Cinderbella, trying to get her up in levels or hanging out in the Guild hall chatting.

Now we begin the busy time of year at work as well as in our RL getting rdy for xmas and making sure things are planned out, which means i get game time in when i can. I am going to try and game most every night if i can but we will see.

The new expansion has been advertising and everywhere i turn thats what i hear, i gots to admit the trailer does look good and the enticement of buying the retail vs digital is good as well, i will most likely preorder after the holiday season, after all the game is not being released till Feb so that gives me pleanty of time to run to my local GameStop and place 5 gold down to reserve my copy…hehe

Well i need to go and get some work done before i leave here today, so Untill Next time…..Happy Hunting in Norrath!!!!!